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Another "Twilight" Star Up in Smoke

11/26/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Pattinson was caught lighting up between drinks at the Chateau Marmont -- but unlike his pipe-hittin' co-star Kristen Stewart, Robert didn't need to go to a headshop to blow his smoke.


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Robert is British for goodness sake... they come out of the womb drinking and smoking over there! They aren't as prudish as we are over here in the states! I was over there when I was 14 and was drinking and smoking with my Aunt... no biggie! And who doesn't need to toke a little now and then... These people deserve a little break! I read all the books from Twilight... and LOVE THEM! But please people... they are ACTORS!! Let them live as Robert and Kristen... not Edward and Bella!!

2118 days ago


he should know better than to smoke

now all the girls will want to smoke

this shows that edward cullen aka robert isn't perfect

2118 days ago


oh my god leave him alone! who cares if he is smoking-he is from england everyone smokes there My boyfriend smokes when he drinks too-big deal. he is 22 years old and totally normal...not to mention HOT and SEXY as hell...

2117 days ago


i dont care if he smokes he still is cute

2116 days ago


So what if he smokes! I guess there isnt any juciy gossip to spread so you had to put this bull up..I swear people in the media are deff. top on my hate list! Get some better storys or dont post anything at all!

2116 days ago


It's not good to do this crap, but still why care?he still has a brain..he's getting paid...and he's still's his life!!!!!!!!!!so many celebs smoke and drink.its bad though, but still...i bet it releives stress for them. kristen and rob need to realize that the cameras will be flashin all over them now, and that they should be a bit aware of what they do. but apperently they could care less about their image and who looks up to them.THEY ARE HAVING FUN W/ THEIR BIG PAYCHECK! they need to spend it on this is what they spend it on.

2115 days ago


actually it is a crime... to smoke indoors at a bar in the state of california... but i guess if you're in a #1 movie and a celebrity you can get away with it... like almost every other celebrity in hollywood gets away with crime... well, except paris hilton...

2114 days ago


You people are poisonous. Why am I on this website? Look at how uncomfortable he feels! If I were there, I'd have been pepper spraying some biotches.

2114 days ago

Megan C.    

Do you guys think this movie will have a cult following like everyone is saying? Do you plan on seeing it?

2113 days ago


I would be laughing too if there was a swoorm of people trying to take my picture.
uggh that guy next to him was bugging me, he kept blocking MY Robert from my view! lol
he's so dreamy.
he drinks, he smokes, he's absolutely gorgeous, he has an type of guy! :D

2111 days ago

Shannon L.    

He's cool in my book, i'd have a smoke with him.

2110 days ago


omg why are they making such a big deal about this it's not like he's the only one who drink and smoke in this world, for GOD sake he's 22 give him a break.....i feel sorry for him because he couldnt even go out with his friends without paparazzi following him...i just hope that the media would give him the space and privacy he needed.

i heart edward

2109 days ago


he is just sexier with a cig in his mouth! i find it sexy when guys smoke i dunno why!

2101 days ago


hes a big boy he can do what he wants, i dont like smokers, but i think when its him, its sexy :)

2101 days ago

Ginger's Mom    

I've never understood the lure of consciously choosing to put poisons and toxins in your body, and even though this is a big turn off for me personally it is his choice. It is so sad that someone who apparently is pretty intelligent chooses to do something harmful to himself. To me it just shows a lack of judgement; right now his face is "gold" and smoking will cause him to age prematurely.

When you are young you think you are indestructible and think smoking is cool, but 20 or 30 years from now he will probably wish he had never started. I watched my mom, dad, and mother-in-law die from the effects of long-term smoking. Not pleasant experiences.

2101 days ago
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