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Pipsqueak Sued by Personal Trainer

11/19/2008 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rod Stewart's son Sean -- who we think is 130 pounds soaking wet -- is being sued by his personal trainer.
Sean Stewart: Click to view!

Xavier Declie claims he trained Sean Stewart daily and hasn't been paid $3,857 for four months of work.

Take a look at Sean, and you'll understand why the suit was filed in Small Claims.


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2161 days ago


I thought this clown was in rehab cry"n about his daddy not being home when he was young. Well stpid if he was at home with your lazy ass you wouldn:t live the life you are living now; So stop cry:n on tv,

2161 days ago


Guys like this are the reason I got out of personal training. They hire trainers for 80 dollars a session, and then refuse to follow there diets, slack off in the gym and get no results. This guy appears to be a "skinny fat guy". He isn't alone. Him and Tom Brady should be teaching courses on how to get fat yet still maintain skinny arms and legs.

2161 days ago


I hope the case shows up on Judge Judy.

2161 days ago

Moan Ica    

T.J. - - do tell. What a high qualified individual you must be to have been a personal trainer. Please......... come out of the closet already. Why d you spend so much time looking at other men?

2161 days ago


Putting someone down because of their stature shows that you people are all so empty inside it is unbelievable. Keep thinking that this celebrity junk is meaningful. I know someday later on ,the empty petty nature of your souls will cause you intense pain and the feeling that your life was worthless., You guys are bottom feeders and the world is changing. People will no longer put up with you uneducated, bias and lowest commom denominator rationale. I have watched your show and the plastic people who make it.Time will catch up to you and one lonely night i hope someone takes time to be kind to you all and help heal your obviosly tortured souls. Time is running out for people like you guys. And only idiots belive your crap

2161 days ago


White people are beautiful, I was highly qualified and still am still qualified, although not highly, I have been working in law enforcement for the past 2 years instead of training, the money is half as good, but a enjoy it much more. I worked with athletes for years, and have always been critical of Tom Brady's fitness. I watch the NFL combine every year, and this is when his physique was first brought to my attention. At 215 lbs (at 6'4), he was probably in the 20-25% body fat range, which is unacceptable for an athlete, especially at combine time when these guys are in the best shape of there lives. I doubt his physique has improved since then, a guy his hieght should be in the 225-235 range as an athlete. Working in natural bodybuilding and being raised in the sport since both my parents competed, you spend the majority of your time critisizing physiques, including your own. The fact that I can ackowledge a high body fat%, or impressive lats, pecs, serratus, soleus, or VMO does not make me gay, it simply makes me a critic. Not once have I said "that dude looks hot". Because to be honest, I can't tell if a guy is good looking or not. I can however tell if a man or women has underdeveloped muscles, imbalanaces, or has a body fat% that is to high. If you look at my comments on this site, they are plastered on so many different topics, not just bodies. I can sincerely say that TMZ tv got me hooked to this god awful stupid site, and I doubt I will ever quit, it's addicting.

2160 days ago

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