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Ashlee and Pete

Jungle Fever

11/21/2008 3:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ashleepete-1And their next child shall be named Queens Baloo.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz had their kid yesterday (well done, blah blah blah), but couldn't resist the temptation to give their new son a name that will make him either very cool or most likely deeply resentful for a long time. That is, Bronx Mowgli -– as in asphalt jungle and Jungle Book.

Everybody's healthy and happy, by the way.


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that kid is going to grow up gay for sure! either that or he'll be President...


Maybe Jessica will be a little smarter when it comes to naming her kids!
"JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!! LEARN FORM YOUR SISTER'S MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

2105 days ago


Barf! Now that is the worst name ever. Yuck.

2105 days ago


Is everyone forgetting about Jason Lee's son's name!? come on now Pilot Inspektor....i would rather be named Bronx Mowgli instead of that...or what about all of Frank Zappa's kids..MoonUnit/Dweezle. I love the name, and i love the jungle book they at lease picked a good character. Man, you guy's would have a field day with my kid's names they're all named after horror film actors and greek/norse mythology characters!

2105 days ago


I knew a wonderful racing greyhound named Mowgli. He was the sweetest, most gentle gentleman and when he came off the track, he was laid back and well adjusted. When it comes to house pets, the greyt greys are the best.

2105 days ago


How frickin stupid are these people. That name is worse than Zuma. Seriously they need to be smacked up side their heads.

2105 days ago


The named their kid so he could have the initials BMW!!!

2105 days ago


The only people who would name their child "Bronx" are 2 people who have never been there (going to the zoo or Riverdale doesn't count). Someone who will clearly never have to worry about money, racial descrimination or ... well anything really, is named after the nation's poorest Cong. district. Hell my prof. missed a class because he got mugged on his way to Fordham on morn. Anyone remember "Bronx" was the name of the dog on the cartoon Gargoyles? Idiots.

2105 days ago


If i see one more pink nipp?? pink P@##$ white whore christian pregnant b4 marriage then has a shot gun wedding I'm gonna scream. Bad enough tv is filled with milky,pastly pale flat ass white women now these whores can't keep there stinky pu$$ies closed gro$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! White trash at it'$ worst where is Papa jo can't control ur girls Vagina'$?

2104 days ago


Bronx is a good name, hopefully this kid will live up to the moniker and be tough and independent. It's surprising that the Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz name has stopped at Pete himself no fourth Pete. Pete was a gorgeous baby, Bronx will be a cutie too.

2104 days ago


Y is every 1 slamming them its a good name

2102 days ago


You people are so ****ing stupid. Who gives a **** what someone else names their child? You think this kids name is pathetic, well you're online commenting about SOMEONE ELSES life. How pathetic is that? Get a ****ing life. Wentz is way more intelligent and successful than any of you could comprehend. Its always funny to me when people do things that are WAY over other peoples heads, thats what has taken place here. You can't hate on **** this dude does when you're not even on his level.

1295 days ago


And people wonder why their kids get bullied.

431 days ago


more dumb*ss parents giving their kids stupid names.

359 days ago
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