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Dallas Austin Drops Hit on ATL "Housewife"

11/18/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently nothing about Kim Zolciak is "Real" -- her hair, her alleged age (30!) or her singing career!Dallas Austin and Kim Zolciak
Major-huge record producer Dallas Austin is lashing out at the "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star on his MySpace page after Kim announced he was helping her with an upcoming album. Austin's newest blog screams, "We are not doing a song, we are not doing an album ... that was only for television!"

Austin made several appearances on the show -- he was even shown working with Kim in a record studio. But after the rant, it looks like the only thing Dallas will put on blast -- is Kim.


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probably the only thing on her that is close to 30 is her collagen or 30 year old's eyes look like that. I would say she's 41.

2163 days ago


Poor Dallas, Why, Why! Does he really need the publicity?

2163 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

I can't believe you people would actually take time out of your lives to watch that crap, and then get on here and discuss it like it really means something. These two nobodies will be out of the spotlight within a year. These "reality " shows are mostly fake. Just like the tabloid papers that sell millions to fools who believe what they are reading, these same fools will believe whatever these shows produce. Are you in that group of fools? And I suppose wrestling is real too?

2163 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

What ever she is doing or has done, most of you all would do to live like she is living. You all just haters! Personnal chef's, assistants, nanny's, five, six cars, sex in a to go box, not having to clean dirty draws, fat, ugly, no talent, and not a good friend and she has all that money and that big ass house, I'm a jealous heifer too! Just admit you are jealous and congratulate her, most us do it ALL of FREE! Atleast she has something to show for it!

But, man it stung, just having to watch her be told that she sucked, although I felt Dallas did it in a very pofessional way, that is why I am confussed about why he posted this on his myspace page, Did she say something different in interviews recently? It was clear from tonights show that he was not working with her, so why did he post this disclaimer?

2163 days ago


Well I don't give much credence or credit to Dallas Austin for appearing in this show either. Yeah, he has worked with the big names but why on earth did he appear in this show if he had no interest in Kim. I found it very odd that he was on the show, Maybe his career is on the wane, but I have thought that about pop music since 1996 anyway,

2163 days ago


Why the big secret about her boyfriend? Or is it HE who is too embarrassed to be seen with her? Kim is not a famous housewife and neither is Sheree. Sheree is nothing without her ex-husband, Ed Whitfield. He is the one who made her. It's time to go pick up Kim and you two hold hands while you walk down the yellow brick road to 'Hasbeensville'! Surely there are two other classy ladies in Atlanta who can hold their own like the rest of the cast. This is a Mecca for beautiful black women. Pick some real ladies to go with the other three ladies and get on with it! Atlanta and O.C. Rock!! The New York cast sucked big kosher ones! They were NOT worth my time!

2163 days ago

Proud American    

I KNEW that had to be a lie. My cat will drop an album, berfore she ever does. She sounds like that Aubrey chick from Danity Kane, who got kicked out once she got the big head. As for her age, Stevie Wounder can see that's a lie.

2162 days ago


Posted at 9:40PM on Nov 18th 2008 by Giving it to you straight no chaser!

I know you think you were witty with your "Giving it to you straight no chaser!" phrase but it made me cringe and feel embarrassed for you.

2162 days ago


I like all the housewives honestly, kim and sheree are a bit snobby, but you can't tell me that with all that money and thinking you are pretty you wouldn't be. I like watching kim and sheree together. I live in ga and no not all of us are that way, but some are. I live near atlanta and I run across those types all the time. I go to school with some of those types. They don't bother me. Maybe cause i grew up upper middle class is why, but you can't judge people like that when you don't live their lifestyle. Their lifestyle is very different from most americans and believe me if you met most of the celebrities you worship you would see the same snooty, everything is owed to me attitude. I look at them and get jealous to be honest, but i'm willing to admit it. Growing up upper middle class and being on that line of having money but not enough money to drop thousands daily, makes you wonder, where do i fit in? And some don't wanna settle for just being middle class because they are competitive with their own class. Laugh all you want i'm just keeping it real.

2162 days ago


I"m also willing to bet that this dude decided he didn't want to work with her after he heard her sing, etc. And now he's lying to save his own ass.

2162 days ago


Take a good long look Haylie Duff....this is you when you hit that wall you're headed for.

On a show full of cheezy. beat-down obnoxious bitches this one takes the cake!

2162 days ago


Oh Snap Cim whoops...Kim,
Don't you know If you call your significant other let's say "Daddy"
or Big "Papa" you are his whore!!!

I only have one question of do you tuck it or did your
married pimp Poppa like it on the "Down Low"?

....just remembered who or in this case what "Kim's" vocal styling
reminded me of...two kat's f-ing!
I prefer the kat's, or maybe a baby's crying, air hornes, &
ambulance's all BETTER!

2162 days ago


can you imagine what she looked like before the face lift?

2162 days ago


HA! HA! Dallas put Kym's lying ass on blast! Hilarious

2162 days ago


We know the "women" on this show are really worth watching, but credible is Dallas?


2162 days ago
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