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Terminal Temper Tantrum

11/20/2008 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kingston may be an adorable specimen of good genes -- but not even Gwen Stefani and her seemingly perfect family can escape the Terrible Twos.

Looks like someone didn't like little Zuma Nesta gettin' all of mama's attention last night at LAX.


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My KIDS are CUTER than YOURS!!!!! lol    

Watching this video made me sick. It's one thing to pick on an adult that can defend themselves BUT this truly was picking on a child...Calling Kingston's name several times, speaking directly to him and TONS of flashes from flashbulbs? This child was NOT having a case of the terrible twos. He simply was confused , sad and scared and looking for his mother for help. There really should be a LAW against this type of harrassment of children. Disgusting of ALL of the photographers! Shame on you ALL!

2107 days ago


OK, yes it is extremely rude and ignorant to follow this woman with her two children, it is stressful enough to deal with this situation without a bunch of flashes going off in your face. BUT, what is with these Hollywood mothers and keeping their kids on bottles, pacifiers, etc., until they are like 5?? Just another way to shut them up so they won't embarass the famous parents!!

2107 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Darn, he should really quit acting like a two year old.

2107 days ago


Maybe the kid is wondering if his loser Dad has run out on him like he did his daughter from a previous relationship. I'm sick off seeing this little brat and his nobody parents. YOU'RE NOT FAMOUS ANY MORE YOU SAD WENCH!

What sort of a woman hooks up with a guy who would just drop out of his kid's life. Have a buck and go buy yourself some self respect Gwen.

Great news that you've spawned another one though. At least next time he runs out he will do it in a bigger and better fashion than before.

2107 days ago


OMG R u kidding me !!!!! This makes me soooo angry and from being one of Gwen's #1 Fans I would NEVER want her to be violated this way... I can't begin to say how Disturbing this is ... TMZ you disgust me you always pride yourself on not crossing any lines but you crossed one today.. and for her to have to juggle both children after getting off a long flight!!! OMG!! I can't believe it!! I mean ,I love to see footage of Gwen but not like this and not at the expense of her Children.. SHE's Human , and a mother...Not Cool so Not Cool in fact it's pretty

2107 days ago


I saw them at Cabo's airport last night and Gwen was very nice & approachable (hey, she took a picture with us), she looked beautiful and her babies were HAPPY!!! it was the paps that got Kingston upset and maybe also tired!!!!

2107 days ago


UM why in the world is she NOT comforting him? He is obviously scared of the paparazii (temper tantrum no) but not once in this 1 minute video did I see her say to nanny let me hold him or her give him reassuring words of hug or kiss him???!!! I dont know any mother, even a celeb mother w/ chaos around her., whose natural reaction wouldnt be to sooth their child???!!!

2107 days ago


This video DISGUSTED me!!!! I have a 2 yo and couldn't imagine her smiling through flashes continuously going off in her face and strangers crowding around her. I understand Gwen chose this lifestyle, but the paps have got to back off!!!! That creepy pap guy saying Kingston's name over and over...come on! There has got to be a line drawn somewhere. At least back off for the sake of the children. Gwen is all over the tabloids, so she's obviously out in public enough and seems to live a very public lifestyle! I think you paps can get your photo op another time. Leave the kids out of it!

2107 days ago


ditzy, why are you so bitter? did we get dropped or abandoned too? words like wench and spawned... are you personally hurt by gwen's actions? in reality you're the nobody here!!!

2107 days ago


children and women or men wth babies need to be off limits to paps!!! can you think for one freaking minute how hard it is to handle a toddler being a non celeb and then think about that same child being one of a celeb. for crying out loud!

2107 days ago


i think that is sick.. i know i watched it but only because it was there ..... i'd not ask for it.. leave them alone.. my God

2107 days ago


I expected to see him acting completely bratty, that was not the case he was reacting to your cameras in his face. as fare as gwen is concerned nomatter what her reaction was she knew that there would be some one out there judging her. there was no right move for her she was traped. you are truly discusting TMZ. however you must keep a job right.

2107 days ago


Do paps have no souls? This is a child, leave him alone, its all about respect and paps don't respect personal space.

2107 days ago


I think the kid was tired from a flight and was being carried by someone other than mamma and got overwhelmed. I think if people did this to me day in and day out in my personal life I would go bonkers.
She's selling music and clothes, not her family for you to gawk at.

2107 days ago


that child belongs in his bed AT HOME, not at airports and hotels, he can do that when he gets older, shame on gwen for dragging her kids everywhere. and wtf is wrong with people why do they gotta take a million pics freakin losers

2107 days ago
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