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Harry Potter and the Forgotten Zac Efron

11/18/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Robert Pattinson being the new Zac Efron, it looks like teenage girls aren't the only ones who have forgotten about all things "High School Musical."
Zac Efron: Click to watch
Not only was Zac Efron greeted with little fanfare at LAX yesterday, but one of the photogs even confused him for that kid who played "Harry Potter."

Zacy boy needs a non-Disney role quick or he may be in the "Twilight" of his career!


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Fan Since 2007!!!    

Chicks dig filthy dudes!!?
I'm HOT and never knew!!!

2073 days ago


Zac is the hottest guy on the face of the planet....that Robert Pattinson kid is butt ugly...his forehead goes on for least zac acts in movies where he is not playing a lam-o vampire....once this new kid fades out, the pappers (thanks Regis) will go crawling back to zac. I love you zac! Date me instead of V!!!

2073 days ago

Another Day In Paradise    

I'm just happy that Zanessa duo is not talked about as much since the Twilight gang is hitting the big screen. Yes, I think Zac is cute, but dang I cannot stand to see that growth that is always hanging off his arm with the smirk on her face. It's sickening. She is NOT all that! I'll just bet no one would have paid her any mind if she was dating that Ryan guy from HSM. So yeah, I'm glad Robert Pattinson is on the top of the hottie ladder right now. His character in the movie is a dreamboat, but I don't know too much at him as an actor overrall. Can't wait for Zac's new roles to hit the big screen. Please no more HSMs for Zac. Let's grow up and play some maturer, manly roles.

2073 days ago


uh, zac's a cute kid but he plays with mommy's tweezers too much. HE's like a boy you could shop and wax with and have pillow fights. Sure, Robert's a little musky, but at least there's a sexual component to musk, as oppossed to a guy stealing mommy's tweezers. Robert's a hot, dirty boy, in more ways than one.

2072 days ago


any women could not possibly find zac efron attractive he looks like he could pass for a 13 year old. He is not sexy he is like your cute little brother. Rob is awesome and sexy and perfcet. dont change rob you are just perfect,,,and leave him alone about how he is "behaving badly" he is 22 for criss sakes. He is out drinking gasp and partying at clubs. shocking!! he is not even driving Jeez-us leave him the hell alone he is totally normal what should he be doing? eating microwave popcorn at thome at watching Panic Room? ha

2064 days ago


That's messed up about Zac, but people are retarded. How can they not tell the difference? And that kid who "is" playing Harry Potter (because it's no going) is called Daniel Radcliffe. Zac Efron is talented enough, he's actually good looking *lovley eyes* but Pattinson is so idk...he can look absolutley whoa! but other times...i just love that messy hair he's so "gha!" i dont know what word...but i'd take him anyday.

2060 days ago


zac was never hot and never will be hot...... robert pattinson is not really that hot, but him playing edward cullen makes him hot!!!! really the only hot thing about rob is when he is edward, otherwise i cant stand him

2047 days ago


I never liked him he was in cheap little kiddy movies!!! Plus hey looks like a chick!!! and anyways he was all talkin about not wanting to be famous anymore............. be carefully what you wish for huh Zack?

2039 days ago


i never watched any of the high school musicals but i have seen harry potter i love that british accent

2025 days ago


First of's Daniel Radcliffe not just "that kid who played Harry Potter". I wan't to Avada Kedavra whoever wrote this ****ty article.

704 days ago
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