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Barack's Blacker than He Looks

11/18/2008 6:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has been keeping a secret from the American public ... and it's right there on top of his head.

BO's Chicago barber Zariff (just one name) says the Prez-elect's head of hair isn't quite as silvery-gray as it might appear in high-def. "When we see it, it looks very silvery and shiny," the scissorhand tells Us. "But of course when you see him in person, it doesn't look like that."

He's not making any assurances about Barack once he does his thing in office.


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Talk about racist. TMZ thought better of your site but apparently NOT.

2167 days ago

Democrats are evil    

A Phony inside and out. Grey hair. Smokes like a chimney, And you know is is still craving that blow that was once such a big part of his life. Perfect used car salesman.

2167 days ago


Number 12 & 7 Wake up and smell the coffee GONE are the days when WE BLACK PEOPLE will be no longer stuck serving coffee, cooking in the back for you unappreciated white folks. In you white people eyes and minds we are only good enough to wipe you all asses, cook your food and look after your kids. Again, wake up and smell the COFFEE and look at the COFFEE colored people WE RULE, WE RUN THINGS, THINGS DON'T RUN WE. Yes, our dialect. MASSA out and PLANTATION WORKER, SLAVE BOY/GAL is the head of YOUR HOUSE NOW. hellllooooooooooo.

BLACK FOLKS big up unno chest.

2167 days ago


TMZ you have gone too far now. See what you are encouraging - HATE. When everyone was putting their differences aside and coming together for the betterment of each other and the world here you come with such untasteful journalism. Is this what Journalism about? I think not.

No matter what your racist haters think of my black race you all will only be my motivators. So the more you push your negativity on me the harder I will push back and that is ACHIEVING....knowledge, education, power and being successful in life.

2167 days ago

I am King    

Do I sense FEAR in 12. What have you done wrong in life. Are you afraid it is coming back to haunt you. Now is the time for us to dig up your bloodclart graveside because the skelton's in your closet ain't enough.


OBAMA FOR LIFE. YOU all better believe it.

2167 days ago


#5 The reason this country is still a joke is because bush is still the prez. didnt your mom ever teach you in order to be respected you need to respect yourself first. Bush hasnt shown respect for this country for hmmm 8 years. As for all of you McCain lovers who followed him like lost sheep and believed his every word about how bad Obama is ....get over it. Move on and show some support for him..I mean consider McCain he is now sitting with Obama ready to "bridge the gap" between repubs. and dems....McCain tried to convince you Obama was so bad..only because he(mccain) knew he could not win on his own merrit. very lame.

2167 days ago


Running out of stories huh! (WHO CARES).

2167 days ago


I usually have no respect for TMZ at all, but I don't see anything racist about this story. And the Dems need to stop with the racist accusations. These nasty comments are coming from both sides.

And for the person who said things are finally calming down??? You need to get out more. It's a battleground out there and is not going to go away anytime soon. Peaceful dissent and freedom of speech are still written into our constitution. If that changes, we will ALL be silenced. Including TMZ.

2167 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

#11 L WOOD, you shoulda been keepng an eye on your president"BUSH"!!!! Run the country into ruins??? i think its way past that a##hole

2167 days ago

victoria Pushchin    

what a stupid story. slow day i guess.....

2167 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

Is EVERYONE connected with this man Muslin or from Middle Eastern decent???? ZARIFF???? Ever hear of Revelations and the end of the world. We will be deceived by a man from Muslim heritage who will end the earth...just saying.....I am nervous.

2167 days ago

passing thru    

TMZ can post a comment on POTUS hair, but couldn't post anything positive while he was running for office? Ha what a bunch of idiots over there!!!

2167 days ago


Rebie, #23. Very nice. Spit out all the hate you want - I said nothing hateful about your Messiah.
He may do a great job...I hope he does...but I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid. He has a lot to prove
to the world, and it IS important to keep an eye on what he does. His affiliations are suspect. As President,
he deserves respect, but guess what - so does Bush! Whether or not you like the guy, he's our leader.
And whether or not you like Obama, he will be our leader. Respect for the Office - the rest is up to him.

2167 days ago


26. Is EVERYONE connected with this man Muslin or from Middle Eastern decent???? ZARIFF???? Ever hear of Revelations and the end of the world. We will be deceived by a man from Muslim heritage who will end the earth...just saying.....I am nervous.
Posted at 1:58PM on Nov 18th 2008 by Mynx is the Man
YOU are a total whack job....what stupid comments.

2167 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

All we are saying is that these Mega Wealthy Stars and Media who gave Uniform support to the New Socialists Democrats , Should also have to Spread their Wealth Around , like they will make the rest of us do ....

2167 days ago
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