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Please Be True, Please Be True, Please Be True ...

11/25/2008 11:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A one-liner in the New York Post today says Ann Coulter broke her jaw and had to have it wired shut.


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The Truth is ,ALGORE hit her in the face with his Purse.

2129 days ago


Ann only speaks the truth. She puts a shoe out there, if it fits thats when it hurts!!!

2129 days ago


Is it me or has anyone noticed how they kept this big mouth quiet DURING the campaign? EVEN the Republicans knew that all she would do is rant her verbal vomit all over the place and make them all look worse then what they really are!!!!

Her last two books tanked in sales, her own peers can not stand to listen to her anymore, Plus whoever it was she had an opinion column with got rid of her too. And my God already GET THIS WOMAN LAID!!!!! She is so in need of some penis! Can one person really be as insane as she is?! Plus CRABBY!?

Now..... that the election is over we hear from this tranny again! But..maybe her jaw will never work right and we all in the clear. Oh Ann how I take such pleasure tossing your books out when I'm doing book sale, as much fun as when I toss out Bill O'Reily's books! Maybe funner! Wink, wink!

Say it ain's so Joe..... oh sorry, I could not resist that one.

2129 days ago


so is the story true or not?

2129 days ago


Eddie-9:57---Get a proofreader. I have never seen so many errors in one post--especially from one who is critical of others. BTW, this whole mess was brought on by the idiot Bush and his loud-mouth supporters like Coulter. This is the most inept Administration in my lifetime---which is a loooooooong time. It would be good if Ann's mouth GREW shut.

2129 days ago

Al Jazeera    

I'd hit that. Even better now that her mouth is wired shut.

2129 days ago

Dyna ™    

Yep, karma is a bitch!! So is she....Everyone with a brain hates this one.....

2129 days ago


oh Joy....your jealousy is showing!! hee hee

2129 days ago


I cant stop lauging at that picture. LOL

2129 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

She is a sharpie, and I love the way she preens when looking into the monitors when she's on camera. She's not bad looking, either.

2129 days ago

damn ur dumb    

15. All great women have their haters. Ann has more brains in her little finger than all of you haters here! You only dream of being as awesome as her!

Posted at 10:15AM on Nov 25th 2008 by Blue

If it were up to Ann we would have absolutely no rights, only being able to speak when spoken to, and sitting on the plantation steps sipping lemonade while the slaves worked. Yeah, she is awesome. I'm guessing you never heard her rants and just typing to see yourself type.

2129 days ago


Can my day get any better?
Can we now burn her books and tattoo the swastika she so requires on her forehead?
What could she say about it now?

2129 days ago

damn ur dumb    

btw, I'm a Republican that despises her. I don't let party affiliation waive my judgment of those within. Maybe because I have a somewhat functional brain.

2129 days ago


Ann's alright, just a little brusque.

2129 days ago


Awww, you libs are just mad because Dem women look like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton!

2129 days ago
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