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After a Few Shots, Obama Felt Up for Grabs

11/20/2008 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Everything Barack Obama touches turns to sold -- including a bar-room pool table the president-elect played on last May.
Barack Obama: Click to view!
John Mawyer, the owner of Schultzie's Billiards in West Virginia, is 86ing the Obama pool table on Ebay. Starting price -- $500,000. Some of the proceeds will go to charity.

John told us Barack lost the game of 8-ball after accidentally hitting the little black ball in. Guess he can't win 'em all.


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deo2..he's failed as president already. Wow! Interesting being that he's not the president as of yet.

2162 days ago

Di from Chey    

RJ, I stand corrected. It just seems to me like he's taken over already. But, yes you are right....he’s not president yet. So I’ll just have a wait and see attitude

2162 days ago


It crazy how people can come to this forum and talk about how Obama is going to -f- the country up-but never say any thing about the person in charge of actually effing the country up.There a big differents between going to do something and actually doing it.So your saying that the republican party get's a free pass to -f- the country any time any way it wants. It so sad that 46% of the country is willing to let that happen.

To you racist white folks you know who you are.......HA..HA.HA....KILL YOURSELFS!!!!!!!OBAMA

2162 days ago

bite me    

Deo didnt say he has failed as president, read it again, they stated he failed in showing dignify for the office by conducting himself with dignity.

As for the "giving", lets not stand on symantics, my friend, they gave it, he took it. It truly is an obscene amount of money, but I guess he felt he needed to spend it all to win. It is still my opinion that it could have been used in other ways and would have been (in my opinion) better to have used it in other ways. I know you dont have to repeat yourself, it was for his campaign, but it would have been nice, and would have made him look good in the eyes of so many, well the many that don't feel that way about him anyways, Maybe contributed it to an education fund or a homeless shelter. (wow I just sounded liberal lol).
The economy sucks, we all agree on that and it wasn't just Bush, he did have help through the house and congress, there is good and bad in everyone. Now it is Obama's turn at bat, I am just hoping that he will show more restraint in spending, than he did on the campaign trail. After all he is still hawking his memoribilia on his website.

2162 days ago


You guys...these are just people trying to keep Obama in the lime-light this picture was taken last's not like he is out taking pictures kickin it with a couple of all need to stop it and get over all of this, Dave and the end of the day he is still our next president...he didn't buy his way into the white house we the people put him there. I don't understand what the big deal it because he is black? Clinton swept under the rug what Bush's greedy a@! totally screwed up...he can be black, blue, hell polk-a-dot for all I care as long as he runs this country. The bail-out? even if they bail the auto industry out the economy is still bad so nobody but the well off are going to be able to afford anything so what are they really doing? nothing...all of the auto industry ceo's showed up on their private jets asking for a bailout? come on, let's get serious....I have a serious solution to generating funds for our economy....legalize weed....there ya go!!!!! LOL!!!!!

2162 days ago


this notion that low income people do not pay taxes is obsurd. low income people buy the same things as middle/high income people do, not as much but they do pay taxes on what they buy just like anyone else. mr. O can get this economy moving in a quick hurry by allowing tax payers to deduct interest paid on credit cards, gasoline, auto loans etc. what america is missing is that income tax check each year that would allow people to look forward and be able to buy that new set of tires, repair the house, buy another car(maybe a new one) and take the family on a little outing, get a new piece of furniture for the house, get new clothes for the wife and kids. this is missing in america and it is just one of the reasons people are angry. they can't afford any extras yet they work their tail off. low/middle incomers should be able to file bankrupsy and get a new start. everyone needs a new start once or twice in life and should have that chance. bring deductions back to the people instead of letting credit card compamies rake in all the cash. economy will move and people will start looking forward to living again!

2162 days ago

A. Reichen    

I love OBAMA!

2162 days ago


BMK. I was buying what you were saying about people spending mone until you said take the family on a little outing. Stay home,don't burn any gas.Pitch a tent in the back yard and roast weiners.If I can do it,everyone else can.

2162 days ago


Hell,I stand corrected. I live in a tent since the bank took my house.Just kidding.I am not an Obama fan but I am pulling for him to get things straight. I am in the carpet mfg. business and our town in Ga. is all carpet. It is dead on it's ass.Layoffs by the 100s every week.PE Obama has his work cut out for him but I am praying for him.

2162 days ago


I am surprise that he lost that game...what happened he did not carry enough money to buy the game? oh, I forgot, he was saving it to buy the election isntead

2162 days ago


#16 Robin
People ARE upset with Bush regarding the $700B bailout. However, Obama's supposedly the "Golden Boy" who's going to save the country. Anybody with half a brain knows that giving the Auto Industry a bailout is outrageous .We're so screwed, again!

2162 days ago


Dave..I'm guessing you want me to say Bill Clinton. Can you answer my question now? Who said that they would hunt Bin Laden down and find the weapons of mass destruction? Hint: He's the worst president in the history of the United States.

2162 days ago

She is hot    

Wow,,,,the worst president of the USA ever!! Who has helped keep you safe for the past 7 years? Weapons of mass destruction were not found but how many people believed that they were there? Believe it or not the world is much better because Hussein and his sons are DEAD! How many people were wrong not just Bush. Remember Colin Powell before he turned his back. Who is directly responsible for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac ( Dodd, Clinton, Barney Frank all dems)? I will say that I did not agree with the bailout and alot of the spending that has gone on the past 8 years and recognize that repubs ran congress for 6 of those years but the Dems are if full control now so let us all sit back and see if they can do any better. Seems fair

2162 days ago

RJ are delusional if you think that you are safe now. News reports say Al Qaida is bigger and stronger than before. Who has kept me safe for the past 7 years? I'll have to say our faithful troops are doing there best and I honor their courage. Why do you think Colin Powell quit his job? Because he could no longer play in that circus of Bush's. I would definitely like to hear your take on how Colin Powell is responsible for the financial problems. Do tell...

2162 days ago

She is hot    

By no means am I blaming Colin Powell for the financial crisis. I was referring to his conference where he stated there were WMD's, he was "wrong" to. I personally believe that they were there but moved out to Pakistan. I believe I named Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, and Dodd for helping to bring about the disaster of Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac or is that the repubs fault also even though Bush and McCain were trying to regulate those companies 2 to 3 years ago but guess who stopped that? Dems! Just curious, where do you get your news reports? nbc, msnbc, cnn, fox do tell? The courageous soldiers out there are protecting this country and MANY more around the world. Bill Clinton never had a situation like 9/11 occur on his watch but if he had done his job he could have had Bin Laden, you have to agree with that.

2162 days ago
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