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Ashley Dupre Opens Up ... On 20/20

11/22/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley Dupre -- who actually makes Paris Hilton look virginal, took to the airwaves last night to yap about that little Gov. Eliot Spitzer escort controversy.

Dupre claims she doesn't feel responsible for Spitzer's downfall saying, "If it wasn't me, it would have been someone else. I was doing my job. I don't feel that I brought him down." In one meeting alone Dupre racked in a whopping $4,300 from Spitzer.

Dupre claims she is done with her sellin' her bod and just wants to move on. Good luck with that.


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Hey she might be a wh0re but she's right. It's not HER fault that men are so willing to pay for sex with women like her.
He obviously knew what he wanted, was willing to pay for it, and had it not been here, he'd have found another wh0re. Plain and simple. leave the girl alone. Why are prostitutes always the ones burned at the stake when desperate men continue to keep them in business?

2164 days ago


WHATEVER!!!! This is the same chick who was just caught cheating with the married, wealthy TJ Earle just months ago. This after she was soooo "sorry" for the pain she saw in Silda's eyes. Yeah right! Earle and his wife were family friends. His wife often went to the gym with Ashley's mother. Obviously, she got over the thought of pain in the eyes of the wives.

I'm sure she was just doing her job with TJ as well.

I'm sure she's still open for business to the next wallet that comes along.

2164 days ago


@ #1....She is what she is! I'm certain everyone was happy to let her go along on her merry little way without a second thought. I think what's annoying to people is her "Woe is innocent little ol' me" act.

Just say you're a young girl who likes sex and the money that you make from having it. Don't try to make yourself out to be a perfect little innocent angel when clearly you are not.

2164 days ago


When they asked her what she thought about his wife, she was like "i felt her pain, i saw the pain on her face" something like that, what a slut... she didnt feel no pain for his wife when she was sucking his penis. Whore! Can you imagine being 22 and let some old fart to F*** you? Disgusting... selling yourself in that way. No class slut. Get a real job...

2164 days ago

Greg's Wifey    

If it wasn't her, it would have been another hooker.....yeah she's a slut, one of hundreds of thousands? She's probably happy she got famous from it.

It's not her fault his career is ruined.

He's a dog, she's a pig.

Send them back to the farm.

2164 days ago

Greg's Wifey    

Oh yeah, and what the **** did she DO for $4,200? That's one expensive trick! Did she turn her butthole inside out or something? Good googly moogly! You could feed a lot of starving families for $4,200!

2164 days ago


Bravo #6 they should BOTH be held responsible. I don't condone hookers, but like i said before, its not womens fault that they are in such high demand. There is fault on both sides but if men didn't want hookers, they wouldn't be in business. So who is worse, the woman who offers to sell her body, or the man who's willing to pay to cheat on his wife with her? Hmm

2164 days ago


the sad thing is, 20/20 came off looking like the Enquirer-this isn't news, and Diane Sawyer's interview was a huge YAWN!!! Did Ashley Dupre say anything interesting, or was it the same old blah, blah, blah? Yes, she does take responsibility for her actions in a sort of poor-little-me way, and she's only kinda sorta willing to admit that she was a prostitute, but that interview was a waste of time. Boring, nothing new that the other news outlets hadn't already exposed. Let's interview the cheating dog Eliott Spitzer-what was going on in his head (his big one!) while he was having sex with prostitutes (oops! escorts). Did he give any thought to his wife and family? How did HE prepare for dates with strangers-special music or routines?

2163 days ago


She IS talented!! She can cry out of one eye only people!!! The other eye was as dry as the interview.

2163 days ago


This woman has no talents, and should be referred to head lines as "Hoe is coming to the air waves with 20/20" Stop wasting the space on the internet for this garbage. She has never changed and will never change. Look at the video from Girls Gone Wild, even in the much younger days. Diane Sawyer must be running out of things to do.

2163 days ago


#8. Smashley - I don't see how they are both being held responsible. He lost his job and all she has "suffered" is gossip. So as she makes the media rounds to suck a career out of this, who is the scapegoat you're complaining about? Spitzer did what he did and paid, she did what she did and is getting paid. Seems pretty one-sided to me. And you're right, there is fault on both sides. it's not women's fault for being in demand, it's an individual woman's fault for spreading her legs. And why ask who is worse? One load of crap doesn't justify the next.

So tell me, How did this woman "take the fall"? I Don't really understand your complaint.

2163 days ago


#4 DFDFG-Old Fart Joke >My nookie days are over.My pilot light is out.What used to be my sex appeal is now my water spout.Time was when ,on its own accord from my trousers it would spring but now iv'e got a full-time job to find the blasted thing.It used to be embarrassing the way it would behave for single morning it would stand and watch me shave.Now as old age approaches it sure gives me the blues to see it hang it's little head and watch me tie my shoes.

2163 days ago



2163 days ago


With just about all of our public officials of BOTH sexes, hiring prostitutes - exactly why is this practice still illegal in the US? Do as I say not as I do? When I lived in D.C I lost count of how many times I saw a public official with someone who definitely wasn't their wife.

Not to mention how much tax money would be generated by making the world's oldest profession legal, this just seems like a no-brainer.

For a free country we seem to be adding more, and more restrictions to our freedom.

2163 days ago


she's a whore..she's a pig..kudos to her step-dad for treating her the way he did, for disrespecting the family he helped build. oh & the tears..COME ON WHORE REALLY??? should we feel sorry for you?? how funny was it when she had a hard time picking between a escort & a prostitute.. Let me help're a WHORE!!!

2163 days ago
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