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Lara Flynn Boyle

11/20/2008 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Yesterday in Bel Air...


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Give that b*tch a sammitch. PLEASE!

2160 days ago


She makes me hurt to look at her.

I knew she was really really thin but this pic shows her legs look like bird legs and her arms like twigs!

She has such a beautiful face if only she could realize that her body is NOT beautiful this way, much less how unhealthy it is for her!

If anyone is anorexic it's her and she needs help and needs it soon!

She and others who think this is "beautiful" and that they have to be this ungodly thin to be in movies/tv are certainly giving the WRONG message to young girls and women who look up to them as their ideal

Sadly, it's also the entertainment industry who promotes this twisted thinking in so many cases...they instill the fear in these women that you can't be "fat" which means HEALTHY looking, that you can't age so many of them go get plastic surgery and try all kinds of junk that leaves them plastic and looking totally unlike themselves

What a very sad industry!

I also think it's sad that comments were made by TMZ (and others, not just you guys at TMZ) about photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini, saying how "fat" SHE is! People, Jennifer is NOT fat by any means and I'd much rather my daughter and other young women and girls would aspire to look like HER than Lara!

2160 days ago


I remember when she was a beautiful woman. What the hell happens to these gals out in Hollywood to turn them into anorexic/bullemic nutcases?

2160 days ago


What's even worse is how, when asked about her weight, she's going to make some claim that she doesn't diet, eats what she wants, and that thinness runs in her family. Truly sad.

2160 days ago


Her frail frame has caused constant back problems because her lips keep pulling her head forward. High center of gravity.

2160 days ago


I think she may have some sort of bowel disease and the need to be on prednazone to help with the symptoms. Hence the skinniness and the puffy face. I hope she gets well.

2160 days ago


Lara has always be scary skinny,but her face is swollen because 4 or 5 months ago she had some REALLY BAD Botox injections or restaylene or some crap like that and it disfigured her face. Now she is stuck with the mess and I'm sure it has messed her mind op, not to mention her career. How sad it is to see her like this. she was so pretty in the face before. Vanity can be a mean fellow to live with.

2160 days ago


Puffy Face = Kidney Problems. She's retaining fluids.
That could result from alcoholism, medications, Hep-C.
I hope she gets help, She was a beauty during the Twin Peaks days

2160 days ago

Carrying a grudge are you?    

i cant believe this poor woman. she needs help. poor thing. how sad. I wish her good health!

2160 days ago


That poor woman needs a cheeseburger and a side of thighs! :}

2160 days ago


That is DISGUISTING! That is NOT sexy, attractive, desireable, or healthy. She has got a SERIOUS problem. I'm sure she denies it, but NO ONE is naturally that bony. How does she even have the energy to walk? Her purse is bigger than she is.

2160 days ago


she used to be so pretty, she needs help

2160 days ago



2160 days ago


Don't comment just gives her (the weirdo) more attention for her sick addition. If she truly wanted help, she could get it. These comments probably make her day in some creepy way.

2160 days ago


This is so sad - she must have a serious eating disorder or perhaps illness. She looks like a walking skeleton and so unhealthy.

2160 days ago
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