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Eastwood Spawn

Crosses the Border Line

11/21/2008 6:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Asking a Spanish speaking valet at Mr. Chow if her car was stolen and taken to "México" ... probably ain't the most PC way to complain about the wait -- even if she is Clint Eastwood's daughter.

Allison Eastwood: Click to watch


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For people outside the LA area, it doesn'r sound like the most pc thing to say, but sadly a reality in the this area. We were advised by an insurance agrent when we bought a car recently that when cars arestolen in southern CA, that 9 times out of 10, they are shipped off to Mexico.

2128 days ago

Jenny pruski    

What a racist thing to say ,she's an actors daughter big whoop, hope he told her to have a nice day f--knn B--tch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2128 days ago


What a stupid bitch!!

2128 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

The Truth is the Truth.(9 out of 100 cars stolen in So. Cal are in Tijuana,Mexico).Since when to tell the truth is so insulting?.Them illegals better stay quiet.I've seen 2 mexican boys break the passenger of a Mercedes Benz to steal an attache case from it.If you want a part for your car any mark and model,go to Tj and you will find it.How these parts get there by stolen and dismanteled US cars.For all of you crying dumbs,I hope your car is stolen and you see in the next time you bo to Tj.There.

2128 days ago


I thought she mas a little more educated than that,

2128 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

I meant 9 out of 10,not 100.I wish it was 9 out of 100 but unfortunately is not.The reality is that Tj is a mecca for stolen cars.Get over people and realize the reality of life.Duh....

2128 days ago


Rather lippy. Can't be too talkative when you ride into Lago. Keep your plans inside your hat. Watchout Mexico if she heads down there with a chip on her shoulder. BANG! BANG! BANG!

2128 days ago


# 1 and # 4......true, 9-10 stolen cars may end up in mexico. Why do they end up in mexico?....because it is so close to LA and second, the chop shops in mexico are involved with law enforcement....

The problem is that mexicans are just not the only ones dumping stolen cars in mexico. Blacks, whites, asians and every other race is doing the same thing. These chop shops in mexico can give a crap who brings the cars in, they just pay out or exchange for drugs, and the deal is done....

My car was stolen by a white guy, who got caught just prior to the San Ysidro boarder....

Her comment is crap !...park your own car next time asshoile !

2128 days ago


#8 - her comment upholds what you said. She said "taken to Mexico" she didn't say Mexicans took it. And I didn't say Mexicans were guilty either, simply that the cars are shipped to Mexico. And as for the comment about valeting. Is that a crime? There are lots of places around LA where your only hope of parking is using a valet, you can't find on your own.

2128 days ago

Knock It Off    

It's always cool to steal a car and go to Mexico. Why not ride in class

2128 days ago



Lighten the f*#k up....

it was a joke.


2128 days ago


Wow, this isn't at all racist.

Seriously, white folks, relax.

Neither I, nor any other Hispanic person finds this racist, had she said Canada this would be a non-issue.

2128 days ago


if you ask an italian if he took the car to italy its a joke,
if you ask a hispanic if he took it to mexico it's racist

it's time to stop looking at things from a racial perspective

2128 days ago


People are just too sensitive.. My mom's car a Cadellac (sp) was stolen from Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, Ca. She eventually got it back AND IT WAS TAKEN TO MEXICO. All she got back was the body of the car. IT DOESN'T MEAN THE CAR WAS STOLEN BY HISPANICS; just that it was taken to a 'chop shop' in Mexico. I think TMZ owes Allison Eastwood an apology..

2127 days ago


Being the child of a celeb does not obligate her to only say things that are "PC." If TMZ doesn't like it, they can leave her alone the next time they see her out. Problem solved.

2127 days ago
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