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Made in Pregnant Man-hattan

11/17/2008 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that "he's" revealed "he's" carrying "his" second child, Thomas Beatie -- the pregnant transgendered "man" with female reproductive organs -- embarked on a press blitz through NYC on Monday.
Thomas Beatie
Interestingly, the pregnant "father" kept mum on all baby-related questions.


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If it is taking hormon pills to look like a man what is it gonna do to the kids that it shoots out?

2144 days ago


I still don't understand why the media has fallen so deep into this stupid hoax. We all know that's not man who's having babies. It's really sad how this person is using all this for attention.

2144 days ago


Hopefully he's pregnant with a boy, but that could make the boy um....extra mean with all those hormones if he's still on them, or she i mean.

2144 days ago


Why are the sexually confused such attention whores?

2144 days ago


I know this THING is no more than your run of the mill FREAK.A looser and well known POS at the lowest level.I hear that that THING is going to be on Larry King show.Come on Larry I know your show sucks but this is classic Jerry Springer.


2144 days ago


After the biased pro Obama media blitz, who believes ANYTHING the media says?

2144 days ago


If it wants to be a man then SHE should lose HER uterus. It wouldn't suprise me if the baby didn't come out a hermaphrodite because of the hormones this freak is taking. It should be illegal for this "thing" to keep having babies! Someone please call DFS quick!

2144 days ago


Why are you guys so angry about this? If you want to be angry..blame the system that allowed her to change her birth certificate to male when she is still physiologically a female. Now that seems wrong. But u people threatening physical harm need therapy.
Im all for people doing whatever they want with their own bodies. They seem like a perfectly nice couple and I wish them well. I just wish they would stop doing interviews and such and profitting from sensationalism..that doesnt seem right and I think it will cause the kids to suffer eventually. But whatever.

2144 days ago


No wonder her brother and father disowned her.

2144 days ago


wow i didnt know mario lopez was preg rofl

2144 days ago


SHE is NOT a MAN! A REAL MAN can't get preggers. If you say you're a MAN, then don't go out and have your cake too.

I feel sorry for the baby that WOMAN brought into the world. The baby'd MOM is also the "father" -- well, the "father" in the WOMAN diluted mind.


2144 days ago


If you don't realize that this is a woman who has transformed herself into a man but yet can't defeat the female drive to be pregnant... you need a bit more sex educaton. Frankly, I think pregnant man needs a bit more sex education.

2144 days ago

two cents    

Your comment: TMZ!! Do NOT give this POS publicity.

SHE's a DISGRACE to women everywhere that have suffered from breastcancer. NewsFlash: Cutting off one's BREASTS, does NOT make a woman a MAN. How OFFENSIVE is that? Jebus.


2144 days ago


You are one nasty she/male. Figure it out you damn freak... I feel sorry for the children. What is the point of them going public with this? There 15 minutes are up.

2144 days ago


This is wrong on so many levels. First, this is not a man. This is a lesbian couple. If you really have the mind set to be a man, complete the surgery and take your hormones. MEN DON'T BARE CHILDREN. I watched the Barbara Walters special, and this poor child, Susan was issued 3 birth certificates. One lists "it" as the mother and the wife as the father. A second lists the wife as the mother and "it" as the father and a third lists them both as Parent. These poor children.Perfect candidates for a life of therapy. Even the state cant figure it out. They did the procedure at home with sperm they bought on line. The wife is nursing the child.
This is just sick.

2144 days ago
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