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Please Be True, Please Be True, Please Be True ...

11/25/2008 11:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A one-liner in the New York Post today says Ann Coulter broke her jaw and had to have it wired shut.


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She has said unforgivable things and still people admire her and follow her words like sheep...

2096 days ago


THANK GOODNESS! FINALLY something to shut that BOITCH up.

2096 days ago

TMZ Sucks    

Yes she has, but so have many other people on both sides. Still does not make it right.

94. She has said unforgivable things and still people admire her and follow her words like sheep...

Posted at 2:58PM on Nov 25th 2008 by lissss

2096 days ago


Your anti-American bias is showing once again...

2096 days ago

Ralphy The Jew    

I don't hate her because she is a woman... I hate her because she is VILE and spews nothing of any intellectual value and just pisses people off. I really do hope this is true

2096 days ago


#88, did you happen to read anything I posted?
I'm not familiar w/the quote you are referring too, but I'm pretty sure if she said that, she did so to make a point.
In all honesty, women that vote for a canidate b/c he's dreamy or cute shouldn't be allowed to vote.
People that vote for a canidate just b/c of the color of his skin should not be allowed to vote.
People that vote for a canidate because of what celebrities or rock stars say should not be allowed to vote.
You have a mind of your own, use it! Or move to China, their government is what we're headed for if you people don't actually use your head. You should know what a canidate stands for, you should know what his Senate voting record is.
But no, continue on w/telling us Republican's how we're horrible people and how we should be tortured, how our Christian beliefs should be abolished while other religions are uplifted, how our wars are injust. We believe in a society that is truly equal, if people don't believe how you do they're wretched and cruel. You don't even take the time to listen to what we actually have to say. I'm a republican b/c I don't want the government to make my choices for me. I think I'm smart enough to know what to do and what not to do. If I want to eat a freakin' burger rare, then I will. If I want to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, I will. Drink a beer w/my dinner, my right. Drive w/out a destination, not your decision it's my own. So please, tell me that I'm a horrid person for being a republican. I've already told you my beliefs. You tell me yours and then tell me how Ann Coulter, a descent human being should be burned at the stake b/c you think she's hateful? You're wrong about that. She's more patriotic than most people I know. She's more open minded than Oprah, Hilary and Bill combined. Please, tell me more about how the people in Darfur should be saved, yet you're pleading for this damn story to be true to cause Ms. Coulter pain?

Hey, read it before you comment on my stuff, I don't appreciate stupid people that just read one line and get pissed off and rant about a point I didn't even attempt.

2096 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

@MARIA (#1):

Are you kidding? Seriously? Coult-whore is the most bigoted, stupid, loud-mouthed, no-nothing bitch I have ever had the displeasure of ever seeing in any capacity in my entire 26 years of life. And, believe me, I've met some stupid and loud-mouthed idiots in my time. If you think that qualifies him as being "awesome," then you must have either no brain, or you don't ever use it, one of the two.

Anyway, I'm praying to God right now that this is true, so this stupid c*** will finally shut the hell up, even if just for a little while.

2096 days ago


#99 - first, the fundamental fact that you think ann coulter is a decent human being and i think she is as close to satan as they come pretty much lays it all out there.....she is NOT patriotic, she is human waste....don't need you to tell me to use my mind, i use it just fine, believe in society as truly equal???? really??? you reallly just mean those who read the bible and like to thump it when it suits them right???

and lastly.....who is are the one writing posts are only a few lines long, yours are manifestos! (you can look that up at :) )

2096 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    


Really? TMZ, and the rest of us that also use COMMON SENSE (something so rare, that it's a damned super power), are "jealous" of some hateful, spiteful, loud-mouthed, idiotic, stupid, steeply opinionated, and bigoted c***? If ANYONE on Earth ever deserved to get hurt, and hopefully badly, it's that dumb bitch. And, I think YOU probably need an injury or two, as well, and hopefully to the head, where you might actually have some sense knocked into that brain you don't seem to be using, along with the rest of Coult-whore's idiot supporters.

2096 days ago


Desiree, no one wants to read your stupid a$$ posts because they're too d@mn long.

2096 days ago

TMZ Sucks    

So Jeremy,

Would you be cheering if this was Randi Rhodes or Al Frankin?? Both of them are bigoted, stupid, loud-mouthed, no-nothing liberals.

2096 days ago


yadda yadda yadda
If I put pictures would that make it easier for you?
I'm sorry, I forgot where I was, short and sweet.
Majority of the people on this site are Hypocrites.

How about you actually research and then make your own opinion rather than following everyone elses.

Is that better? or do I need use smaller words?

2096 days ago

The Queen    

She needs to break her head! =) I love it!

2096 days ago


Actually, we as a society are not equal b/c the minorities (which I happen to be one of if you want to go down this road) are the ones that constantly bring it up!
And no, it's not the bible thumpers, b/c I myself am not one.
I smoke, drink, have tattoos, sex before marriage, all that far from a f***ing bible thumper.
You may think you're using your mind but apparently you don't know how to read and are typically twisting my words.
Until you can actually come up with a valid rebuttle other than Ann Coulter is not human, and taking my words out of context, I'd appreciate you shut up and read my "novels".
Excuse me for being passionate and wanting to see if people can actually learn to hear something other than hatred and disgust. Excuse me for wanting people to actually try to see the other f***ing side rather than getting all bent out of shape and putting others down.

2096 days ago


Did the doctors use the same method of wiring her mouth shut as they used to tie down her man package to her leg. Or did the tuck and stuff?

2096 days ago
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