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Linda Wants Professional Seaman

11/22/2008 12:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Recession or not, it's extremely hard to balance a budget on $40,000 a month. That's why Linda Hogan needs more. Oh did we mention -- she wants Hulk to foot the bill for her 19-year-old boyfriend's nautical tuition?
Linda Hogan and Hulk Hogan
Charley Hill wants to go to sea school, and Linda wants Hulk to pay for what could be the next Captain & Tennille. Getting back to why $40,000 isn't enough, Linda blew $14 grand at a Bev Hills Doctor's office this week. Hulk says it's for cosmetic surgery.

It may cost him a bundle, but we're thinkin' that divorce is the best move of Hulk's life.


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#8 metropony, It is not universal that Hefner is admired for this, and many men find it wrong. It seems on the surface Hefner is admired by a majority of men, but it's a minority (generally those who confuse Michelob commercials with real life) that are just more vocal about it and it makes more titillating news. This is where feminism made a huge mistake. It took the worst traits of the worst males and copied them in the name of equality. That actually played into the hands of men because like the hippy movement, it made sex easier and cheaper and less obligatory. Ultimately, no one feels particularly good about it. Look at their faces.

2161 days ago


That woman is an idiot. She acts like some spoiled adolecent. WHY should Hulk pay for that kids sea school?? He has no obligation to him. LInda is pushing 50, has no minor children to take of, she needs to get a job. I hope the judge who presides over their divorce will determine that skank needs to take of /support herself.
Linda has made a mockery of all women. She has no shame, she's uncouth, and narcisstic in my opinion. What a waste of space.

2161 days ago


I find it very funny that Linda not only wants half of the estate but also is looking for alimony payments as well. She's made it very obvious that she will burn through whatever money she receives from Hogan. I give it less than five years and she will be broke, it's that simple. While I don't wish bad things upon people she's a perfect example of somebody who has the world by the nuts but still can't see the forest through the trees. Hope you enjoy standing in the unemployment line Linda because we all know it's only a matter of time before you're standing there with Brooke another example of somebody who doesn't know what work is.

2161 days ago


Linda thinks she is a cougar more like a child abuser!!

2161 days ago


Nautical school! Is this a joke? This incompetent butt-wipe has to go to school to fulfill his dream of becoming an ass-pirate?

2161 days ago

damn ur dumb    

What could a woman in her mid 40s possibly have in common with a 19 year old???? There is only 2 years separating her being classified as a pedophile....too close if you ask me.

2161 days ago


How can Madonna get a divorce so quickly and yet these stupid people can drag it out forever.

2161 days ago

Roger Moore    

Charlie truly has a "Cash Cow"

2161 days ago

Foreclosed bankrupt working stiff    

There are millions of people in this country who DO NOT make $40,000.00 a year, I am one of them. She needs a severe does of REALITY and I mean more than her son basically killing his so called best friend.
Get a real live, your an old haggggggg.

2161 days ago

blue pen    

What the heck is she spending it on? It makes me ill when I read stuff like this knowing that just one months payment going to this jack ass could solve a major health issue in another country.

2161 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

My mom is a gold digging tramp that showed me how to race a car,my daddy want to have sex with my sister,my mom is having sex with a kid, what should I do? I was racing my car and wecked,my best freind is a veggie and i could give a dam.I need help.My sister should pose for Playboy so I could see her naked.That would thrill me and my dad,we could jerk-off with each other for family time.I hope when Mike Vick gets out of jail we can be best freinds,maybe he could have sex with my mom and sister

2161 days ago


when you look up gold digger in the dictionary it is a huge picture of this hoe....... her hillbillie ass is make me sick ..most women wish that they had a husband that would at least pay the alimony on time and this b***h is acting like.............................. screw this prick hulk and move to south america so you don't have to pay this mess

2161 days ago


It's amazes me that Charlie the kid Tuna can keep his pecker up long enough to have sex with Linda the old hag, sperm depository, whale of a fat pig, bottom feeding trash bag ho!

2161 days ago


What makes this trashy b*tch think that Hulk should pay for this kid to go to sea school?

2161 days ago


#25 Nick Bollea. That was funny!

Linda Hogan is white trash that seems to think she is entitled to a fortune that she in essence did nothing to earn for herself.

2161 days ago
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