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David vs. Goliath on "DWTS" Set

11/25/2008 5:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There was an explosion of anger a few days ago on the "Dancing with the Stars" set.

Our sources say it all went down when the remaining professionals and celebs were rehearsing for the group dance that aired last night. Warren Sapp showed up several hours late for rehearsal. When Sapp finally arrived mid-rehearsal, he began complaining he was having a hard time following the routine.

Several dancers complained back that it was Warren's own fault for getting there late. At that point, Sapp snapped, throwing Derek Hough against the wall. Now get this -- all 97 pounds of Derek wouldn't back down.

We're told there was a stand-off in the dance room until they both cooled off and went back to rehearsing.

UPDATE: Derek tells TMZ, "This has been blown way out of proportion. Warren and I exchanged a few words at rehearsal that lasted seconds. The idea that Warren would do physical harm to me or anyone is outrageous. We've all become good friends during the season."


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The Enforcer    

It's 4th down and inches folks....... and there's the snap!

Derek Hough hands off to Brooke....... shes at the 10... the 9...... the 5...... and its a.......... NO! IT'S A FUMBLE!
SHES HAMMERED AND FLATTENED BY WARREN SAPP! ..... the ball is loose and Lacey and Lance recover for the win!

2096 days ago

Triple Play    

# 14 yummy. who made you the TMZ police.? it is all in good clean fun. Go to the mall and buy yourself a sense of humor and a better name. how about Dummy?

2096 days ago


This maybe hearsay. I don't believe that Warren is Gay. You had better be careful what rumors you put out about a person.They can take you to court.
I voted for Warren until the end. I felt that he was the most improved of all the dancers thusfar. Although, last week my family and I voted for Lance. He was simply great with both of his routines.
I personally would like for Warren to be amongst the two finalist.
I really feel that the judges has not been fair to Warren

2096 days ago

Berrach Begorrum    

Sap is now, always was and always will be a self centerede egomaniac who has thrown his gross weight around the NFL and every wehere else he is allowed in. He should have been tossed for his attack on the smaller man.

What a fat jerk.

2096 days ago

Triple Play    

Pretty One? Give us a break any guy that calls himself Pretty One is gayer than Gay and and a foo; on top of it. You and your family are idiots. Yu can take this to court

2096 days ago


Why in gods name would anyone ever try and piss of warren sapp? Not only is the man 6'2 300 lbs, he is legendary for having quicker feet and hands then men a little more then half his size. This man is one the most physically gifted athletes on the planet and some dancer thinks he can fight him off. Advice to the little man: if the dude is twice your size and a future hall of famer, back off!

2096 days ago


Hey number 10...why dont you go back to the 60's, put a bed sheet over your head and run around like a coward burnning crosses on peoples lawn. MY GOD, HOW MUCH OF A JACKASS CAN A PERSON BE. Dont forget, your ancestors came from somewhere else to. MORON

2096 days ago


#14 yummy : I thought it was funny myself

If big ole "bully" boy actually did this sounds like he needs an attitude adjustment. Good for you Derek putting big boy in his place. It is time to get "back to basics"
Derek 'Hough' & puff & put him in his place
Brooke & Derek have this hands down

2096 days ago


to the comment way above...they would never show Sapp actually throwing Derek! What you saw was just a teaser. Sapp can't dance but he gets the jock vote. He should have been eliminated for bad behavior!

2096 days ago


It IS becoming a popularity vote, for sure, on DWTS. Lance was really GOOD last week in both dances!! But his freestyle last nite was uncreative. Did you throw it, Lance?? I was rooting for him because he really did improve a lot. Warren has the charisma factor goin' for him. He's not a bully ... but he comes across like having a big mouth. Of course, you hear gossip about someone long enough, you start to see it that way, right?

Dancing With The Stars has always been the American Idol for grown-ups :)) And I love it! But let's not dumb-down the show, and I'm talk'n to you, producers .. yeah you! Don't turn it into what A.I. has become ... a joke & mockery of itself! Stop with all the comedians & seniors who don't stand a chance! Give us more celebrities/athletes who give a damn, and try!

Joey Fatone could have won a few seasons back, if he'd have stopped acting like a 14 year old. He has "the stuff" but decided to fool around too much, and the public voted for Apollo instead. Apollo deserved it!! He tried and he gave a damn! Good on you, Apollo! We need more celebrities who try and don't just go on this show to give their own careers a kick in the rear ... if you get my drift ;)

2096 days ago

ole man    


2096 days ago


Number 24 I agree with you, lets not make a mess of this show. And really having an 80 + Cloris Leachman on was so very sad , and she was very rude and obnoxious and gave us elderly a bad name. I could not wait for her to be voted off. Hope I dont piss anyone off about that.

2096 days ago


Derek and Warren are BOTH hot to watch on the dance floor! Derek definitely has that 'it' factor. When he dances, he BECOMES the dance! His dance movements are natural, precise and exquisite. ~ Warren is a really big guy that I never thought would be able to dance . . . until he got on that dance floor! He turned into Tinkerbell! It's amazing how a man with that stature can dance as light as Tinkerbell and be so graceful on the dance floor! ~ Brooke needs to go professional, and Lance needs to star in a huge Broadway play! He is so energetic and entertaining. He just draws the audience in. ~ They are ALL top dancers . . . and I'm certainly glad I don't have to make the final decision as to who wins!

2096 days ago



2096 days ago


I played football against Sapp in college. We ( Florida State ) hated him ! Well, I kicked his ass for four staright quaters, and he still would not shut up ! Every story you hear about him, that involves his anger etc, is true....Wow, what a man, he gets into it with a guy who weighs about 97 cents !.....

2096 days ago
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