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The Robot From "Lost in Space" Is Homeless

11/20/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bob MayThe robot from "Lost in Space" has lost his place!

Bob May, who played the robot from "Lost in Space", lost his home and everything in it during the recent fires in Southern California. A rep for the fixed-income actor says, "Along with his home, he lost all of his memorabilia and is now living with family to recover from this tragic event. He hopes to have all his fans thoughts and prayers while dealing with this unfortunate turn of events."

If only there was someone or something to warn him before the tragedy. Danger!


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damn ur dumb    

"He hopes to have all his fans thoughts and prayers while dealing with this unfortunate turn of events."

I hate to sound insensitive but he is not the only one to have ever lost a home. I mean , damn....i know he lost his memorabilia but he does still have his life. I "pray" that he had insurance. Since he is unharmed, that is all the "praying" I will be doing.

2165 days ago


Bob May, What wonderful memories you bring back. Lost in Space was my all time favorite show while growing up!
I have three (3) Brother's and one of them was named Willie. You can only imagine the fun we had with that name, combind with our last name Robinson!
Would you like to stay in Apple Valley, CA for a while, Big House and plenty of extra rooms? Let me know.
Roy Robinson

2165 days ago

Suck My Bronze.    

Oh dear!
The pain! The pain!

2165 days ago


Awww....this rich guy lost his home? I feel bad considering there are MILLIONS of People whos homes are being foreclosed on at this very moment. Thousands have already been kicked out and are living with friends or in their vehicles. He lost his memorabilia and parents kids lose their sense of stability and security. Yeah I feel bad.....real bad.

2165 days ago


Maybe Dr. Smith was the cause of all of this evil!!

2165 days ago


Roy I'm with you on this one. I too, adored Lost in Space as a child. One vivid memory I have, was when I had my tonsils out at about 5 or 6 years old and watching Lost in Space in the hospital and of course eating ice cream. I wish Bob the best and he and everyone affected are in my prayers.

2165 days ago


1 & 4:

You sicken me. May you find out what it's like to stand in his shoes.

2165 days ago


#4 He lost his home that he was PAYING for not loosing because he didn't pay his mortgage. He couldn't predict the fire would take his home unlike the millions of Americans who where too stupid to realize what kind of loan they where taking out and getting houses way out their means and KNEW someday they would have to pay for it. So cry me a river if you are loosing your house. Maybe you should have put down a down payment or bought a house that was reasonable for your income. And don't give me any crap about the lenders. Yes, they did some shady loans but people have free will and minds of their own and may should use them.Yet, I do feel for people who are loosing their homes due to loosing their job. That is unfortunate. I feel sorry for this guy. He couldn't do anything to prevent this.

2165 days ago


#4, I understand how you may feel, but as was noted, Bob May was taking care of his home, able to afford it, and paying his bills. He didn't ask for money he asked for prayers. Like it or not, there were many people who were entertained by him (yes, I was one) and do feel compassion. I also feel compassion for those people who are in foreclosure, but I've been out of work for over a year, looking for a job every day, and need to pay a mortgage. I still feel for Mr. May and will pray for him. You really sound bitter, hope you're not one of the folks who are foreclosing.

2165 days ago


Who cares? This guy is reaching for 'hand-outs' and would not spit on any of you if you were on fire. Sorry about your luck Bob.

2165 days ago


Bob is on a fixed income. HE HAD NO INSURANCE he could not afford it. So all of you that think he is rich are WRONG! This guy now has nothing. I work with Bob and feel bad for him. He was living a peaceful life and now lost everything. Just cause he was in a show a long long time ago does not mean he's rich. Far from it. They did not have residules back then so he makes NOTHING from lost in space. Most of you making posts here make more money than he does. COME ON PEOPLE, lets all grow-up. He's not asking for you to send him money just good thoughts.

2165 days ago


THAT DOES COMPUTE! Considering all the cast members never got residuals from the TV show like todays actor(PIGS) get.If he did,he probally would have owned a few more houses in the 1970's.

2165 days ago


Reality: 1. Guy lost his housey 2. he was in a series from the 60's and probably didn't make that much in the first place.
3. Probably burnt through that years ago and lives on SS, maybe a small pension.

2165 days ago


Maybe TMZ can atone for some of their lameness and start a fund for the guy..................crickets.

2165 days ago

San Francisco    

He hopes to have all his fans thoughts and prayers while dealing with this unfortunate turn of events.

2164 days ago
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