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Terminal Temper Tantrum

11/20/2008 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kingston may be an adorable specimen of good genes -- but not even Gwen Stefani and her seemingly perfect family can escape the Terrible Twos.

Looks like someone didn't like little Zuma Nesta gettin' all of mama's attention last night at LAX.


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Perhaps the paps were the ones making him cry?

2130 days ago



2130 days ago


Maybe if the paps and fans crowding that small child back off, He wouldn't be upset.

2130 days ago


This is so digusting. Your camera man should NEVER adress kingston. Iwould be enraged if you spoke to my children or took their picture. It's so digusting these people just hunting them down and taking pictures like she's not human.
You all have NO respect . Go take pictures of her when she's working.
I will never come to your disrespectful site again!

2130 days ago


They might be celebs but they are still people. They aren't perfect and their kids cry. How is this noteworthy?

2130 days ago

dont know    

This kid is SUCH a monster--I'm sick of hearing about him and looking at him. Same goes for ol' pale face (his mother).

2130 days ago

dont know    

Angela---when Gwen decided to go off and be a big star, she gave up her rights as a private figure--she's public. If she doesn't like it, she needs to get out of LA and do something else with her life. Since she dresses like a prostitute most of the time, maybe she could go that.

2130 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

These celebrity mommies need to keep their families at home and stop schlepping them all over the world. A Child needs to be at HOME> not growing up in a filthy hotel suite.

2130 days ago

blessed mama    

He is not having a tantrum TMZ, get it right. he is upset because of all the flashing lights from cameras and the photographer saying name. My two year old gets clingy and grips my hand when around strangers in a big crowd. So, leave the boy alone. Yes his mom is a huge star, but that doesn't mean she should leave her children behind. Perhaps they were visiting with grandpa, that is her dad with her! Leave the poor kid alone!!!!

2130 days ago


i am sure the paps didnt help the situation. and all those silly people getting in her face to get a picture of Gwen. She is just a person, a mother with two small children trying to get on a flight, i wonder how anyone would have handled that situation, i know my nerves would have been on edge. good for her for just moving forward and trying to carry on with her is just disgusting the way people are flashin cameras in her face like she is some sort of inanimate piece of art.

2130 days ago


You should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you upset a child. How dare you scare a child. You sicken me TMZ !

2130 days ago


That pisses me off....ever think that the paps and other crazies chasing them down were the reason poor Kingston was crying. Its one thing when you crowd an adult but not cool to do it to a poor child. These people should let them travel in peace and leave them the F alone. What are they suppose to do, not have a life because f'n idiots want leave them alone. Give me a break.....These people need to get a life!

2130 days ago


I have never understood why people are hassled by the media when they are exiting restaurants, walking through airports, taking their pets for a walk. This is not newsworthy and I really feel it's a total invasion of their privacy. Yes, I know when you make the big money.....but I just don't think it is necessary nor do I feel people really want to see this stuff.

2130 days ago


There is not a kid in this world that has not had a temper tantrum! The terrible twos is real! lol and I would act the same way as a kid especially if I always had cameras in my damn face and paps screaming all around me! I can only imagine how he feels! Pluse people are always tryin to make Brit look like a bad mom! People need to get a grip!

2130 days ago


TMZ, you guys suck! Why not back off a bit?? They we're just standing there. I would be pissed. Gwen is too nice...

2130 days ago
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