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Jen Garner Fears for Safety

11/19/2008 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Garner has obtained a court order protecting herself from a man she believes is endangering her family.

TMZ has obtained docs ordering Steven Burky to stay clear of Garner -- no contact whatsoever.

In her declaration, Garner says "Mr. Burky has been stalking and harassing me," sending "packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts and following me around the country ..."

Garner says Burky has been harassing her since 2002, but in the last year "his obsessive and harassing behavior has escalated to the point of becoming dangerous and threatening."

Garner says Burky has shown up at her home and said, "God has sent him a vision of her being persecuted in some manner that may result in her death."

Garner says she fears for herself, husband Ben Affleck and daughter Violet. She also says "I am currently pregnant and fear for the safety of my second child once born."

Burky has written a blog called Satanic Panic, asking, "Are multitudes of adults resorting to human sacrifices and then repressing this information from fear of Christ..."

A judge issued a temporary restraining order earlier this month. There's a hearing tomorrow to make the order permanent.

Read the docs

Garner's security guy, Dennis Bridwell, also submitted a declaration in which he said Burky described himself as a "crazed Alias fan," once finding her at an event, giving her roses and a card that read "I love you forever" along with his contact information. Bridwell says Burky has stalked Garner around the country, adding, "Mr. Burky now represents a clear threat to Ms. Garner's life."

We've learned the LAPD has taken the threat seriously and has been involved in the case.

Law enforcement sources tell us Burky is currently under a 5150 psychiatric hold.


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Stop Ben bashing. This is about Jennifer being the victim of a love-deranged nutcase. This woman has graced us for many years with her acting talent and fantastic looks. I have always been a big fan of hers. It's such a shame, that this is the thanks she gets for providing entertainment. She just want to be a good mom and enjoy her family.
This fella should be brought in and evaluated. I read the letters. He needs help. I hope the authorities don't wait for something to happen first.

Jennifer, Ben be aggressive and do whatever you can to protect yourselves from lunatics like him.

2141 days ago


I understand that you give up a lot when you are talented enough to become a star today. Maybe because we have the net etc. and always can locate anyone , but I feel so sorry that stars have to go underground just to live and enjoy being lucky enough to have a dream job.

I do hope they take this as it is intended , there is a crazy person who will do harm if not stopped. I agree with #91 stricker laws need to happen soon , before something tragic happens.

OK,Im done

2140 days ago

tmz fan always    

hahahaha I love tmz. prolly the only celeb entertainment show that isnt constantly kissing a**es of overpaid schmucks. way to go. u guys always make me laugh.

2140 days ago


Oh, that's right...because she's a celebrity AND a mom, she needs to keep her child locked away in a house somewhere...heaven forbid she take her child to the park, shopping, out to eat, etc. Silly Jen for wanting to give her child sunlight and fresh air...

2140 days ago

Greg's Wifey    

Wow. That really is sad. I didn't really get any "Death Threats" per se out of any of those letters.....did I miss something?

I agree that was super creepy. But it sounds more to me that he is obsessed, stalker, but his letters sound more concerned, and he's obviously schizophrenic [5150 definately a good idea].

If I were Jen, I'd be scared too, but I don't think this guy sounds like he's ready to murder her. I think he's just off.....

I feel sorry for the guy.....that sucks

2140 days ago


What a bunch of inconsiderate bunch of people. I suppose if this guy had seriously hurt or killed Jennifer Garner, then people would take notice or say why did this happened? Here is a woman who worked hard and became famous as an actor. She is not on drugs, or demonsrates negative behaviors but is a normal human being. She just wants to raise her family with good decent values just like her parents raised her. I remember when rebecca schaffer was shot by the bardo. Did she deserve it. No. We need to take these people seriously. There should be better laws in place to help the victims and the mentally unstable.. Jennifer should not have to sacrifice her independence and freedom just because she wants to give her family a normal life. For those who said that she is an attention getter or desires this are negaive haters who wish they had her life. And what does Obama have to do with this? If the paps would stop following her around taking her pictures for money then maybe she can lead a normal like with her family.She is only trying to do what any good mother would do raise a healthy family. I think the Britney Spears should take a notes from Jennifer on how to raise kids. I rarily see Sean or Jaden smile or laugh as much as Violet does, so Jennifer is doing something right. Jennifer you shouldn't apologize for being a good mom and actress. I pray that God will watch over you and your family. From marie putting her 2 cents in for Jennifer Garner.

2137 days ago


This guy is nuts! I read the letters and he needs to be locked up for life! What a nut job!

I feel bad for Jen and Ben.. This is way more than anyone should ever expect from fame...

2137 days ago
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