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Meg Ryan: Can I Get a Lift?

11/18/2008 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't know what to get Meg Ryan for her 47th birthday tomorrow? How 'bout a good bra? Or just a bra in general.

The single mother of two let it all hang down as she visited the construction site of her new L.A. home.

Pass a support beam, please!


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When Harry met Saggy!!!

2135 days ago

T BABY    

I DO NOT USUALLY LEAVE COMMENTS BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!! She really needs to put a bra on. Its not like she cant afford one.

2134 days ago


She has a great bod! You don't need a lift Meg! Your breasts are NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL! I'm a woman, btw. And most men, they prefer natural breasts than hard siliconed breasts and some of them don't care at all because they prefer the butt.

2134 days ago

Rocks in the socks    

You think with all the money she has, she could afford a decent bra to bring up those rocks in the socks boobs.......LOL.....

2134 days ago


Oh please- she's 46, not 17. It's normal that boobs head south by then and if she opts to go out without a bra, it's her choice.
Lighten up!

2134 days ago


I like that look! I think she is still smokin. I'd do her good on her worst day! I like her old lips better though. What's up with these beautiful women blowin their lips up? Melanie Griffith was the hottest till she got a lip job. It changed her whole look.

2134 days ago


Well, she probably didn't expect you to be there with a camera. Come on guys!! which one of us have not went out of the house where we did not look our best. Leave people alone and let them live their lives. There are way more important things for you to be worring about.

2134 days ago


Meg Ryan needs a man

2134 days ago

RC De La Oregon    

Oh grow up...
It's BS "articles" like these that perpetuate humanities disconnect with nature, reason, and overall...reality.
Women are beautiful. Even with the effects of time.

Meg Ryan is a mother of two children. Her body is more beautiful for it. People who would say different are caught up in the social delusion that adding foreign materials to one's body acceptable... It's insanity!

Granted... Meg and Hollywood are entirely guilty of this. With the woman in question, it is well known that she is a frequent user f botox in her lips. Why, why, why???
I have seen so many beautifully-mature woman go and destroy their natural beauty by making themselves look like an inflamed rubber doll.

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer women with real parts, music made by people who can play, and food that rots. Come back to nature people!

2134 days ago


I'm 48 and I still have perky, round. pretty breasts...I have always been careful to wear a bra. Whoever said it doesnt help is dead wrong. I am not into plastic surgery especially implants. Every girls boobs in LA and Vegas look identical. Grose. But please, Meg, for the love of God, if you are going outside, just put on something. You would be even more appealing.

2134 days ago


Becki your a lying flat chested ho!! Your right your 28AAA'a don't sag, but your still a hag!!!

2134 days ago


You know what? Good for her! we only wear bras to hold 'em up anyway. A bra isn't going to stop gravity from taking over.

I wish I were brave like her!

2134 days ago


You people are just used to seeing firm plastic boob jobs. The natural is nothing like plastic, but today's young 'uns do not know the difference, yuck to plastic.....

2130 days ago

Greg's Wifey    

dude who's boobs [minus surgery and or implants] don't look like that without a bra?

yeah a bra would have been nice, but u know those papz, they come when you least expect it

i'm not wearing a bra right now and my boobies aren't perky, don't think they stay that way after the age of 16 or so without help of plastic surgery.

yeah she has the money but maybe she doesn't WANT a breast lift? who cares? at least she's not like, flashing everyone.

it doesn't appear to me that she's looking for attention in this pic. probably just got out of bed like any other woman.

2130 days ago


Meg is a class act.... I would much rather look at what she has than the sick implants some have. Natural and comfortable, way to go Meg.......

2123 days ago
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