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Wino. Hospital. Meds. Yes, Again.

11/25/2008 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

That's pretty much all you needed to know, but in case you need it spelled out: Amy Winehouse went to the hospital on Sunday after another "bad reaction" to medication.

Her rep says she was admitted to the London Clinic but wouldn't say what med landed her there. British sources say she may have had a "seizure." This is now the 8,276th time this year she has gone to the hospital.

Though it's unclear if the rejection of hubby Blake's appeal yesterday had anything to do with her latest tribulation, we're thinking ... probably not.


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damn ur dumb    

Meds? lol. Don't be fooled, her seizure was probably caused by heroin and whatever other drug she is shoving up her nose and veins.

2094 days ago


lmao I have to agree with number 1

2094 days ago


Amy do yourself a favor and just clock out and get it over with

2094 days ago


Jeezus!!! She must be superhuman to have her body be able to take this kind of abuse. I cannoty believe she's alive. Who has her in their 2008 Dead Pool?

2094 days ago



2094 days ago


She'll probably be on alot of entries in the 2009 dead pool. Which means there's a strong possibility that she'll OD on December 31st, just in time to screw everyone up. Dean Martin's death messed up alot of lists back in 1995...

2094 days ago


This is news, why?

2094 days ago


I dont wanna hear anything else about this woman. Unless she dies

2094 days ago


RIP. Coming soon.

2094 days ago


Alcoholics that are severe can have seizures from withdrawl if they are not supervised medically.

2094 days ago

know it all    

this is a very sad mess..better buy her albums now ..before she offs herself..and the prices go up..sad,sad,sad,

2094 days ago


The next Janis Joplin. An sad waste of amazing talent.

2094 days ago


I feel sorry for her. She has true talent and it's sad to see it wasted like this. Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease. Getting "mad" at her is like getting mad at your grandma because she's diabetic. It takes a lot of self-control to not only seek treatment but keep clean after you receive treatment. Clearly, nobody can list "self-control" as one of Amy's primary characteristics. It's just so sad because she probably *will* die sooner rather than later.

2094 days ago


What a sad waste of true talent! I knew people who smoke crack until they DIED!!! I have friends whose parents literally SMOKED THEMSELVES TO DEATH. I saw someone once have a siezure from smoking crack about fifteen years ago, and I still remember the picture of her SEVEN year old son holding her in his arms while she lay on the floor convulsing. I thank GOD I woke up and decided I wanted a better life for myself, and I didn't want to hurt my family. I wish Amy all the best, but it doesn't look like things are going to end well for her. Her mind is probably already gone.

2094 days ago


Really, people should pray for this woman. Being addicted to drugs/alcohol is a horror show that those who have never experienced it, well, you are so lucky and I hope you never do. I was addicted to pills-oxycodone/oxycontin for over a year and since I was not a drug user before it, I just go off it myself..... with INCREDIBLE withdrawal symptoms. It is trip to hell... like staring at the devil. Pray for this woman because drug users are fragile/messed up and doctors already told her she will die if she keeps it up. Probably her youth is what is saving her for now. Believe me, she has visions of killing herself and goes through HORRENDOUS withdrawal symptoms. Only by getting family involved, giving tremendous rest to your body, NEVER touching the drugs again( in her case alcohol is probably a no-no also) and by consistent prayer can you get through it. I did. And it makes you want to live like never before.
She has to gradually work her way way off- something I am sure she has tried but any little situation probably throws her right back into hell again. Plus she has money which means 24/7 access to drug dealers who are nothing but devils in disguise. Family, prayer, rest, eating and drinking right( tons of water) and PROPER medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms is her only way out.... and TIME. She should get away from the whole entertainment thing for a long time. She can do it. Britney Spears has come a long way. She is back to singing and looking good. Amy can do the same thing but it will take time. Believe me, I now see why in certain countries drug dealers are killed. Yeah, it's that bad.
These people are not crazy but rather addicted. Spears was taking all sorts of sorts of pills-vicodin, etc, and flipped out. IT can and does happen to anyone. Stay away from it. Those who have taken it and stuff like xanax and all that, well, get away from it because it will get a grip on your soul if don't watch it. Some people just get lucky. Amy is not one of those and she is paying a steep price with perhaps her life. Pray to God she does not die and sees the light. It is ugly stuff. God Bless her and all those like her.

2094 days ago
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