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Gyllenhaal Parents -- Forget Brokeback, Just Broke

11/25/2008 5:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You'd think with a couple of A-list actor spawn, the Gyllenhaal parents would be living comfortably. You'd be wrong.
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According to divorce docs obtained by TMZ, Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner are in deep financial troubles. Foner, who is a screenwriter, claims she had to take out a loan during the writer's strike because she doesn't make much money otherwise.

Foner says that throughout their marriage, the couple accumulated debt -- including mortgage payments, home equity lines of credit against their two homes, several credit cards and "various other outstanding loans."

The couple separated back in January, but as recently as September Naomi complained to Stephen about their finances, to which he allegedly responded, "I have been clear that worse comes to worse I will let all of this collapse into ruin, just as I believe letting the markets crash and burn are the right approach." Sounds like something the Joker would say, right?


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Well, lets see... first off, I don't consider either of them A-listers. So they've been in a couple descent movies, who cares. Second, did I read that right about 2 houses? Cry me a river, please. There are ppl in this country who are losing or have already lost the ONLY house they have. I would say that they should have sold one, but I know California has the worst housing market in the country. It really sounds like these ppl were living well outside their budget and so what. You go and blow all your money like your hot sh*t and you end up in the poor house. Don't believe me, look at MC Hammer...

Wish TMZ would cover bigger stories instead, like updating the Jennifer Hudson murder case or how Ludacris' house caught fire... oh well, just my opinion...

2097 days ago

To see or not to see    

Hello!! Grammar Rehab Center calling.
We don't bother about typos BUT since we are seeing these mistakes over and over again we have to intervene.
4:27PM Isis: " do you know their filthy rich?" THEIR = belongs to them - Correct: "they are" or "they're"
5:03PM GaMtnGirl: " a couple descent movies". Correct: "decent"

2097 days ago


crash and burn maybe, but not with the financial markets as an example of which, haven't ya learned yet?

2097 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Roll Reversal: It's time for these parents to move out and get jobs and stop living off of their kids. Losers.

2097 days ago



Ordinarily I wouldn't complain either on a website such as this one, but I would like to throw out another to add to your list LOL. How about "whining" not "whinning" as in, to whimper or complain about something. So irritating. I know we will be made fun of for being "grammar police" but seriously perhaps we will reach a couple tweens out there and they will actually make a mental note on some of this. We may be in the age of texting and shorthanding things but basic spelling doesn't need to go by the wayside completely.

2097 days ago


I have to agree with poster #1. It's because of all these people who walked away from their self-created financial messes that our country is going into debt at levels we've never seen before.

2097 days ago


They have nothing to worry about. The can keep their houses, cars, and "stuff" . Obama will have the government pay their bills & give them money to pay for it all. Give give give. Such a great concept.

2097 days ago

charlie, sophie, and rita    

we saw this coming.

ps: rita had another breakdown, meow.

2097 days ago


why aren't Jake and Maggie helping there parents, they have millions...............................

2097 days ago


Maybe the new President will help them. Let all the other liberals in Hollywood help them out, aren't we supposed to be sharing the wealth??

2096 days ago


I dare Mr. Stephen Gylenhall to come out and give his opinions of markets crashing so we can rebuild with socialism. Is he kidding? This is the same Obama-mentality mind-rot coming out of hollywood for years

2096 days ago


This makes a lot of things clear to me. Why Jake would opt to do an intellectually vacuous movie that might make lots of money; why Withersppon seems to have decided not to marry him and wny Jake has never had a really expensive house to live in like most similar movie stars.And why the Gyllenhaal house in Hollywood is for rent or sale. There is another house in Martha's Vineyard that might also suddenly be on the market.
I suspect he has been helping, at least his mother. But can't do it forever.

2095 days ago

Beat Down Brown is Going Down    

I cannot believe what an ignorant-assed bunch of people post on these boards! First, shame on TMZ! We didn't need to know. This is pretty routine. Sounds like Stephen G is a vindictive bastard. His wife files for divorce at the age of 62? Things must be pretty bad to take such a extreme measures. Allshe is asking is that he pay his fair share of the expenses until the properties can be sold or resolved. In a better economy, she probably could have bought out his interest. I feel bad she had to take out a loan just to live during the strike. Obviously they haven't wanted to burden their kids. I thnk he is probably a thin-skinned, passive agressive, sarcastic piece of crap. She is trying not to ruin her credit rating. As a divorced woman, I feel her pain!

2095 days ago


Here are some comments in an interview by Gyllenhaal husband in 2006 regardind his book of poems, Claptrap.

Gyllenhaal: Success (to the degree that I've had it) seems to give very little, really. Family is boundless in what it gives back and what it allows me to give.

What happened in 2007?. By January 2008 he was headed for divorce, was accused by his wife of not helping with the bills, etc. Evidently family didn't encourage him to give enough to pay the bills. LOL Claptrap, indeed.

2082 days ago
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