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Harry Potter and the Forgotten Zac Efron

11/18/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Robert Pattinson being the new Zac Efron, it looks like teenage girls aren't the only ones who have forgotten about all things "High School Musical."
Zac Efron: Click to watch
Not only was Zac Efron greeted with little fanfare at LAX yesterday, but one of the photogs even confused him for that kid who played "Harry Potter."

Zacy boy needs a non-Disney role quick or he may be in the "Twilight" of his career!


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Fan Since 2007!!!    

Flashes in the pan,
How long before that "Twilight" guy's next?

2112 days ago

Dawn Day    

I never saw the big deal about him anyway. Too girly looking for my taste.

2112 days ago

Just my opinion    

Zac is a very cute, wholesome young man.
Footloose remake is going to be soooo good.
I cannot wait.
And I did enjoy HSM 3.

2112 days ago


well that makes you gay, chello

2112 days ago


I totally thought that Zac would have be an EXCELLENT Edward Cullen because he is so beautiful. Robert Patterson is hot..but beautiful he is not.

2112 days ago

agent smith    

Honestly, women are really a strange animal. This Robert Patterson Twilight guy is not that good looking. Is he hot b/c he is the Twilight character that women are so in love with? Er I mean teenage females. If he was just a janitor, would he be the same to you? I find it hard to believe.

2111 days ago


what? are you crazy or what? zac never be forgotten by those two ... daniel is gay and roberht is not so nice for us to say ...^^... but zac is NICE! and very talented ... we always will be your fans will never forget ...

2111 days ago


Zac doesn't want to be greeted by swarms of a-s-s holes with cameras at the airport. He wants to be recognized for his work. I'll be the brain dead pap who did this video doesn't even know the NON Disney movies Zac has completed--"17 Again" and "Me And Orson Welles." Zac is finished with Disney. HSM3 was his last movie with them. He's moving on. I know the fact that he keeps his private life private pisses TMZ off. But, you should know by now he doesn't talk to you dummies.

2111 days ago

ole man    

they are doing a remake of "footloose"??? Why, the 70's are gone, long gone......Kevin Bacon was fun in it, but, the movie is so lame!

2111 days ago


Ok Rob Pattinson and Zac Efron are two completely different people. Efron is a pretty boy who probably spends most of his time grooming himself and shaving his body hair, all the while keeping every hair in place. Pattinson has a very grudgy rough look and admitted to not having a shower in weeks which is obvious because his hair always looks grosse and his hair is always a mess! Plus he uses his hand and fingers as a comb.

Overall... I prefer Rob cause I can't have a guy taking longer getting ready then me! Zac Efron... not hot at all.

2111 days ago


Good choice, Lisa...take the dirty, ungroomed guy over the one with great hygiene.

2111 days ago

Common Sense    

Oh Yeah I'd take Rob to. Hell you have a better chance getting someone to shower more frequently then trying to convince a person looks isn't everything... Just sayin!

2111 days ago


I'm 12. So I am either at the age or around the age of thinking that that Robert Pattison...or however you spell his name is "hot" or any of that other stuff. And personally, I don't really think that he nor Zac really are "[insert good looking word here]."

But just like Lisa & Carmen, I would go with Robert since I'd rather deal with a dude that dosen't really take care of well,...personal stuff and then I would try to convince him too, than a dude that is a perfectionist when it comes to his looks, and try to convince him that looks aren't everything.


2111 days ago


Oh yeah! (Sorry, forgot to mention this in my other comment.)
I saw TMZ last night and when they showed this, I was laughing pretty hard. I don't know why I was, but I was.

That sounded confusing.

2111 days ago


Oh, I just cannot stand this little dork. I see nothing attractive about him at all. He is a giant pile of cheese. My gay friends love him, however.

2111 days ago
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