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Britney Wants Daddy to Lay Off

11/24/2008 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears wants daddy Jamie to become more like Barack Obama, and forget the words, "No You Can't!"

We're told Britney has been fighting with her dad quite often and one of the sore subjects is the dreaded Adnan. Britney wants to see him, but Jamie absolutely refuses. She is still in touch with her douchy ex, but they haven't spent time together -- even though Brit has been asking to see Adnan for months.

She's also been complaining that daddy won't let her go out, especially when she wants to go clubbing at night. Britney also doesn't understand why Jamie won't let her take the kids out during the day.

Bottom line -- she doesn't like her dad as her conservator, but as someone put it, "she likes others even less." On Friday, we're told Britney was complaining about Jamie in court to the Commish -- to the point where she called Brit into chambers with one of the lawyers and spoke with Britney for 45 minutes.

So here's what we're told. Britney is acting like a 15-year-old and isn't very "contrite" about the behavior that led to the conservatorship in the first place.

The good news -- she seems to appreciate what Jamie has done to get her business affairs in order. She clearly doesn't understand he's doing the same for her personal life.


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Ugh. I agree with the other commenters, she literally has NO CLUE why this even happened in the first place. She has learned NOTHING from all this. I guarantee the MOMENT the conservatorship ends, she's back to where she was a year ago - clubbing every night and seeing such great guys as Adnan. It is not mental illness - she simply does not have the desire to deny herself all the fun things, and do all the hard work and not-so-fun things, that being successful in life (yes, even for a huge celeb) requires. In the real world, we (as a society) don't spend so much time and effort trying to make this type of ADULT realize the 'error of their ways' and get them 'back on the right path'. We say to the average woman in this situation, good riddance, take away all custody of her minor children, and if she gets her life together good for her, if not, well, she'll end up where she ends up. Really, who cares. It happens every day to losers like her that do not have the intellect, common sense, communication skills, work ethic, etc. to get on in life - and no one throws them a bone. I just wish the courts would do what they would do to anyone else - take custody away from her, forget this coservatorship - she's not mentally ill or a child, if she cannot control her own affairs, well, set up a trust for her boys and let her ruin her own life however she wants. Again, who cares, it is not society's job to rescue people from ruining their own lives.

2123 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

If Britney gets off the conservatorship, it will first be Adnan, and Sam Lutfi won't be far behind. She'll be in the gutter faster than you can say "Baby One More Time".

2123 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

13. She's still a mess. She's going to need her father for the rest of her life. She will fall apart all over again if he leaves. Her ex is so disgusting. Ugh. A parent's worst nightmare.

Posted at 2:55PM on Nov 24th 2008 by milli

True. And the sad part is that Britney is likely to outlive her dad. Once he passes away, who will take care of her then?

2123 days ago

my 3 cents    

Hey Head Case you should read my comment again, because you immature little brain did not comprehend the message I was trying to speak of. You need aconservatorship, you douchbag. :}

2123 days ago


Oh my gosh, then she's still not thinking right then. She STILL WANTS TO SEE ADNAN?!? That is not good. And she wants to go clubing? Even worse. Someone like her needs to stay miles away from clubs, or she will get into crazy stuff again.

Uh boy...

Stay strong Daddy Spears, we are behind you!!!

2123 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

7. Don't think this is true!!

Posted at 2:47PM on Nov 24th 2008 by me

Do you have any facts and evidence that support your contention that this isn't true? Or are you just talking out your ass?

2123 days ago


Fast forward 2 years..Enter Miley Cyrus..

2123 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

18. I have always thought that Brit and Aidan (or whatever the name) were the real deal. Don't ask me why. I did *not* think he was trying to sell those tapes and I *do* think he cared about her more than those other posers.

Posted at 3:00PM on Nov 24th 2008 by sparkys nemesis

I guess that's why Adnan used to take her on high-speed, dangerous joy-rides through the streets of L.A., and why he used to love to do it with her in gas station bathrooms, and why he used to encourage her other self-destructive behaviors. He might truly and honestly desire Britney, but that doesn't mean that he's good for her health and well being.

2123 days ago


Isn't the conservatorship over at the end of the year anyway? Seems to me her Dad has done a fantastic job of righting her sinking ship. And, the voice of reason: keep those poor boys out of the limelight!

2123 days ago


Britney is nothing but a talentless, selfish, child abusing waste of flesh.

Thankyou Lucy. Your post was very well put.

2123 days ago


Does anyone see the irony of her wanting to see Adnan when her hot song right now is called Womanizer?

2123 days ago


The fact is, the person who gains the most from the conservatorship is... tadah HER DAD, who is given $10,000/week. Remember he used to be JUST A COOK, has no qualifications whatsoever for administering the money, and is clearly leeching on his daughter. Adnan does have a more remunerative profession, for example. Open your eyes folks... Jamie Spears is clearly milking a cash cow and isn't very different from Lufti (who used to feed medications to Brit AS WELL).

2123 days ago


I agree with #9 damn camel jockey get the hell out of here. punk ass

2123 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

15. ... I just wish the courts would do what they would do to anyone else - take custody away from her, forget this coservatorship - she's not mentally ill or a child, if she cannot control her own affairs, well, set up a trust for her boys and let her ruin her own life however she wants. Again, who cares, it is not society's job to rescue people from ruining their own lives.

Posted at 2:57PM on Nov 24th 2008 by Lucy

"Society" isn't rescuing Britney. All the money that is being used for that purpose is coming from her earnings, not from taxes. It was private citizens, not the government, who requested the conservatorship.

If you did a tiny bit of research, you'd see that there is nothing particularly unusual about Britney's situation. When someone is physically or mentally incapable of caring for themselves, family members can ask for conservatorship in order to manage the incapacitated person's finances and, if necessary, to take care of the person's family and medical expenses. These kinds of conservatorships are routinely granted, and no taxpayer money is used to maintain them ... except for the relatively small costs that go into paying the salaries of the court officials for their time and efforts.

The reason for why Britney's kids are not being cared for with a trust is because Britney, herself, wants to be involved with her children. The conservatorship and the courts are respecting that wish instead of completely prohibiting her from having anything to do with her kids. Of course, they recognize that there are limits to Britney's capacity to care for other human beings (given that she can't even take care of herself), and therefore, these visits are strictly supervised in order to protect the children.

If some day this changes and Britney is kept from her children completely, then I'm sure that something like the trust you mentioned will indeed be set up.

2123 days ago


i hope tmz will get sued it this is not true..who gave you that information? and who do you think you are? God? who knows everything especially on Britney's life?24/7? This called team Britney are so stupid for allowing these rumors.

2123 days ago
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