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Scientology Swordsman -- One Scary Dude

11/24/2008 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of the guy who was shot to death yesterday after allegedly brandishing two swords and threatening security guards in front of the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.

The photo of Mario Majorski is a mug shot taken from one of his arrests in Oregon. Officials won't release any details about Mario's criminal background.


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Too bad he didn't kill dozens of scientolotards before they got him. All these cult members need to be hacked to death.

2127 days ago


30. Too bad he didn't kill dozens of scientolotards before they got him. All these cult members need to be hacked to death.

Posted at 1:08PM on Nov 25th 2008 by SkankTosser


That may be a bit intense but I believe you are on to something here.

2127 days ago


I think it's amazing that, even though this guy is obviously in the wrong and was the one who forced the guard to shoot him in self-defense, that people think it's funny to not even address the issue - the criminal - but to poke fun at Scientology. The church, Cruise, etc. had nothing to do with this guy. If he had brandished samurai swords at some other church, and someone had shot him dead, people would be shocked, not "he has POPE written all over him" or something like that. And #2, what was the guard supposed to do; let this crazy hurt him or people inside. Geez, people. Think before you post.

2127 days ago


SkankTosser - you're disgusting, and you should really not even be allowed in society. Some people around here need to have a muzzle put on them.

2127 days ago


Wow, he does look scary. Still, the security guards didn't have to kill him! A shot to the knee would have brought him down. Now it will be very tough to get his real motivation as the Scientologists are very hush-hush about their activities.

I've been to this center for an acting class and an audition once. They made me sign a fomr that I was not now nor eavr had been taking "psychotropic" drugs, nor been in therapy, before they would let me audition, and then passed out some Scientology literature at the end of my audition. The place is eerily quiet, and everyone talks in whispers. It is very creepy. I got a callback for the job which paid very well, but I decided I did not want to be associated with this group in ANY way.

2127 days ago

May his Spirit be at peace now    

Mario (Mike) Majorski was a kind and generous man, when
I met him in the mid nineties. He owned three units in the
inland empire at the time. He was a heavy set guy dressed in
a suit. He was part of a Homeowner Association board of
directors who tried to make the place better. He was into
Scientology at the time and very passionate about how he felt
about their benefit to others. During that time he was spending
enormous amounts of money on various classes with the Org. He even paid for
others to attend some of those classes. When asked, "why do you
think Scientology really reaches out to mainly wealth folks who
can afford a weekend class for $25,000." He reported they also had the
SEA ORG for those who could not afford the high price of classes as they
could volunteer to get the same benefits.

He was a hard worker. He would work to fix up his units and stay
under budget. He would work at all hours to accomplish tasks.
He mentioned his father was a polish imigrant who worked very
hard without knowing the english language as a plumber and
general construction worker. His mother was a homemaker.
He even mentioned he had a twin brother. He admired his brother's
situation of a family.

Sometime in the late nineties his behavior started to change as was
evident by his sliming down and applying many tatoos and piercings to
his body. I felt he became a bit disconnected with some of us he knew.
Knowbody could have guessed that the end of this precious life would
occur in such a violent manner.

Today I mourn for Mike Majorski. I understand he allegedly created
a very serious situation by bringing in swords to a group of
people. Sadly, it was the very people he tried to get help from that
ended his quest for life.

I spoke to him on many occaisions about the power and grace of the
Lord Jesus Christ. May God have mercy on his soul and may He
grant peace to Mike's family and friends.

2126 days ago

friend of mario    

This guy was a friend of mine. Goes to show you what things occur when churches, who are supposed to practice love, compassion, understanding, etc. instead practice disconnection and worse. The "church" took tens of thousands of dollars from this guy and tried to get him to join the infamous Sea Org too. They basically ruined this guy's life and ultimately he saw that they took it too. It's a dirty, nasty, cult.

2121 days ago
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