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Jen Protected but Still Skittish

11/20/2008 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Garner scored a permanent restraining order this morning against the man who has become a menace to her entire family -- judging from the video, it's obvious she's living in fear.

Jen Garner: Click to watch
Jen, who is pregnant with baby #2, exercised extreme caution yesterday -- and we're guessing it has something to do with Steven Burky, the man she says has been "stalking and harassing" her.


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Wow, that's gotta feel creepy, especially today. My heart goes out to her.

2161 days ago

bsb fan    

I'd be scared too... But I thought the guy was under 5150 and in the hospital?

2161 days ago


A restraining order is about as useful as a pro football contract.

2161 days ago

Daisy Puke    

i have been stalked for the past 5 years by an individual who is in the same line of work as me. he has threatned my life and made me fear for it. I have protective orders and convictions of violating protective orders that landed him in jail for 2 weeks, but he still sees fit to terrorize me. complete with car chases and on foot, sometimes with my child with me. I pray everyday that as more time goes by he will give up. I have the support of my community and family and law enforcement and am taking it day by day. The scary thing for all is that he is an ACTIVE REAL ESTATE agent that is entrusted with keys to peoples houses. No laws on the books that state Real Estate agents cant enter into your house just because they violate protective orders and terrorize women. Makes you think twice going into a house alone with just any real estate agent. Check with local law enforcement and see if anyone you do business with is this type of psyco!!

2161 days ago


No wonder she's scared. I would be too!

Jen's from our capitol city, Charleston, WV so we're very concerned back here for her and her family

Just want her to know that all of us back here at "home" are keeping her, Ben and her children and entire family in our thoughts and prayers

This nut needs to be locked up in some rubber room for life and I agree with the other poster about restraining orders.

Just look how many domestic violence victims alone are supposed to be "protected" by such orders much less when some psycho is stalking you and your family!

Jen, all of us back here in WV as well as all over the country and world I'm sure are keeping all of you in our thoughts, our hearts and prayers for your safety

2161 days ago


She will be living in fear until this sick bastard is dead. I've done extensive research on the psychosis of a stalker and they are not curable unless they are forcibly institutionalized and forced to take their medications. Other then that statistics prove that in extreme cases such as Paula Ab, they don't stop until one of them is deceased. The State does nothing to protect them other then grant them a silly piece of paper. Parole officers are no better then welfare recipients. They sit on their lazy ass's, collect a State paycheck and do nothing. Most detectives are insensitive or lack the psychological knowledge to help the victim. And a lot of law enforcement just doesn't give a damn until there is a media crew and a toe tag. Be safe Jen and annoy the police as much as you can to get the job done...also protect yourself and your family by any means possible...

2161 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Hey, I am all for TMZ getting the shots etc, but really, could you not give the girl a break! She is afraid, pregnant and a moma and her husband is in AFRICA...leave her alone!!! I can go without a picture of a freaked out Jennifer Garner...she should be happily perculating that baby along, not dealing with stalkers and pap smears!

2161 days ago


to "been there", wow! You too are in my thoughts & prayers. That's horrible and I'm very sorry that you've had to go through the same thing and are still going through it

AND that this creep is out there as you say, being trusted with peoples houses and keys and taking other potential buyers into houses!

This is a great warning to all of us and our daughters, sisters etc too. I have never thought about the fact that often we do trust so-called "professionals" including real estate people to show us property etc when they could be potential stalkers, rapists, killers, ANYTHING

You just don't know anymore. Can't trust anyone.

I hope that your stalker goes away SOON hon and pray that you'll be safe.

As a mom, I'm terrified for my own children and for all young women out there. So many high profile famous people are targeted but anymore any of us can be targeted by nuts

Good luck.

2161 days ago


TMZ, if you are so concerned then why dont u call your paps off her!?! Its having her picture all over the web that fuels these nuts!! Leave the nice stars alone. She's preg for petes sake..give her a break.

2161 days ago


I'll pray for Jennifer Garner and her family. May God protect and bless you all. This really sucks. She does not need this stress right now. She's in a fragile state. That guy needs to be locked away and put on some serious meds or some form of therapy. Keep your head up Ms. Garner. TMZ lay off her a bit with the pics. She stressed as it is. Give her some space. I know you all have a job to do but right now her baby is priority. I have never left a comment on this site before, but I feel really bad and concerned for her.

2161 days ago


I would leave the country very very far away, I mean she has money she can afford a move like that, dont take any chances, move out of the country, hide, protect your family and forget fame...

2161 days ago

Capt. Bone-a-Hoe    

Restraining Order + Toilet Paper + Headshots of "Gentle Ben" Affleck = I WIPE MY @SS WITH ALL 3

I ♥ Jen's bubble BUTT! bwhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

2161 days ago


Absolutley disgusting! Leave her alone!!!

2161 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Is it possible a whacko stalker can take out another?

just sayin'

2161 days ago


SOMEONE SHOULD BE WITH HER: Like a parent, in-law, aunt or uncle. She should not be
alone with her child at all! How did this WAC get so close to her? Glass is easily breakable.

2161 days ago
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