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Wesley Snipes -- Get It While You Can

11/17/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He worked the good dad angle during his tax evasion trial -- but instead of hanging with his wife and four children while he waits on his appeal, Wesley was out at Kress this weekend with four hot chicks.
Wesley Snipes: Click to watch
Looks like someone understands three years behind bars could be a looooong time.


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wesley snipes big pimpin in rover?? Give the guy some credit, he's probably broke as hell, or will be...and he can still pull decent looking white chicks that weren't even born when he was a relevant A list movie star.

2109 days ago

fake as people    

nice dad, nice husband, gross pickup.
those girls are nasty and desperate.
go home broke old man

2109 days ago


Hes far from broke. Anyone who gets into a scheme like the one that got him into trouble has money hidden away in off shore accounts. Good Luck Uncle Sam trying to find that loot....... What a creep he shouldnt be seen doing garbage like that just for the fact the appearence it gives. I feel badly for his kids (not the wife she was in on it too and should be held accountable because key word being "joint return") their gonna suffer because both mommy and daddy were greedy

2109 days ago


Were they all Asian? Cause Wesley likes em' like that.

2109 days ago


Hot girls?!?!? Are you sure? I couldn't even see any of their faces. It must be the "Cheerleader Effect" - where they all SEEM hot because they are all together. I bet if you separate them, they're not that "hot". A couple of them looked like they had to jump off of a 2-story building just to get into their dresses. They all look like hos! When you look like a package of biscuits about to explode, it's NOT good!

2109 days ago


Nasty Asss you know what. Fill in your own blank, I'm sure whatever you come up with will apply.

Crying innocent and stealing the mans money. He hiding behind the color barrier his whole career as if the man is afraid of a black man----when you take the man's money as he did, the man is completely color blind. Now pay the man his due. Only this time that due will be both cash and your own time in jail.

What an idiot---he be the type to get AIDS virus thinking he be immune to it and can dip his which in whatever he wants to----he the same dude thought he could hide his money from the man. The man get you Wesley, no matter how impotent you think you be.

2109 days ago


This is why when people aganist gay marriage say "we have to protect the purity of mariage" and keep it between a man and woman,i just laugh because there is nothing sacred about marriage anymore.

2109 days ago

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