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Dubya -- The Loneliest Guy in the World

11/20/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Bush was totally snubbed at the G20 summit -- or was he doing the snubbing?

Either way, as the Huffington Post points out, not a single world leader made an effort to shake his hand.

Bush still has 60 days, 5 hours and 12 minutes until he's out of office, not that anyone's counting.


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Mrs Butters    

I love watching Americans bicker as they slip into oblivion

2128 days ago


#11: He's not MY president. And as to your statement that no other president has had to deal with as much as he has? Are you aware of your country's history? Yep, no World Wars, no Revolutions, no Civil Wars...nope, just whatever it is you think Bush is dealing with - the mess he himself created. He made his bed.

2128 days ago


Ya know, I am not a bush supporter and never have been. I think the guy is a dufus in fact. This is sad though. Sure, Bush has messed up A LOT in his 2 terms. Sure, He made the rest of the world see americans as idiots but come on. The guy is on his way out, he is probably dealing with some major depression over what is being said about him and although he probably deserves it I think this is messed up. It actually makes me feel a little bad for him. He's already going down as the worst president in US history, why not let him be for a while.

2128 days ago


he has f*cked-up royally.

2128 days ago

Roxanne F.    

JC #3 your right! Be careful what you wish for people! A change is coming and its not going to be pretty. And #7 You Have It Backwards! The Idiots that put this travesty of an American in office will be sorry they cast their vote. The people of America are in for a big surprise, the media will give him a free ride as he destroys the free world as we know it. R.I.P January 20, 2009 the day America died.

2128 days ago


Pay attention to the news TMZ, He meet with each and everyone earlyer as they arrived, duh.

2128 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

Duh duh duh. Anti-Christ, duh. Jan. 20th duh. Retard, your guy lost. It happens in elections, life goes on. Now, if you seriously think that Obama can do a worse job than Bush (the most reviled presiedent in the history of this nation, yes more than Hoover by a longshot), then you are actually dumber than your posts portray you to be (and it would be quite a feat to top that portrayal). Get over it already. I'm sure some trainable will run for office on the GOP ticket in 2012 and you can have another Bush. Hopefully he'll talk all good and sech just like illiterate George. Duh duh duh duh duh. Oh, and I like the initials you chose. VERRRRRRRRRRY subtle. Moron. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. And you for you Bushies out there, when I said, "Hopefully he'll talk all good and sech..." I was making fun of how dumb Georgie is (that's not proper English; I'm sure you hadn't noticed). Can't wait to see how many Bushies call me a "looser".

2128 days ago

Mr. Seaver    

So #11 says to respect Bush because he is still OUR president, but then wastes no time bad-mouthing Obama already who has yet to start the job. Wow, that may be the quickest turnaround for a hypocritical statement I've seen or heard. Be fair to the failure and fraud Bush, but the hell with Obama...nice.

2128 days ago


Dude is going to be out of office in 60 days. Amen.

2128 days ago

Democrats are evil    

History will recognize him as one of our greatest Presidents. Democrats may despise him but that only confirms his actions were in the best interest of this country. As for other country's leaders, they are all political pawns in the game of power. May someone remember their names after they are dead. I will always be proud of the actions of President George W. Bush.

2128 days ago


I'm Canadian but I have to say that not shaking his hand is just plain rude!You don't have to agree with how he ran the country but he is a human being first and deserves to be treated as such.

2128 days ago


#19 thanks .you save me a lot of time huntink and pecking.

2128 days ago


He was the host of this summit and met each and every one of them earlier. This was just them getting organized for a group pic. Not news. Huffington Post is the most biased blog on the web.

2128 days ago


C'mon folks...this was a summit hosted at the White House by President Bush and his administration. If you look at earlier footage he individually met and shook hands with each foreign head of state that HE invited. You really think that these leaders who travled to America upon his invitation, spent the weekend at this summit, and maintain an amicable working relationship with the POTUS would not shake his hand? Please, don't allow yourself to be completely spoon-fed knowledge by cable news networks...any cable news it Fox or MSNBC.

2128 days ago


hahahaha...I love how awkward and out of place he looks dumb moron...can't wait unti January...then he can the F back to doing cocain and drinking...the only two things he might still be capable of. LOL...I LOVE the disrespect he gets from other world leader, LOL.

2128 days ago
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