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A Pregnant Man Goes on Larry King, into Spago ...

11/18/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... and the paparazzi go wild. Imagine that?!

What in the world would make a transgendered pregnant "man" with female reproductive organs think that "he" and "his" family wouldn't get surrounded by photogs after taping an episode of "Larry King Live," followed by a casual, intimate dinner at a little out-of-the-way cafe like Spago Beverly Hills?!

You'd think they'd never seen a pregnant "man" before!


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Okay I haver heard more than I care of this it person, money makes you do some very crazy things, I feel sorry the children that are brought into this world by that it ...

2131 days ago



2131 days ago


I wish He / She would just GO AWAY!! .. I feel sorry for her kids..

2131 days ago


This is NOT a man. It wasn't born a man, it doesn't have man-parts, it is NOT a man.

Please stop calling it a man. This is a very confused, messed-up person, and I feel sorry for the kid it alredy gave birth to and extra sorry for the one in its womb.

2131 days ago


She still has her Viginia and her Uterus so .. She is a SHE.. (with her boobs hacked off) .. I don't see where they call her a man??!? (poor kids)

2131 days ago

Very Sad    

what a sick twisted individual - i hope IT knows how the lives of innocent children are going to be affected. What a selfish, disguisting person ...

2131 days ago


She is a SHE!!! She complained that the gay right groups did not want her to go on TV. I wonder why??? It makes their fight even more yukky to people. Way to go Woman!

2131 days ago


It is just an ugly woman with no boobs. Go to the mall they are everywhere!

2131 days ago


Look how "HE" shields himself and not the child..... a picture is worth a thousand words..... this one speaks VOLUMES on why this "MAN" is doing this...... disgusting..... disgraceful.... sickening.... people like these people should be shunned, ignored and forgotten.... these children are only being brought into this world for monitary gain.... not for love..... BAN THESE PEOPLE FROM THE INTERNETS...... reading about them is only making them more money........ ugh...

2131 days ago


Only in Oregon, ofcourse.

This is not a man. This is a woman whom decided she wants to look like a man but still have all the perks of a woman.
I can't imagine that there was a doctor that allowed her into the fertility program. That is too sickening. And I can't believe it was paid for with our tax programm.

Yes, this woman and her girlfriend have sold their stories to all networks (they don't give the interviews for free) so they can live the decadent life style and spend their money like crazy. I'm telling you, within 2 years you can find this couple begging on Pioneers square with the bums asking you for a buck.
The kid will have been sold to some rich infertile couple in Lake Big Ego.

2131 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Sorry, but this is not a pregnant man! The media hyped this fake story up so much. I have nothing against this person having a baby, but she is still a woman.

2131 days ago


This really pisses me off! This is not a MAN, it is a woman with a beard who thought it would be a good idea to cut off her boobs and take testosterone. I mean why not go the whole way and get the sex change?! Bottom line - if you can carry a baby in your UTERUS for 9 months and then give birth through your VAGINA, then you are not a man. You are a WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2131 days ago


#41 I saw some of the interview last weekend (as much as I could stomach) and there weren't any doctors that would do it. They had to order the sperm off the internet. Also, they interviewed a doctor on there that delivers babies for lesbian couples and she said that she had delivered many babies in this same situation, but none of the others had gone public.

2131 days ago


27. Even us gays are embarrassed by this.. Can't He/She just go away??!?

Posted at 1:32PM on Nov 18th 2008 by rU pAUL

EXCUSE YOU...CAN'T ALL YOU FREAKS GO AWAY!!!! Our children our more confused than ever, first we tell them the world is a wonderful place, give them a sense of security and normalcy. Now we have to counter all that with gays/lesbians, transgendered, transvestites. wanna be men having babies, don't knows, not sure's, stuck in the middles and CHILD MOLESTERS!!!!!!!! Thanks to these people for f'ng up the next generations chance at a normal life!

2131 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

"none of the others had gone public",

I'll repeat myself...

"This is your future, America..."

2131 days ago
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