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Magic Johnson Accused of Ignoring Health Issue?!

11/19/2008 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Magic Johnson is in the middle of a serious health care war -- but shockingly, it's the basketball legend (of all people!) who's being accused of skimping on coverage for people who work in a building he owns.
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A guy who works in the Brooklyn Clock Tower -- a building that Magic's investment company is turning into luxury condominium -- confronted Johnson at a book signing over the weekend, arguing how it's unfair for his fellow non-union workers to have to shell out an extra $300 per family member for health coverage.

A rep for Magic's company told Crain's New York the 12 non-union workers ARE paid the union rate of $18.94 for porters and concierges and $20.19 for handymen ... and any decision on expanding coverage is up to the condominium association and the building's managing agent.

Another Magic rep told TMZ every employee who works for the management company gets free health care.

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2162 days ago


Hmm, if you don't like what he's paying you, then quit. Stop whining, with the economy the way it is, there are people lining up for your job. Be thankful you're still employed.

2162 days ago


I've followed Magic most of his professional life, he mellowed with age probably relized he what have gotten sued but I know he was thinkin it: My 6'9" 250 LB self is about to whoop ass, he didn't say it but I know he thought it and could've.
Magic came from nothing to build what he has critics need to step off

2162 days ago

Mrs Squirrel    

He can and should step in. As a man who is dealing with a chronic health condition, he should be able to muster up some empathy for what it's like to pay for health care in this country. When you have a decent paying job and still cannot afford health care, that's a problem. To say, quit your whining is just ridiculous. This is the type of situation when people end up looking to the gov't for assistance to help make ends meet through programs like SCHIP to cover their children at the very least. Then that cost get passed on to you the tax payer, which I am sure is something you will whine about as well, when wealthy business owners, who can afford it, should just take care of their employees from the start.

2162 days ago


The question that comes up here is why is the company using non-union labor? How are they getting away with that? Make the workers pay to join the union, and make the company pay union benefits.

2162 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

The democrats won because of the Economy that they destroyed , but did Not get blamed for it. Jackson Brown . The Ultra Rich Stars should have to equal distribute their money to all of us -because they elected Socialists for change , of course they will not -HYPOCRITES

2162 days ago


Magic Johnson had unprotected party sex with thousands of women across the Country. His BB teammates are as complicent as he was in this tragedy. Where did he learn to abuse women like this, even while married and his wife with child?

Commonplace in that Culture is what it seems to me---especially among the Cultures heroes; Cosby, Jackson, Johnson, King--all of them with a mistress or mistreatment of women in their past.

Why? Will it now change that Obama does not have this in his past? I hope so...for all womens sakes.

I have a magic johnson, is that what he wanted women to think? he should lose that nickname...his johnson in the end has almost killed him, and not been magical in any way. Is the culture now done with that nonsense?

Thank you BHO for brining a new image to how that culture should treat their women and the role of a father. Johnson did neither.

2161 days ago


If Johnson had unprotected sex with 1000 people and he got AIDS from person number 1 or 2, then he had the potential to give it to more then 900 other people. And who knows how many people they gave it too. They all deserve to be dead and it will happen !!!! If nothing else it will keep them from being part of such a sleazy lifestyle for long. Iv'e never ate one of his restaurants and never will. They should have been sued and locked up in prison for what they did !!!! Those s*** sucking ugly stick money loving low lives would have wiped out half the human race if they kept on going long enough with it. Thats PATHETIC !!!

1297 days ago

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