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What's Black and White and Red All Over?

11/17/2008 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Couture


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2144 days ago


Well what do you expect Randy to look

Brock is like a real life monster who mauls people..He is huge and has super strength...Nobody will beat him for years!!

LOL at brcok punching like Donkey kong at the end of the fight.

And for all of the conspiracy losers please get a life...UFC is legit and nothing is fixed and brock is not on steroids..jeez people are fools

2144 days ago


Randy is the best fighter. He has heart. Brock does not. All he is worried about is how big he looks. This was not a good match up. If I was Brock I would not be bragging to have beaten up a 40 year old man 50 pounds lighter than me. Brock needs to fight someone his own size. And Brock did not deserve a title shot after 2 fights which he only won 1. Most people fight 5-10 times before they get a belt!!!

2144 days ago


The fight was not fixed, and although Randy is a very skilled fighter, no human could take a punch behind the ear from a man that size. Im sure you could prove this in physics...Mass * Acceleration. =)

2144 days ago

agent smith    

Brock was being controlled the whole fight and was definitely behind in points. If it went to decision, he probably would have lost that fight. I don't think Brock could believe he was being controlled against the fence, he was looking at his trainers for help, I loved it! He was breathing so hard by the second round, I don't think he would have made the full 25mins. I think it will take more than donkey kong hammer fists to take out Fedor.
Randy is totally my hero, almost 50lbs lighter and almost 15 years older and he was getting it done...that is, until a giant can of ham hit him behind the ear, lol.

2144 days ago


MKJ - Dana White thought Brock Lesnar should be living up to the hype. Since he beat Randy, he's doing just that. Brock knew if he would've lost, he'd be in the same predicament as Kimbo Slice. The fact is Brock Lesnar beat Randy Couture by TKO in the second round. Say what you want, but the fact that Dana White is rich and running the UFC, so he's doing something right.

2144 days ago

agent smith    

p.s. Brock isn't on steriods??? Yes, his 280lbs walking weight is only from chicken breasts and hard work at the gym...

2144 days ago


I don't know what some of you were watching but Brock was ahead on the score card and was throwing some nasty knees. I'm a Randy fan but i'm not blind as to what I seen. The compustrike had Brock ahead too. I didn't hear anyone say that Tim Sylvia was too big when Randy beat him but when Randy looses to the bigger guy it's not fair? Sound like a double standard to be.

2144 days ago


You a-holes.

Brock is the man and lived up to the hype. Randy is a legend, but there was no way he could of beat brock. Btw after the first round brock was ahead on the score cards.

And who gives a eff about Fedor..He will be another Cro cop when he comes to the ufc..I dont care to ever see fedor in the UFC anyway..He is more boring than TIm Silvia

And no Brock is not on STEROIDS..Why cant someone just be naturally big... Oh but you fools think you are right..You think the ufc will risk everything on 1 think the gov would be involved if fighters were on steroids esp for this HUGE fight..People in Las Vegas bet millions of dollars on these ppv and the FBI would have Danas head if they suspected foul play...

You little kids need to stop making crap up

2144 days ago


Just to add to the steroid can look at his body type and tell that he would be 330lbs if he didn't work as hard as he does. This is a huge man who is a genetic freak, but by no means does that warrant comments about him being a steroid user. Please watch the UFC special on Brock Lesnar and pay attention to the hard work he puts in at the gym. Also note what he eats while training.

2144 days ago


I think there should be a super heavyweight class added. Lesnar is a mountain and even up against fighters bigger than Randy, he's still a mountain. Brock got the best because he man-handled Randy. BUT he's so not UFC champ material; he's tacky, too much of the WWE mindframe with the "do you see me now" crap, and he's NOT gracious in victory. He'll hold the belt for a long time just like Anderson Silva has because there won't be anyone who can easily beat him. I was cracking up when Randy commented about how Brock was just a big SOB while laughing. Randy is truly a class act - Lesnar is not.

2144 days ago


UFC should make steroids mandatory that would make for some badass fights

2144 days ago


Brock Rules - I agree with you on that the UFC would not risk having a fighter on juice. Look at what they did to Sean Sherk for using the kind of enhancement he was using. They stripped his title and suspended him for a year. I don't agree with your name (LOL) but I do agree with your comment.

2144 days ago


That man didn't stand a chance fighting that beast of human.

On a completely unreleated side note, he sort of resembles my EX after he tried taking a swing at me. Oh well, live and learn as they say.


2144 days ago


looks like another t.k.o

2144 days ago
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