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Britney Wants Daddy to Lay Off

11/24/2008 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears wants daddy Jamie to become more like Barack Obama, and forget the words, "No You Can't!"

We're told Britney has been fighting with her dad quite often and one of the sore subjects is the dreaded Adnan. Britney wants to see him, but Jamie absolutely refuses. She is still in touch with her douchy ex, but they haven't spent time together -- even though Brit has been asking to see Adnan for months.

She's also been complaining that daddy won't let her go out, especially when she wants to go clubbing at night. Britney also doesn't understand why Jamie won't let her take the kids out during the day.

Bottom line -- she doesn't like her dad as her conservator, but as someone put it, "she likes others even less." On Friday, we're told Britney was complaining about Jamie in court to the Commish -- to the point where she called Brit into chambers with one of the lawyers and spoke with Britney for 45 minutes.

So here's what we're told. Britney is acting like a 15-year-old and isn't very "contrite" about the behavior that led to the conservatorship in the first place.

The good news -- she seems to appreciate what Jamie has done to get her business affairs in order. She clearly doesn't understand he's doing the same for her personal life.


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Maybe she really is mentally ill Or this could be a side effect from the medication she was given. It might have permanetly messed her up. Whe she was first starting out as a teenager, she seemed to be bright and knowlegeable about the direction her life was heading. Now not so much. She probably would be better off if she just quit this business all together for a couple of years. Then make a comeback. It's not like she'll need the money.

2157 days ago


She's damn lucky to have her father with her at this point other wise she would be in the gutter. Shut your trap girl , you have a long way to go. Someday you may be on your own and have your kids with you and that jerk of of father will be off your back and may have a job of his own. Good luck

2157 days ago


Brit has never been a favorite of mine, and even my 10 year old can see she's not well. This puts the spotlight on mental illness though. I think her father taking care of her is pulling her back into reality. The reason she is fighting this is because she hasn't had to deal with reality for a long time. She lived in a dream world where she was the "pop princess" and the world belonged to her. The courts need to make this stick for a lot longer to see real progress.
And to Lucy, if you read this...your comment is exactly what's wrong with America. You seem to think that nothing is anyone elses problem and the "cure" to everything is to take the kids and let the parent fail. What happened to "it takes a village to raise a child?" Nobody wants to take the time to help the family get back on the right path anymore, just tear it apart. There should be more parents like Jaime who are willing to step in and basically save his daughters life. We need to stop abandoning these people and find ways to help mothers with mental illness, not shun them and destroy their families. Get a heart.

2157 days ago


Britney clearly has mental problems. She's not well enough to handle herself like a lady should. First off, her wanting to tour is a bad idea. She can't sing on her own. What a waste of money to buy a ticket to watch her lip synch. Secondly, she'll be surrounded by those who want to use her.

Britney focus on being a decent mother.

2157 days ago


At least this is a person with the personal financial means to take care of herself. There are so many young women like Britney out there, the only difference being that they are poor and on the public dime.

Britney may have some money and some admirers. but deep down she just isn't the kind of person that most of us would want to spend very much time with. She isn't capable of mature relationships. She can't be your friend, she doesn't know how. She is in her own world, and that world is where she's the center of attention, she does what she wants, she enjoys her daily dose of adrenalin. She doesn't deliberately try to hurt anyone---but she is incapable of understanding how her actions affect others. If she's happy, then of course everyone else should be too, right? I imagine being around her gets old and is completely exhausting after a pretty short time. But she's probably lots of fun in small doses.

Britney is emotionally about 13 or 14 years old. Her behavior makes perfect sense if you consider her emotional age, and not her actual age.

Now, that doesn't mean she can't do something about it. But she needs some external motivation to do so and she doesn't have any. She doesn't have to change. She's famous enough and she has enough money that other people will do the accommodating just to be around her. Everyone around her is an enabler--except perhaps her dad, and that's why she doesn't like him right now. He has a thankless job. He will nevre earn her gratitude, He just has to be rewarded with knowing that he is being the father she needs rather than the father she wants.

I am sure that the men in her life work hard for the money. Emotionally supporting a crazy chick is not what most men sign on for. I don't care how good the sex is or the presents. Most men aren't interested in babysitting.

2157 days ago


I can sympithize with brtiney. I would not like my parents telling me who i can and who i cant see. When your a grown adult you should choose your own life and who you want to be and be with. I dont even understand why he has to be over her business affairs. Who else in this world who has had problems and there parents got conservitorship over them. I have never heard of it. If she wants to go crazy let her. She is a grown women who is of legal age to do what she wants. It is just not right.

2157 days ago

clear thinker    

many parents raised a princess, and are now dealing with it. Britney needs her father and his denying what is not good for her, Adnan is a parasite worse than her ex, and Sam should get lost and feel lucky that nothing else happened for his actions. I care about Britney and am a fan, her father's input is welcomed and is needed and should continue.

clear thinker

2157 days ago


The deal is this. Her dad has done amazing things for her. But regardless of what happened before, she is still an adult. No one has the right to keep her from seeing anyone. Even if it's bad for her. I agree that dude is bad news, but if she wants to see him, then at 27 years old, she has the right to do that, right or wrong. I think we forget that she's not getting better for "US". She's getting better so she can do what she loves to do again, and to have her boys with her. She doesn't care, I'm sure, about what "anyone" thinks of who she wants to have a relationship with. It is her life. We are only privy to her professional life. That being said, we know that Adnan is a bad idea. But, oh well. (if this is even the truth)

2157 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

80. The deal is this. Her dad has done amazing things for her. But regardless of what happened before, she is still an adult. No one has the right to keep her from seeing anyone. Even if it's bad for her. I agree that dude is bad news, but if she wants to see him, then at 27 years old, she has the right to do that, right or wrong. I think we forget that she's not getting better for "US". She's getting better so she can do what she loves to do again, and to have her boys with her. She doesn't care, I'm sure, about what "anyone" thinks of who she wants to have a relationship with. It is her life. We are only privy to her professional life. That being said, we know that Adnan is a bad idea. But, oh well. (if this is even the truth)

Posted at 3:20PM on Nov 25th 2008 by barbwire7

The deal is this. Despite the fact that Britney is a 27 year old adult, she is under a conservatorship. This is a perfectly legitimate mechanism that has been supported by the courts for years which allows parents or other legal guardians of certain people to gain legal control over these people's lives because of physical or mental incapacity.

When a person is under conservatorship, they do NOT have the right to see whomever they want. Their conservators are the ones who have the rights to make those kinds of decisions, whether the person under conservatorship is pleased with this or not.

You may not like this or you might think it's unfair, but your personal emotions have nothing whatsoever to do with the laws in California and in this country.

If you believe that it is wrong for Britney to be held under this conservatorship, you have several avenues of recourse:

1. If you are a resident of California, you can ask your representative to put forth a bill in the State Assembly to change the way conservatorships work in the state. If you representative agrees and if he or she can persuade a majority of his or her colleagues to vote for this bill, and if the bill also passes in the State Senate, and if the Governor also signs the bill, it will become law and it will change the way conservatorships work in the state of California.

2. You can start a petition drive to initiate a referendum on a new law or constitutional amendment in California which will change how conservatorships function in that state. If you can persuade enough people to sign this petition, and if this petition is found to be properly filed and the signatures are properly validated, then this will become a proposition during the next election, and the voters of the state of California can vote on it. If a majority of them approve it, it will go into effect and the conservatorship laws in the state will be changed to suit you.

3. If you believe that there is anything illegal that has taken place regarding Britney's being put under conservatorship, you can hire a lawyer and submit motions for her conservatorship to be reviewed by the courts. You might win, and this might cause Britney's conservatorship to be dissolved. Keep in mind, however, that Sam Lutfi tried doing this very thing, and the lawyer he hired got his two cases thrown out of court without even being considered. But you might find a better lawyer or have better luck.

If you're not willing to do any of these things and you don't like the fact that Britney is being kept under conservatorship, then your words here are useless and laughable, and you're better off just shutting up.

2156 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

81. i hope tmz will get sued it this is not true..who gave you that information? and who do you think you are? God? who knows everything especially on Britney's life?24/7? This called team Britney are so stupid for allowing these rumors.

Posted at 4:17PM on Nov 25th 2008 by jamaaa

Do you have any evidence that this is not true? If so, please make it public, or otherwise, your statement here will just be taken to be nothing more than further ravings by a proponent of the "don't confuse me with facts, I've already made up my mind" school of philosophy.

2156 days ago


To the person who posted number 84... News Flash captain obvious, HER LIFE IS IN THE GUTTER!!!!! Her fasther, who is nothing more than the common village idiot is now having to run her life, IT ISNT GETTING ANY BETTER IF YOU HAVENT NOTICED!!!!! She is the new Anna Nicole Smith, she is on the drugs, on the Booze, hears voices and halucinates. Voices and Halucination are signs of schizophrenia. Drugs and alcohol are no help to that problem either and yet they want to give her kids back to her? the childrens "father" (if he qualifies for the human species category, let alone father/sperm donor) doesnt have the schizophrnic symptoms (atleast not reported). It looks like he can handle his recreational foolishness (drugs and alcohol) better than his former ho britney can. I guess its to be expected, I mean, her younger sister isnt much better and her parents are no better for allowing it to go on this long. Her parents claim to care about her, then why did they let it get this far? They do it for the money of course!!! They dont care about their kid(s) or grandkids for that matter

2156 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Since the liberals at England decided to Allow Shari Law to be a part of the Legal System at the UK , maybe, if adnan & britney get married & separted , according to shari Law the Man has a Right to All of the couple's wealth - adnan would be very,very rich.

2156 days ago


She's a little overprotected. At least she should be allowed to go out at daytime to Starbucks for example once a week, or she will forget totally how to be social in the real world. Not with the kids but with a bodyguard and Brett. Brett can follow her into the bathroom.
This is important if she will ever be able to act normal without a conservator but with a bodyguard. Cos I believe she will always need a bodyguard. But not a conservator forever, that will make her unable to grow up. Jamie should also have a monitor with psychology education. Jamie probably wants her to stay young forever so he can get his salery.

2151 days ago

Queen of Hearts    

how would you like having papparazzi in your face every second? do you think you would like people climbing walls and fences to take your picture ,so they could make good money off you, I am a mother of 5 grown well eduacted children and she is immature and thankfully she has her dad there, what sam & adan did to that girl was really wrong!! and hope they get tryed in court and put in jail !! also are you all aboe having some brain imbalances NO your NOT, the way some of you sound you need some meds too !! and at least your medical problems wouldnt be on T.V every second in your face, could you handle it?? doubt it !!

2090 days ago

Empowered Soul    

Can't help but have "bloodsucking leeches" be the very first thing coming to mind every time I see her name and "conservators" reported in the media. Fingers crossed that one day soon Britney awakes to realize her family has taken away her basic civil rights to be whomever she is meant to be. Won't be the first time a child in the limelight will have sued their family.

Britney is an adult capable of making her own life choices *AND* being personally responsible, accountable for them.

Three words, Brit: Protection and Advocacy (e.g. pai-ca). They're there for you, *TOO*. Regardless of what those around you have brainwashed you into believing, you *DO* still have rights, girl.

One HUGE tip, though: Treat PAI *respectfully*. They *will* do the same for you. ;)

Peace and love..

2090 days ago
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