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Ashley Dupre Opens Up ... On 20/20

11/22/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley Dupre -- who actually makes Paris Hilton look virginal, took to the airwaves last night to yap about that little Gov. Eliot Spitzer escort controversy.

Dupre claims she doesn't feel responsible for Spitzer's downfall saying, "If it wasn't me, it would have been someone else. I was doing my job. I don't feel that I brought him down." In one meeting alone Dupre racked in a whopping $4,300 from Spitzer.

Dupre claims she is done with her sellin' her bod and just wants to move on. Good luck with that.


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Is it just me, or is the media making a celebrity out of a prostitute? Why isn't this over? Why are people still interested in her? She screwed men for money! I bet if you took a poll, you'd find that very few people CARE what happens to this person and would rather she revert back to obscurity. If this person actually scores a music career, our society is sicker than I ever thought. What ever happened to consequences for immoral behavior?

2130 days ago


The whole concept of prostitution being illegal is a joke. Legalize it, control it, tax the hell out of it and use the revenue to limit it to 18 years and up. IF this was done then it becomes a victimless crime. Nevada hasn't falen apart and burned after legalizing prostitution.

Where is the line for prostitution? What about Anna Nicole Smith marrying Howard Marshall? What about all the family arranged marriages that still go on in many cultures and parts of the world? As for the Spitzer’s of the world, the vast majority of them are paying for something that they aren’t getting at home.

2130 days ago


Put a blond wig on her and she looks like Elizabitch Hasselbeck!

2130 days ago


When the scandal first broke, the media boasted about how spectacular looking she was. The way they made it sound, I thought she was better looking than Marylyn Monroe. Obviously, she does not look like Marylyn. She looks like Lou Diamond Phillips in drag. She is a skank.

2130 days ago


Once a whore, always a whore...

Leopards can't change their spots....and whores are always whores....

2130 days ago


#19 Anymouse

Not even San Francisco, the land of fruits and nuts, could get that passed. As a percentage of the population, prostitution isn't as big as you imply. The no-brainer is you don't organize the country or it's laws around it's weakest citizens.

2130 days ago


SMASHLEY, the men will come out and say as much. Spitzer apologized and admitted his wrongdoing. When the man is caught with his pants down, he'll say, "WHOA!!! I'M SORRY! I WAS WRONG!"

He doesn't talk about what a victim he was of a loveless marriage, his upbringing or anything else.

THAT, my dear, is the difference.

2130 days ago


She'll go back to selling her body once she's finished with selling her mouth.

2130 days ago


Oh yeah: Someone made a great point: To be 22 and have to have sex with whoever's willing to pay? GROSS!!! Any fat, greasy, sleazy, hairy penis willing to pay $1,000/hour can have sex with you--sight unseen (on the girl's part). How sad. There's NO WAY!!

At 22 I was highly in demand--and VERY SELECTIVE. A date with me was a REAL HONOR. (And that's just to get me to have dinner with you.) I am SO GLAD I was in a position to be selective and not feel the need to spread my leg for any old, slobbering, toothless man for half the money he paid an agency to pimp me out.

2130 days ago


With the economy so bad they said many girls/ladies/older woman as well are applying for work at the Las Vegas brothels to be prosititutes they cannot find jobs. She should just go there and be done with it-----Some guy will fall madly in love with her and she will marry one day and live a normal life. I also feel he is just as responsible as she said if it hadn't been her if would have been someone else. If she were in Nevada if wouldn't have been such a deal. It is the oldest professionin in the world.

2130 days ago


**#25 karen..a 1 legged whore was in high demand, a real honor??? what city did you work in?? did they pay full price?

2130 days ago


since ashley doesn't know the difference i'll explain the terms escort and prostitute.

escort... someone who you pay to attend a social event with you.

prostitute... someone you pay for sex and hope you don't get a social disease from.

2130 days ago


Her only 15 minutes of fame came while laying on her back
How does it feel to be a whore and thats all your know for

2130 days ago


Well Did you see how ugly Spitzer's wife is..PUKE

I would of cheated with Ashley too.

Blame yourself you ugly woman when men cheat. If you were good enough to start with we wouldn't cheat in the first place.

And seeing all of these married people walk around public, and noticing how overweight and ugly the wifes are I encourage the MEN to go out and find another "Ashley" because how can the men be happy with what they got...LOL

2130 days ago


Oh yeah to #25 Karen

So its a prize to of gone to dinner with you at 22..hahaha Im sure all of those high standards landed you the man of your dreams..LMAO And Im sure you are slim and great looking...NOT...ewww

Karen = When fat people have

2130 days ago
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