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Jen Protected but Still Skittish

11/20/2008 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Garner scored a permanent restraining order this morning against the man who has become a menace to her entire family -- judging from the video, it's obvious she's living in fear.

Jen Garner: Click to watch
Jen, who is pregnant with baby #2, exercised extreme caution yesterday -- and we're guessing it has something to do with Steven Burky, the man she says has been "stalking and harassing" her.


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Jennifer Bouldack    

#8 (NM) I totally, completely and utterly disagree with you. This is Jennifer's home. She should not be made to run for her life, leave her home country, her family and friends, because some nut case is stalking her. It makes no difference whatsoever if she can afford to leave. That is not the issue here. There is no reason she should have to leave. This is her home. This is where she is raising her children. You suggest she move to another country and hide. Why should she be forced to live a life of hiding, as you suggest, as if she has committed some crime. What does that teach her child?

What you are suggesting is wrong on so many levels.

1973 days ago

logan legend    

why doesn't she hire a bodyguard whenever she goes out?

1973 days ago


Maybe this sounds a bit naive, but WTF is her husband doing in Africa while this is going on?? Not like they need the money or that charitable acts can't wait until your family is safe, right?

1973 days ago


#8 that is a really horrible thought - that Jen and her family would have to move out of the country, away from their family, friends and jobs because of a nutjob. No, wrong approach.

TMZ, you couldn't suck more right now - YOU wrote the story yesterday about the hell Jen has gone though and you DARE to pay for and post video of her running scared now? I hope everyone involved with getting that footage and writing that story have bad things happen to them so they can feel as FRIGHTENED and desperate as Jen obviously felt while the jerkoff was shooting that shot. We did NOT need to see that and I am really upset that her fear is what I just saw. Actually I hope all involved with that video feel 10 times as frightened as Jen has felt. That is better than you all deserve.

1973 days ago

Daisy Puke    

Thank you to KATHY S. #14 from been there. Watching that video brings up all of the same feelings i have while being chased. Jen Garner will always be looking over her shoulder even after he is locked up. it becomes 2nd nature. I remember after i was notified by the police that my stalker was locked up, i caught myself still checking my rear view mirror for his car tailgating me. He was only in jail for two weeks, but at night going to sleep it was like being on vacation knowing he was locked up. I have been blessed that I have a great attorney and live in a small enough town that the local police do drive bys past my house and also keep tabs on his vehicles but there are no guarantees. The problem i had was that my State did not have any laws built in to revoke this guys license to sell real estate. some states are trying to tighten their laws but sooooooo slow going. I think about my oldest daughter who is looking to buy a house and i tell her dont go alone. You can be out in the country by yourself and this Real Estate Professional could be the guy who just chased me in his car on his way to show you a house.

AGAIN THANKS Kathy for your kind words and prayers. God Bless you and yours.

1973 days ago


jennifer:i shall pray a rosary tonight for you & your family....please get a concealed weapon permit & get handgun training.. this may help you to empower yourself.have you considered hiring someone to follow/trail this loser around?...hang in there & best wishes for you & your family....

1973 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

She's got a nice ass!

Seriously, stalkers are no laughing matter. She should hire a "professional" to take care of the "problem." Bodda boom, bodda bing. Its a beautiful thing. Forget about it.

1972 days ago
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