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Brit Gets 2 Tickets -- 1 from Cops, 1 to Germany

11/24/2008 9:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has finally flown the coop -- but not before getting slapped on the wrist by the long arm of the law.
Britney Spears: Click to view!
Cameras caught Brit and her all-powerful papa Jamie catching a plane out of LAX earlier today. But before she got to the gate, parking enforcement dropped a ticket on her Escalade after her driver dropped it in a no-parking zone.

Word is she hopped a plane to Germany -- we're trying to confirm.

UPDATE: Break out the bratwurst. Brit IS on her way to Germany. Under the supervision of her daddy, Brit will hit several cities to promote her new album.


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What goes around will come around, Harvey    

31. she is pethiic. i mean a complete loser. her father is wasting his time ,this woman will not change. No one can chage her but God. i feel for those little boys that she pop out to abondon. She should be ban from having kids or getting marry. Those kids are the least of her concern ,they are seen to her as little mistake form the past. She cares more about her stupid career, men, clubs than spending time with her children,

Posted at 1:03AM on Nov 25th 2008 by Stay in Europe

Sadly, this is true for thousands, if not millions of American girls that are part of Britney's generation. They grew up spoiled and massively materialistic, and they feel entitled to all their narcissistic pleasures. The ones who have children treat them like cute little toys, and then they relegate their care to nannies and grandparents while they hang out and party. They wheedle and manipulate their own parents for financial support so they can continue to live their spoiled lives, avoiding as much responsibility as they can.

Britney just happens to be one of these girls who hit it big when she was young, so her spoiled nature and lack of responsibility is even greater than that of most of her peers. And it's all the worse for her because she is of low intelligence and has serious mental problems.

The reason for why Britney is so popular with her generation is because she embodies the spoiled, selfish, manipulative, materialistic, narcissistic dreams that her peers are struggling to realize in their day-to-day lives.

2124 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

19. # 17. that video is fake as *uck

You can tell somebody muted the audio & replaced it w/ anothers vocals.

Nice try, jack*ss

Britney has always been and still is a great vocalist, and if that's too much for you to handle, then don't listen to her.

Posted at 11:42PM on Nov 24th 2008 by Nice try
Nope! That's her REAL Voice and it SUCKS!!! What they do is leave the mic on, but only the engineers have to suffer through it while the track of the computerized voice plays its' deception. When the 'song' ends, her real voice is there so she can talk to the audience or make whatever lame comment. This is no secret and is a well known tactic that has used by her for a very long, long time! Oh, I'm sure you will doubt this as most fans do, but it is the truth and if you can't take it Too Bad!

2124 days ago


Why in the world do Britney fans put this chick on a pedestal? Her brain is FRIED because she was a REGULAR ECSTASY ABUSER! Get it? She is/was a DRUG ADDICT.

I won't bore you with all the details, but those who are regular abusers of the drug Ecstasy end up killing their brain cells which affects not only her memory but her entire personality and other vital functions of the brain. And the damage is IRREVERSIBLE.

Don't you all GET it? Your continual rah-rahing for Britney Spears is only doing her HARM. All this fame and fortune is what sent her to the loony bin in the first place, and yet all you who claim to "LOVE" and adore her ass are just exacerbating the problem all over again!

Don't you see what's happening?

Years of being told to hide her true accent, dye her hair blonde, cake on the makeup, create this "image" for the public....ALL FAKE! She was NEVER able to be herself, and it DROVE HER CRAZY! Can you image constantly being told that you're not good enough & you need to be something else?? And you're ALL doing it to her AGAIN. Remember she used to cry all the time that the paps were constantly invading her space. She finally just gave in to it, went crazy and actually started to hang out with them and SLEEP with them.

You crazy fans should all be ashamed of yourselves. Go love on Miley Cyrus and LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

2124 days ago


Hey, "Nice Try,"

That video of britney's voice is real. Where the hell have you been? This has been around for quite a while, and it's true.

Any real fan can tell it is her, and they accept it.

Any delusional fan will refuse to believe it is her, and that's just downright crazy (just like Britney).

She cannot sing. Deal with it.

2124 days ago


You know, I just watched the video (didn't watch it before posting my previous comment). That is totally insane the police are NOT doing their jobs controlling the idiot Paps. I'll bet ya $10.00 that the reason her driver got a ticket was because all of the Paps were parked in the legal loading zones and there was no place for Brittany's driver to park so that she could unload. And then TMZ has the balls to do a character assignation on her and sent their stupid Paps to stalk and harass her every single move she makes. Finally, I've never been a fan of B's - she's made many not-so-wise choices as everyone knows - but to watch this madness is just pathetic and I feel utterly and completely sorry for her. What a shame that she will never be allowed to live even a semblance of any kind of normal life. I'd hate to think what she must face to parent her 2 boys with that kind of insanity following her around every second. What a sad sad story and TMZ and all the rest of the Paps should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for their conduct.

2124 days ago

Semper Fi    

As her so called fans would put it.."leave Brit alone. She is trying to make a comeback and she's doing better and why can't everybody forget about her past and she cares deeply about her children".

Does that about sum it up you boneheads?

2124 days ago

Dr. Adams    

ATTENTION, TMZ READER"S: At 3;00pm this morning, it was reported that " Britney Spears " had a huge pimple on the left cheek of her enormous azz, we here at TMZ will keep you, "THE PUBLIC" aware !!!

2124 days ago


rumours say that she will be performing at the Bambi awards in germany on 27.November 2008 and that she is nominated for the "international pop musicl" award.

2124 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Maybe when she gets the "international pop music " award, The pimple on her azz will pop at the same time...I'm just sayin...

2123 days ago


Yes, it´s true. Britney is currently here (in Germany) to promote her new album. Besides that she´s getting the BAMBI on thursday, an award for her impressing comeback.

2123 days ago
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