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Dallas Austin Drops Hit on ATL "Housewife"

11/18/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently nothing about Kim Zolciak is "Real" -- her hair, her alleged age (30!) or her singing career!Dallas Austin and Kim Zolciak
Major-huge record producer Dallas Austin is lashing out at the "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star on his MySpace page after Kim announced he was helping her with an upcoming album. Austin's newest blog screams, "We are not doing a song, we are not doing an album ... that was only for television!"

Austin made several appearances on the show -- he was even shown working with Kim in a record studio. But after the rant, it looks like the only thing Dallas will put on blast -- is Kim.


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oh my good lord, did this woman really say she was 30? I seriously doubt this woman has seen 30 in at least 20 years.

2127 days ago


oh, you mean it was just for R-E-A-L-I-T-Y tv? if he didn't want to be associated with her then why the hell appear on tv with the woman. jackass.

2127 days ago


Hahahahahahahah! Who does this b*tch thinks she's foolin'? She can't sing, everything about her is fake, and no one on the show likes her. GO AWAY KIM!! Your last name sounds like you're 2nd generation immigrant Polack!

And for Dallas it looks like he sunk to a new low level, appearing on reality TV just to get exposure. How LAME!!

2127 days ago

Giving it to you straight no chaser!    

This CANNOT be a SUPRISE TO ANYONE! The gig was up the first time she opened her mouth! Allow me to give you the low down, no chaser on my take on the "housewifes" and I use that term loosely in Kim and Sherees case. If a woman of color would have had no visible means of income (no husband, no job) and openly said that she had a "Suga Daddy" supporting her with lavish gifts, she would not have been called a "housewife" but rather a "prostitute"! Sheree, again, her claim to fame is that she is going through a divorce and wants "six figures". Explain to me again how that makes her a housewife? PLEASE, I beg of you if there is any justice in the world both of these, no class, fake, needy women will be off the show! I have to say NeNe is my favorite. You can call her what you want, she is a housewife and she keeps it real, no chaser. While NeNe may not be as polished as Lisa or mabye even DeShawn. I like her spunk and her ability to call it like it is.
If there is any justice in the world, at season end Kim and Sheree
will crawl in to a hole and disappe

2127 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

If he made several appearances on her show, the least he could do is help her make her music.

2127 days ago



2127 days ago


Forget Dallas and a singing career. Kim should just contact Vivid Videos and do porn.

2127 days ago


WOW. I just happen to be watching the show right now and logged on to the TMZ. Dallas just DROPPED the bomb on this trashy old lady.

2127 days ago

Malibu Sacremento    

I just loooooove that name - Dallas Austin...

2127 days ago

Moan Ica    

Dallas claims "I did this just for TV" - - Good God, brother, find something better to do than support a bunch of ho's for TV. Like maybe.........spending time with your children.

2127 days ago

Malibu Sacremento    

Does anyone know if "Big Papa" is Bobby Brown???????

2127 days ago


If none of them had married guys with money, they would have regular jobs living in regular houses just like the rest of us. My wife is 40 and looks better than any of these hags. And when she got out of high school she was smarter than the whole lot of them put together. Now she has a masters. My wife can do fractions and spell C-A-T. These chicks are sad. Love to watch the train wreck.

2127 days ago


Well, the way Kim was puffing on the cigs and continuously sucking down wine probably contributed to her 'older than she is' looks.

2127 days ago


You know what, we all at one point in our lifes think we can accomplish a certain talent. We may " think " we have what it takes but quickly find out, it is not for us. Watching her " attempt " to sing, was embarrassig to listen to. She can't even carry one note ! Why in the hell, does she think a country singing career is for her?......I know, because she has nothing else to do ! She is a bottom feeder, taking in as much crap as she can, then trying to sell herself off as a prize catch !

Where the hell did these producers find her? she has no job, 50-not 30 yrs old, fake boobs$hair and trys to come off as a
smart. Well, it is back firing on her now. Her 15 minutes of fame is dwindling,,,someone put it out !!!!!!

2127 days ago


Take it from someone who has lived in Atlanta for 33 years...these women DON"T EVEN LIVE IN ATLANTA, but 45 minutes NORTH in the suburbs!! Atlanta women (who actually LIVE in Atlanta) would never act this way, and they give us a bad rap. They may shop in town, eat out in town, and party in town, but they are still a bunch of suburban Atlanta housewives!!

2127 days ago
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