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Papper Clotheslined by Mayer's Muscle

11/19/2008 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone get John Mayer's bodyguard a gig for the NFL -- because dude tackled a photog outside Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Bev Hills last night.
John Mayer: Click to watch
The guy went ballistic on the pap as Mayer made a mellow exit. The photog says the incident was unprovoked.


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The Hulkster    

these celebs go to these places to be seen, they could easily avoid the cameras if they want too. to have your people attack one of them when you were there to be seen shows what a little bitch he is.....

2163 days ago


It was obvious this guy never did anything but take pictures and that douchebag security guard just went over to him and assaulted him. Note to John: Ya ain't all that, that you need a bodyguard like him. For christ sakes you're only dating Jen - not Angelina lol

2163 days ago

I just heard about this on and had to come to TMZ for the whole story...i don't blame the security guard one bit but if i were john mayer i would have done it myself, these photographers are insane, they're like a pool of starving paranas being thrown a piece of meat

2163 days ago


If you think paps are criminal stalkers, then you are an accessory by reading this site. Stop being such hypocrites and don't read any gossip publication.

The paps have a right to do their job. Celebs know what they're getting into and can't pick and choose what they like about celebrity. Every job has pluses and minuses.

Looks like the photog is being assaulted from the picture posted.

2163 days ago

the loser    

wow... i would of kicked his ass..... geee... John looking HOT as HELL

2163 days ago


Does this John Mayer person have any kind of career outside of going out to dinner every night at some celebtrash spot?

2163 days ago


As usual, I don't think we're getting the full story. Just before hegot tackled, the pap was talking trash and he kept provoking thesituation. Did you hear him repeatedly yelling "hit me"? Doesn'tsound like a guy defending himself to me. Kudos to the bodyguard. Maybe if Princess Diana had a guy like this, she would still be heretoday. I agree that if celebs *cough* Kanye *cough* simply don't wanttheir picture taken, they should find a new line of work, but whenpaps insult you, block your path, or otherwise provoke you to just toget a better photo op, they deserve just what this punk got. LOL, Ilove the usual after-the-fact tough guy act. Dude just threw you likea rag doll and you're still talking trash. (whiny voice) "No, I'm the wrong guy!" LOL, he'll just lawyer up at the first opportunity, gethis best bud or girlfriend to slap him around a bit, and show up incourt looking like he was hit by a freight train and suing Mayer.

2163 days ago


So what is 'provoking'? The photogs call them names, ask if they are going to do 'gay scenes together', continually ask them the same rumored questions, ask them very personal questions, refuse to get out of their way, harass them when they don't answer, etc.

TMZ you publish it all regardless and hope for even more 'views' when they do respond. If you believe there is a line, then draw it so everyone knows where it is.

2163 days ago


The problem is easy to spot...the photographer was not shooting ENOUGH pics of celebrity starved Mayer...the nerve of the pap to allow Mayer to stroll by him without clicking the shutter continuously was an insult to the overly inflated ego of our little tattooed warbler. Wait until Jen kicks him aside again...he will be back begging TMZ to allow him to get some attention. The "bodyguard" was incensed that his celeb was not being worshipped and needed to wallop the photog as a lesson to others
John will soon be back in his Borat bikini, displaying his shortcomings, to gain the attention of the press and the bodyguard will be on Dancing With the Stars.

2163 days ago


Wow, who do you rute for? I say neither. Both equally guilty. How ever big black bald guy should look for another job. John mayer... What a weenie ass biatch!

2163 days ago

Lulu B    

This is so dumb. These bodyguards are going to jail over a dumb celebrity? I mean seriously, did he think the pap would take the beating and not say anything? And of course the celeb wont go to jail or get charged. Well I hope it was worth it. Idiot.

2163 days ago

To see or not to see    

I'm not for violence but the rule is simple: if a bodyguard can grab you, you were too close. So next time you want to insult a guy, do it from a safe distance.
And what's so interesting in taking hundreds of photographs of John Mayer walking to a car ? We already saw it yesterday and today and will surely see it tomorrow....
Who would have thought that there is a market for this photocrap and that anybody can make a living out of it...

2162 days ago

Pretty Ricky    

Legally the bodyguard is out of line. Unless the photographer was about to hit the Mayer or in his face, he had no right to push or hit him. I worked at events and done secured escorts with celebrities, the photographers are there and something you have to recognize. A bodyguard can't stop someone from taking pictures from a public sidewalk. Police Officers can order you to move out of an area or down the street. It is like any other profession, you have professional bodyguards and you have untrained unprofessional ones.

2162 days ago


john this black girl loves u. i do love the paps too. once john dumps jen, he will still be super famous, he is talented. i'm sad that the pap got hit.

2162 days ago


The only "snap" that pap got, was the near-snapping of his neck.

2162 days ago
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