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Refurbished Britney Unveiled

11/21/2008 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her hair, face, body and outfit looking the best they have in years -- YEARS!!! -- Britney Spears proved she may have actually exorcised all of her demons.

Papa Spears let the new and improved 26-year-old rehabilitated mother of two out of the house to attend a private, "beautiful fans only" screening of her new MTV documentary.

Ding dang! Looks like she really is back, y'all!


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Democrats are evil    

You people are so superficial. Just because a woman is pretty doesn't mean they are genuine. As far as I'm concerned, she is still a woman who shaved her head for what ever reason (drug testing) missed numerous court dates, lost custody of her children, is a reckless driver, and smokes like a chimney. And those are only the one's that the public are aware of. Good looks doesn't translate into a good person. Character is how someone acts when no one is looking. I'd rather have an average looking woman who is beautiful on the inside than a beautiful looking woman that is a psycho Biatch. AKA Britney Spears.

2100 days ago


Who the hell is this? Who stole out Brit and put a fake body and face in her place? weird

2100 days ago


It's too bad that she became such a slut for a while. If she is finally stable, then maybe somebody will look past the last few years, and she can be happy.

2100 days ago


you go, britney! kick ass like you used to back in the day! ******

2100 days ago


Looks more like Derrick Berry to me...

2100 days ago


told ya so

2100 days ago


She looks like a haggard mommy that I am sure no one wants to see bouncing around the stage. Her sex appeal is gone/
Give it up and go raise your poor neglected children

2100 days ago


she's the same hillbilly that flashed her cooch last year, any one remember that? Doesn't any one else think it's pretty sad that she's a 26 year old "woman" and she pretty much has to ask her dad if she can wipe her own ass. It's so retarded that people out there are cheering her on. She has enough money to buy her own effen island, so why doesn't she just f off?!

2100 days ago

Jordan Mykal    

First of all, all you stupid damned haters, and your nasty comments......ur on here, on a BRITNEY thread, bitching about her. I say that speaks ALOT more about your intelligence, than it does anything about her. Secondly....if Britney wants to smoke, that's her damned business. WTH? You think there are NO stars in hollywood that smoke? GET REAL. Next up. Any man who says that he would NOT jump on that is GAY. Also, to those who want to trash this poor girl, let's look at the evidence. The girl was a mess. I'm a fan, and i admit she was a mess. However, she got with it, and she go the help she needed. She loves her children VERY much, and now it shows. This girl has always been a smart girl, and just because she had a bit of a breakdown does not change that. Not sure if you realize this, but about 76 percent of americans suffer SOME form of mental illness, wether it be bipolar disorder, depression, or any other problem. So judge not lest ye be judged.

The reason half of you "didn't recognize her' is because she's stepped up her game.

And to all of those saying "she should dress like a 'mom'" Get over it. You want to see her in a damned floor length skirt, and a flower print blowse? GET OVER IT....She's not some school teacher. She's a POP star,

And finally, I'm a gay man, and I'D jump on that. She'd convert me in a damned heart beat. So there, you dumbasses. To her true fans, keep strong for her, keep supporting her. She's doing us all proud, and she's proving that those haters don't have a leg to stand on.

2100 days ago


I was at the event. she did look fantastic. How ever she did have a attitude problem. She walked out three times. She let everyone in the studio know Britney was pissed by walking out before the enterview was done. im courious to see how it comes out being she was not talkitve at all gave alot on one word answers , chewed gum during the whole enterview and could not leave her hands alone. also the fact she wasn't there to end the show. i wish her well but she did upset everyone there when she got up and left not thanking her fans once.

2100 days ago


Gee Britney, Im sure your kids think you are they watch you from afar. I guess looks are more important that raising the 2 children u brought into this world. As long as u look good...u must be 'back'. I think not. Brit is and will always be a disgusting example of white trash at its worst. Stop giving this low life so much attention. She cant even sing. She has no talent except shaking her t & a. No better than a stripper. least some strippers are actually raising their own kids. Ya, wtg brit and stupid Brit fans.

2099 days ago


Is this truly how shallow Americans are..only praise someone because they look good? What happened to character? No wonder u all are so messed up with poor values. Look at your role models. Mental illness is no excuse for no morality.

2099 days ago


I have to agree about Britney. I just don't get her rabid fan base. I am unable to listen to any of her songs all the way through, and that's after they've been given the workover by studio wizards. It would be interesting to hear her try to sing live, but that isn't going to happen. I may be old-school, but in my book that doesn't count as music. So, the fans say that they appreciate her as a performer. Her performances look pretty much like soft porn to me.
If she indeed has bi-polar disease, I'll excuse some of her most erratic behavior, but I've never really seen her make a morally correct choice. Due to her early and continued success, she also has a strong sense of entitlement and and appears to be enormously self centered.
If this is a person you want to worship, go ahead, but I'll look elsewhere, thank you.

2099 days ago


now if she could only figure out how to do the most important thing in the world...BE A GOOD MOTHER!!!!

2099 days ago


You morons! That isn't Britney!

2099 days ago
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