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Homeless Nick-alike: Nolte is My Daddy!!?!

11/24/2008 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This homeless guy looks and sounds a hell of a lot like Nick Nolte, but there could be a damn good reason -- he claims Nick is his real-life long-lost FATHER!!
Nick Nolte: Click to watch
We don't know if his story actually holds up, but the resemblance is uncanny.

Nick's rep says he's never heard of the guy and he's of no relation.


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Whoever his father is, this guy seems very sad. It would be nice if someone could help him out.

2161 days ago


Help him out Harvey! He seems like a sincere guy. Doesn't make him right, but seems nice enough to help get a few answers. I mean he not only looks like Nick, he even sounds like him!

2161 days ago

Im in NC    

Wow.... look at this picture against the video still...

2161 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Back in the 1960`s hollywood stars dumped thier kid`s everywhere.My step brother`s mother is elisabeth taylor and her dumping him and never coming back to see him was a real bummer,but his father also never made himself known.My mother was jean peters and my father was howard the unfit father Hughes Jr at least that was the game hollywood played on him.Hidding is most times much better than being known as the cost for schools and security are millions and millions and it is not possible to have a real life.Love babies of the 60`s made up half my step family and I had kid`s hidden as brothers and sisters very very early as most mormon`s do and most of my kid`s I have never seen but I know I had 36 by age 14 and a few by sperm bank.Every rich person wants thier DNA to be around for a while after they die.Why doe`snt he say who his mother is?.That would give the biomath if the DNA is never seen.Maybe they just don`t get along... But seeing a show where REAL DNA is seen and people get to see the truth would be a block buster if it was real for real!.The DNA show or whatever.

2161 days ago

Real Stats!!!    

He has the same ...............


Or should I say


2161 days ago


"UNCANNY?" IF NOT right on the money honey. They are father and son if not twin kin.

2161 days ago

damn ur dumb    


2161 days ago


This will be a great story line for "Down and Out in Beverly Hills 2"....that will be crazy if he really is his son....

2160 days ago


"We don't know if this story holds up"
Well, FIND OUT! Isn't that like what you do TMZ???
Instead of posting this crap just to get people talikng how bout you do some ACTUAL reporting and investigation??
I too feel for this guy, he seems to really believe that he is the son of Nolte, and stranger things have been true!
Best of luck buddy!

2160 days ago


He looks more like Micheal Bolton than Nick Nolte

2160 days ago


Hereditarily speaking, this cannot be...Noltes ears are not attached and homeless, toothless guys ears are, just say'n folks, genetically it's not possible. Sorry!

2158 days ago

I hate k fed    

I realize I am posting to an old video, but I just saw it. Doubtful the posters can imagine growing up this way. I sure can't. IMO, this man looks extremely similar to Nick Nolte. Who cares if Nick Nolte likes it or not? There needs to be a DNA matchup. Simple, cigarette butt, dna from a drinking glass. This guy needs someones help!

2141 days ago


i met this dude on a train bound for chicago and he told me the story o the tmz interview so i had to see or myself. funny how stuff like this actually happens

2140 days ago


dude! this guy just came up to me yesterday in the Target parking lot in Eureka, CA, claiming he was nick nolte's son, his dad wouldn't have anything to do with him, his mom was married to a stunt man but had an affair with nolte, that he was homeless and trying to get back east. it was some good ****, so i gave him $1.34 and sent him on his merry way.
i'd be homeless too if my father had a mugshot that looked like that. ;)

1492 days ago


I have came to reality that it does not matter on who,s my dad, because I feal that God is my real and only father I ever had !
Ihave told alot of people that I really do not know the trueth about everything.Plus the way I feal nic. has gone through anough in his life.I really do not feal if I am he would remember anything, it has been 41 years ago.
Now about the drug usage back in 08-07-06 I was involved in a car wreck that did take my life ,but I was brought back to life. It havedown some serious trama to me, and my girl friend intro duse me to adrug called crak, which I have been clean well over ayear know,thank God!The other cristle I have stoped it over amonth and very happy that God has deliver me from that.
We all have had some dirty seacrects in life and i,m not happy about but we have got to learn toforgive ourselves and NOT dwell on the pastbut move forword in life. The more honest that you are with yourself the more you realize who you are witch comes in time.
Sincerely Vince C {Nic.Jr}

1224 days ago
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