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Rosie Mercilessly Mocks Babwa

11/21/2008 3:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Children, children.

Rosie O'Donnell just wouldn't let up on Barbara Walters and "The View" yesterday afternoon and late last night, mocking her right into the camera on Conan O'Brien's show. Babs had excoriated Rosie yesterday for "dumping" on "The View" for purposes of pimping out her new show.

Then last night, Rosie went ahead and slammed Barbara ... without mentioning her name, of course.

Your serve, Ms. Walters.


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Average Housewife    

Seriously though...what's up with the pic of her face???

2165 days ago


Rosie MOVE ON...this is insane. You'd think you had nothing better to do. Oh wait maybe you don't you whack job!

2165 days ago


Bitter angry lesbians. Gets really tired and cliche. Sucks that Rosie uses the media to spread her unhappiness. Everything Donald said about Rosie is true. Sad but true.

2165 days ago


Guess Who Slipped off her meds?

2165 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey #17 deezeey & # 28 mellissa
deezeey your list is excellent...however...i agree with melissa...there's just to many annoying clebs that need to fade away...
so let's make it the top inductee ...madge !!!

2165 days ago


I wish someone would harpoon this fat whale. She only lives to bully people that dont agree with her and share her views. How does her "wife" and kids put up with her? I agree with donbear who said that ever since she came out that she has become and even bigger loudmouth. I wish this loudmouth b*tch would overdose on Lil Debbie snack cakes.

2165 days ago

Guess Who?    

Rosie needs to grow up. Isn't she a grown man with kids? What a losuy role model.

2165 days ago


Oh Rosie, for heavens sake GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY! Who the hell cares what your opinion is, you just can't stand not being in the news can you?? Lay off Barbara, she's an old lady. Is sh annoying? Yes, but she's earned her place in the media spotlight where you certainly have not. One stupid-ass talk show does not make you a star. Go back to the standup, where you USED to be funny. If not JUST GO AWAY!

2165 days ago


Just Crazy, you are right on! What a lousy role model for her kids she is with her trash talk and making fun of a media icon. I'm not a big Babs fan, but the woman has had a long career and was right up front, breaking the 'old boys' club in television news, for women. Rosie, shut the f up and sit down!

2165 days ago


Rosie isn't human,a buzzard sh*t on a rock and the sun hatched her.

2165 days ago


i think she looks much better in this picture

2165 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

One poster stated the gay community hates her sorry azz. Bless you gays and lesbians for not supporting her pathetic self.

And hey, what the hell, her last show tanked and so will this one. GO AWAY leeeeezzz.

I hope she visits this site often.............................

2165 days ago


Hey Rosie O'Donut why don't you do everyone a favor and go buy a gas can, fill it full of gas, pour it all over yourself and light a match you fat loudmouth pig. While your at it get one for that other annoying loudmouth c**t Whoopi!!!

2165 days ago


She over steps her boundries all the time. Since she is a celeberty, she is able to freely make her comments to the media !.She has worn out her welcome with many, many people. She can dish it out, but surely can't take it.

I don't care if she is straight, gay, or crocked, she needs to act like a responsible person, when it comes to her comments. Have you ever noticed that it is " always someone else " who rocks the boat, never her !!!!

Her show will never make it. Times have changed and what producer would enjoy working with her,,,,!

2165 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

Barbara is a liar, and she's been caught in her lies several times live on her own tv program. Typical of the phony hypocrite that Barbara is, on yesterday's show she said that women who had been on the show in the past and were disgruntled needed to move on.

This from a woman who is still griping loudly and often about the supposedly poor treatment she received when attempting to co-anchor the news in the 1970's? Not only will she whine about it at the drop of a hat, she has also profitted from writing about it in her trashy tell-all book, where she also detailed her sordid affairs for the world.

In Barbara's narcissistic world, only she can complain and kvetch for 30+ years. Others, who have been slighted and mistreated by her (and I have heard that there are many) must "get over it" immediately.

2165 days ago
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