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Corrupt Scumbags Beware!

11/18/2008 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Robbins has sarcastically slammed the New York City Board of Elections, calling the honcho there "a petty vindictive corrupt scumbag."

Robbins wrote an open letter to the Huffington Post, bitching about the confrontation he had after being turned away from the polls on election day.

Robbins is livid that the Board of Elections sent a copy of Robbins' voter registration card to media to prove that he didn't have a right to vote where he wanted. The card includes Robbins' home address and driver's license number.

Robbins eventually was allowed to vote, but he will apparently keep this feud alive well into Obama's Presidency.


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Your doctor called and he's concerned about the brain cells in your stool sample.

2164 days ago

ACLU member    

he is doing this for publicity because all of his movies bombed the box office and nobody wants to offer him a job. Listen Tim Robbins, please look for another job! You have been unemployed for such a long time so why not consider a career change? Your acting sucks anyway.

2164 days ago


You needed a stage to be heard as a victim so you created the whole problem.
You should be put in jail for being a con-artist. Big Liar !

2164 days ago


Some people only know how to make other people miserable. It is because they are miserable with themselves.You want to change something, begin with yourself. Take responsibility for not changing your address and quit trying to stir up publicity.We are tired of you and Susan.

2164 days ago


Another liberal temper tantrum. Why, without his vote - the race might have been close, right? self absorbed, over inflated ego - GO AWAY - you made a mistake, you still got to vote - go away!!!

2164 days ago


Like the rest of the Hollywood Intelligencia, he seems to believe that his opinion should be law. Damn the laws of voting! He's an ACTOR! A few hundred years ago, he would have been a jester or, wait....yeah, still a baffoon!

2164 days ago


Oh, for god's sake, Tim, just shut the hell up! I'll admit that I couldn't live without "Shawshank Redemption"...but TIm Robbins is the most annoying self-important radical Hollywood douchebag on the planet. Go dig a hole somewhere and jump in....

2164 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Does Tim Robbins Really support fascist Hugo Chavez ? (Note: Hugo Chavez has an Militant State who Now controls the Media & Natural Resources, Chavez has stated that 'jews control the world's wealth' in 2006 , Chavez stated that Catholics are 'liars and perverts' in 2007, chavez constantley threatens bordering states, chavez jails or elimanates people that oppose him (like the recent killing of an anti-chavez organizser in 10/08), chavez changed the time zone & flag, chavez is considered latin america's first fascist, Etc.

2164 days ago


Robbins and his hag wife/girlfriend whatever-it-is are nothing but two big piles of HOT, STEAMING POOOOOOO!!

2164 days ago


Why did Robbins fill out a new registration form in 2004 if he never moved from one home address to another? Surely he knew that voting is based on a home address and not an office address. Could it be that the famously irritated Robbins, perhaps in a typical fit of pique over perceived voting irregularities and disenfranchisement perpetrated by Republicans on Democrats, attempted to register twice in order to vote twice? And did he eventually think better of it, realizing that discovery would be more damaging to his party than the benefit of a single extra vote? And did Robbins subsequently, four years later, after the entire episode had completely slipped his mind, simply show up at the only polling place he knew?

Just askin'.

2164 days ago


The guy has a right to be pissed that his information was given to the media , who in turn made it public. I highly doubt there is anyone posting who would want their personal information thrown around, either.

2164 days ago


This guy's only redeeming quality is that he was in Shawshank Redemption, other than that, somebody puh-leez tell me why he thinks that he is still relevant today? Timmy and Sue-Sue, newsflash for both of you, nobody cares anymore. Please, quit embarassing yourselves and your childen, and just fade away. Take the many millions that you have sucked from hardworking people who unknowlingly paid to see your crappy work and just...retire into obscurity. Trust us, you'll be happy and so will we.

2163 days ago

Go Sarah!    

This guy is a jerk.

2163 days ago

Go Sarah!    

Number 40,
I respectfully wanted to let you know that you are wrong. I have been a poll worker for 25 years. You must be listed on the roll in order to vote at all. If you are not on the roll, you may fill out a provisional ballot which will be checked at the county level and either counted or discarded based upon voter registration. Regardless, throwing a hissy fit is never the correct solution to this situation.

2163 days ago


Did they not know that Robbins is SPECIAL? He is above the average American when it comes to smarts and rights. He is LIBERAL let him roar. Let's share the wealth starting with him.

2163 days ago
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