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Rowdy Roddy Pipe Smoker

11/19/2008 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rowdy Roddy Piper is a huge fan of smokin' weed -- for medicinal purposes ... and we've got the bong-rippin', joint-puffin' footage to prove it.

Piper, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, was videotaped toking his brains out on stage during an August event called the Gathering of the Juggalos -- a meeting of Insane Clown Posse fanatics.

We didn't expect the former world class athlete to fess up to getting baked in public, but Piper -- never one to back down from anything -- fired out the following statement to TMZ, "I am not an advocate of using drugs, however due to the lack of appropriate medicine, this alternative treatment was recommended to alleviate the symptoms associated with cancer."


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The Hulkster    

thats the same way he used to kiss the "Little Hulkster" back in the day....

2129 days ago


If it helps him with the cancer keep right on smoking it should be legal anyway.

2129 days ago


Isn't marijuana legal in California where TMZ is produced? I just saw the promo for the TV show. The pudgy guy was like "Why would he do that" Why not? It's only weed, you telling me that surfer guy on TMZ doesn't toke up?

2129 days ago


Roddy is perhaps one of the most beloved pop cultural icons of my life. He is forever associated with moments of my childhood spent watching him on Piper's Pit - smashing a coconut over Jimmy Snuka's head, antagonizing Cyndi Lauper with Capt. Lou, beathing up jobbers, feuding with Adorable Adrian Adonis and the Hollywood back lot brawl with Golddust.. I dressed up as Piper for Halloween - once as a kid and once again for an 80's themed costume party.. I can explain the movie 'They Live' scene by scene. He's also an inspiration for anyone looking for a positive cancer survivor movie.

I'm not going to think any less of Piper for hitting a bong, smoking a spliff or however he wants to get his dose of cannabis. He should get the Silver Surfer Vaporizor like I just bought. It's less irritating on the lungs and throat. Shame on TMZ for digging up month old footage of Piper behaving badly (in your eyes) when he was so gracious and accomodating to your camera crews recently. I guess he's 'in' again. And his daughter is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Keep following her around with the cameras.

2129 days ago


That story is pretty much crap. He is not at the gather of the juggalos to smoke for medical purposes because believe me, thats the last thing from your mind there. (All people do there is smoke weed, and any other drug that is in a five mile radius- the entire time you are there.) It's really easy to make up a story like that when you have a medical condition. And that video shows that its not for Medical purpose. Good job piper you idiot.

2129 days ago


they where not even there to video tape it honestly there where worse things then that ,that was going on trust me i was there, and there is no mention of UPCHUCK the CLOWN who was on stage with Rodwdy Roddy Piper

2129 days ago
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