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Martha Stewart Sued Over Lounge Act

11/18/2008 1:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This lawsuit is either the gold standard for bad luck or one of the biggest scams ever.

A guy claims a Martha Stewart lounge chair collapsed on him after the front legs collapsed, crushing his right index finger. The tip of his finger allegedly fell beneath a deck and was eventually retrieved by a family member.

Up to this point it sounds like your basic personal injury case with standard damages. But this plaintiff is special, claiming he's a magician who needs use of his hands -- every part of them. He also claims the injury has affected his ability to play the banjo, which is a big part of his act.

But wait, there's more. He also claims he's a hand model, and who wants to look at a butchered finger?

Oh, did we mention he lives in Iowa, a bastion for hand models we're sure.


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I meant to say "The sound of one hand clapping..". Never mind.

2174 days ago

a normal person from iowa    

I just want to ask - could people stop knocking Iowa so badly? There are normal people here :) Besides, one of my professors, while I was in college, at University of Northern Iowa - was a hand model. She worked for HSN.. it's a legit profession here. So really that's not that far off from what could be the truth.

Now, a magician in Iowa - is probably stretching it - unless he travels out of state. Iowans would rather do something more exciting that watch a stupid magician.

And btw we aren't all hillbillies and farmers here.

2174 days ago


I refuse to buy Martha Stewart products. I bought some king-sized sheets. After the first washing, they no longer fit. Then I bought some dark red bath towels. After probably fifty washings, the washcloths still squeeze out pink water and the towels cover you with bits of fluff.

2174 days ago


If he plays the banjo, his fingertips would be too callused to be used for modeling

2174 days ago


5. And, he uses his hand every night just before falling asleep. He forgot to mention that use.

Posted at 11:36AM on Nov 18th 2008 by The Observer


I bet he does! ha ha!!! Too true.

2174 days ago


Oh, pile on, why don't we? Jerks. This guy is an actor with Triple Espresso - he ended up in Iowa because the show was so successful here.

2174 days ago


heres your sign.....ya know what iowa stands for....Idiots Out Walking Around

2174 days ago


Why did the finger get moved in this picture? Wasn't it facing towards her mouth? WTF? LMAO..

2174 days ago

from iowa.    

hes suing Martha stewart company and Kmart. He is not over weight. he wasnt sitting on the chair when it collapsed he was moving it and it collapsed. and the chairs were recalled and he wasnt notified about it.
"The lawsuit said Kmart recalled the Sling Garden Chairs due to amputations and crushed fingers and that the companies failed to notify Albanese of the problem."

2174 days ago


#5 & #19 - the legal term is "alienation of affection"

2174 days ago


ummm... hello! Ashton Kutcher came from Iowa... why is it so far-fetched to believe a hand model could choose to live there, too??

2174 days ago


Crazy_Atheist - You should never use a negative to make a point.

2174 days ago

Off The Rack    

Me too #17, all the sheets and towels I bought from her line were ruined within 2 or three washings. I had to buy those sheet straps just to keep them on the bed. The navy towels have ugly pills all over them. I"ve never seen such poor quality products. I'm sure she doesnt care.

2174 days ago

Frank Olivo    

He should call my buddy George Costanza and they can talk about who had the better hand modeling career, before tragedy stuck....

2174 days ago


This jerk wants Christmas money, just like some criminals get worse with their usual scams around this time of year. Chairs break, so what, Martha is not making the darn thing herself. And who knows, he may have tampered with the chair for money too.

2173 days ago
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