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Urine Trouble --

Whizzinator Makers

Plead Guilty

11/25/2008 3:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_whizzinator_bn-1The two whizzes who created a device to beat drug tests just learned a valuable lesson: You don't pee on the United States government out of a fake penis and tell 'em it's raining.

Robert Catalano and George Wills have just plead guilty in U.S. District Court for conspiring to sell the Whizzinator -- a prosthetic penis sold with a heating device and dried urine which, quite obviously, helps people fake their way through drug tests.

A couple of famous people have been busted for slangin' around the fake phallus over the years -- including actor Tom Sizemore and former NFL running back Onterrio Smith.

The streamline engineers face up to eight years in prison and a $500,000 fine.


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Anything that contains "conspiring" is not a true decision. Stop the government or it will stop you.

2159 days ago

whiz kid    

I don't get why they are in trouble. They just created a product, shouldn't the people that are trying to use it be the ones in trouble?

2159 days ago


I interviewed for this company back in late 2005 as their accountant, and asked them if it was legal and they said, "We haven't got shut down yet". Thank goodness I didn't take the job!

2159 days ago


There are much more bigger issues to worry about than a fake dong. Why dont they put away the pedophiles on the internet!!!!!! I never heard of such a thing....

2159 days ago


I don't even want to know how this device was supposed to work

2159 days ago


I think I can figure out how it works, but how would someone explain to weenises if caught?

2159 days ago


The government spent $12 million to prosecute Tommy Chong for selling glass bongs. Most drugs can't be detected after a couple of days. Marijuana is the only drug that stays in your system long enough to drug test for it. Do We need to take up our Jail space with harmless potheads!

2159 days ago


Where's the version for girls??...... fill in the blanks, folks!

2159 days ago


This is ridiculous!

2159 days ago

a fan    

We've got a Whizzy in our house, got it a couple years ago. Worked GREAT! Also got the unisex one (mainly for females), not as effective nor easy to use. No need for either anymore but Whizzy was a great idea and a lifesaver at the time. Too bad these guys may have to go to the big house over it.

2159 days ago


This is scary. What is going on in this country. First Tommy Chong now this. How is selling this product illegal?

2159 days ago


How is this illegal? What are they accused of? Isnt it called a dildo? They are sold all over the world. I dont get it. And POT should be legalized in the US- seriously.

2159 days ago

Joy Sigle    

This is rediculous...I don't condone drugs whats so ever and I surely don't condeone devices that help you cheat on a drug test; however being a liberal I say live your life and do what you got to do...But if thye aregoing to prosecute these guys for inventing it then thye need to prosecute all the companys that make those pee clean drinks you can by that supposedly cleanses your system. Like someone else said drugs only stay in your system for a certain period of time so urine tests are not that great way to measure drug usage. I've heard of some courts requiring hair samples since drugs for some reason stay in your hair until you cut it....Anyways don't prosecte someone for their inventions prosecute the idiot stupid enough to caught using it!!1

2159 days ago


You've got to be kidding me!! If you haven't seen A/K/A Tommy Chong yet, make sure you do. You'll see how absurd this government has become! This is kind of going off the subject but there was a great letter to the editor in the Sunday LA Times that suggested the oil companies bail out the auto makers.....hear....hear!!

2159 days ago


This is the same US attorney that was involved in the Tommy Chong case. Shes a loon.

2159 days ago
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