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Gerard Will Kiss and Make Up

11/24/2008 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We were just told Gerard Butler has yet another date -- this time with the L.A. City Attorney, in connection with that pesky incident last month in which G.B. allegedly pummeled a photog.
Gerard Butler
Gerard will appear for an informal hearing in the City Attorney's office in Hollywood and will presumably be told that it's not nice to punch people. We're told the intention is to resolve the matter at the hearing and that it's likely no criminal charges will be filed.

Butler says the photog was chasing him before the incident.


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First? I would do the same damn thing if someone were chasing me. I have no sympathy for this a**hole. Don't harass people and you won't have to deal with the consequences.

2159 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

That pap looks much better....what jerks.

2159 days ago


''s not nice to punch people?"......It's also not 'nice' to stalk people, get in their faces and be obnoxious, but that doesn't stop the paps. I sure wish someone would give them a taste of their own medicine.

2159 days ago


Photogs can take pictures, but must learn to keep their distance while doing so and not to stak! Stalkers go to prison! They deserve to be assaulted, if someone gets in my personal space I would react the same way!!

2159 days ago


The word is that the Pap continued following Butler for hours. Butler didn't want the pap to follow him to his address so he kept driving hoping to lose the jerk. Witnesses said that the Pap was blowing thru red lights, almost hitting other cars and a few pedestrians and overall putting lots of people in danger. Seeing this behind him Butler had enough and got out and confronted the guy which resulted in the Pap getting popped in the mouth a couple of times. The police department and prosecutor, after investigating, had decided not to charge Butler for any wrongdoing.

2159 days ago


Where are the fotos this jerk was taking? All the other paps seem to have been able to get their fotos back at the entrance/exit of Crown Bar. This guy was the only one who thought for some reason known only in his deranged brain that it was okay for him to stalk Butler for over an hour & put pedestrians in jeopardy in the process by driving like a maniac in an attempt to use a 1 ton vehicle to obtain fotos. Why isn't HE being brought forward on charges of wreckless endangerment and/or stalking? This meeting is nonsense. If they charge Butler w/anything, it should be 'Doing the Public a Great Favor.' At least Batman-Butler -- 'Batler' got this moron off the road if only for a little while.

2159 days ago


All he needed was to shoot his lens and it would have taken the guy 30 minutes to clean it. Just pulling the bottle out sends photogs running for the hills. Take back the night life and carry stoparazzi Spray. The paps will not invade that personal space.

2159 days ago

just me    

Guess the stupid razzi photog should have known not to mess with a Scot who happenes to know the law and be a Butler to boot. Now if they would just press some charges on the razzi for endangerment it would be a perfect day.

2159 days ago

Mark S    

What happened to the stalking laws in California. If a law does not apply to one it does not apply to anyone. The pop want to make their living by stalking celebs, they need to roll with the punches......It's part of the job description. The POP have no respect for another persons life.

2159 days ago

Suzy from Texas    

LOOL. I guess that the Stoparazzi spray will be the new accessory of choice for celebs, along with their manpurses, miniature dogs and blackberrys.

2159 days ago

Toby Christensen    

The fa66y Pap deserved getting his lip turned into a mouth-pu55y.

He is Philosopher and a Boy-Loving Greek.

2159 days ago


Perhaps he should actually be told that "although its not nice to hit people, it is even worse to not hit a pap HARDER. Use a lot more force next time"

2159 days ago


This STALKERAZZI idiot deserves to be punched. It's scary to have someone you don't know following you. It's not photojournalism; IT'S PLAIN STALKING!!!

2159 days ago


That pap is just lucky Gerry didn't give him a Glasgow Kiss instead of a few punches!! Go on ya, GB! Moral to this story: Never mess with a Scotsman!

2159 days ago


I say more power to him, the photographers have just gone too far and I think that you get what you deserve if you are in somones face and he punches you Oh well get out of his face. you do sacrifice some of your privacy for fame but you should have breathing room. Keep punching the paps I say. Just because you are famous doesnt mean you dont have the right to go out in public without being harassed, and it is harrassment when cameras are shoved in your face constantly and you cant even walk down the street.

2159 days ago
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