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Gold Medalist: Wanna See My Wife's Insides?

11/18/2008 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ross Rebagliati is the first person to do two things: First, win an Olympic gold medal for snowboarding ... and second, attach his wife's ultrasound to a press release.

We must have missed the email blast with D-bagliati's conception video attached.


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I'm sorry, but gross!!!

2142 days ago


But he does carry wallet size photos of his recent bout with Hemorrhoids.

2142 days ago

dont know    

There is nothing wrong with this--cut the guy a break, he's excited! I think it's nice to see a man that wants to be involved with the life of his forthcoming child--chill out people.

2142 days ago


give the guy a break, he's just PROUD to becoming a Dad. I think that was sweet how he wanted to get the first baby picture out of the way LOL

eitherway, I think he's just a PROUD DAD TO BE which is why he shared the ultra sound....nothing gross about it #1, you must be a child to not understand how amazing it is to see life growing.

2142 days ago


I'd love to know the education level of those who write for TMZ - it's "medal" not "metal"

2142 days ago


TMZ... did it occur to any of you that he is an excited father to be?!

2142 days ago


there isn't anything gross about a sonogram pic. are you guys crazy? sex tapes are ok ( vern troyer and dustin diamond anyone?) but a fetus photo is gross? come on!

2142 days ago


Obviously, someone at TMZ is reading this board because "metal" has not been changed to "medal"

2142 days ago


Abortion is MURDER...look at that ultrasound and tell me different.

2142 days ago


8. Abortion is MURDER...look at that ultrasound and tell me different.

Posted at 1:11PM on Nov 18th 2008 by Reality


Calm down. Nobody is talking about abortion. Call your congressman and try to find someone who cares about your opinion.

2142 days ago


His name is Ross Rebagliati - not Rebagliata you douchebag. I wonder if the baby has been exposed to any second hand pot smoke?

2142 days ago


Who is this guy. Obviously He thinks he's somebody. Since when did it become some holier than thou thing to have a baby? The term baby-bump is just plain stupid and these celebrities are not GOD just because they are producing offspring.

2142 days ago


I love how he gets slammed cause he's a guy who's gonna be a proud daddy and TMZ jumped all over it. 1. Name's spelt wrong 2. You're pronouncing it wrong......d-bagliati doesn't even make sense when said right! 3. MEDAL!

Lay off the stupid crap TMZ......I'm super proud of our sweet Second Hand Pot Smoking Gold Medal....oops not anymore....oops here have it back cause we all know pot isn't a performance enhancing drug First Ever Olympic Snowboarding Champion Roots Endorsing 90's Hearthrob Real Canadian Boy :)

2142 days ago


Okay, we go from bashing the pregnant man-chick to how sweet a proud father showing off his unborn child. What is the difference between the two stories? I'll tell you societies lack of education! People stop spending time/money on your DUB's and BLING and GO TO COLLEGE! Educate yourself and stop making AMERICA look like morons! Stop reading TMZ and learn how to read The Wall Street Journal.

2142 days ago


Wow I'm amazed at the level of ignorance from TMZ. Do any of your
writers have a colleger degree???? There is NOTHING wrong with
putting your baby's sonogram picture up for everyone to see. It's called
being excited about becoming a parent. Of course I believe that your
motive for posting this stupid comment was to get attention. Well
if bad attention is what you want then you got it!! DUMBASS!!

2142 days ago
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