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ATL Housewife

No Shame, No Clothes

11/26/2008 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With a cig in hand and her two little girls standing right next to her, that lying liar Kim from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" insinuated that she's locking up a deal to strip down for Playboy -- but she also lied about having cancer on last night's reunion show, so who knows what to believe?!?!

Kim Zolciak: Click to watch


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At one point, you hear her *daughters* saying "ok, walk away, walk away!". Unreal that the children are more 'with it'. For now.

2165 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

I agree with you, Gypsy Laura. All the "Real Houswives" shows are ridiculous.

2165 days ago


I didn't know that transexuals could pose for playboy?

2165 days ago


If she has so much money she should know better than to smoke in the house with her kids or anywhere around them for that matter. No class!

2165 days ago


Is it just me or does this "thing" look like a drag queen? I think she stole one of Chi Chi's whigs, don't let her get away with that!! Her singing alone, that i unfortunately had to watch and probably will not be able to ever get out of my head, sounds like someone rubbing a cheesegrater on their head. She also looks very barby-ish and thats not a good thing! her makes up, wardrobe and personality doesnt change much. I'm sure she is doing photos for playboy, probably to keep her clothing on, her body is rather appauling. Cancer? who knows, who cares! She needs to be doing porn tapes like Pam Anderson did and shut the hell up. Noone cares about that dried up manish looking freak anyway

2165 days ago


This is the most hilarious show of all. These women have no class; with the exception of NeNe......she isn't banking her life of luxury on a pro ball player, I always said the NFL = "Not For Long". Same applies to the NBA. These gals hang around the hotels of the pro players until they snag one and apparently Atlanta is their Hollywood. Pretty sad, but makes for good tv...If any of the people who post here watches the Bonnie Hunt show.....she did the funniest immitation of Kim and was a scream.

Sheree and her clothing line was really funny. She just thought it would come together on it's own because of who she "thinks" she is.....wanting to be grand.....please....that is a joke. Being a designer is a bit more than hiring a sewing team and then booking a huge "viewing" of her designs, which were all ugly. She should have had a marketing plan, targeting what consumer she was trying to reach, placing all of this into a folder, professionally done, with sketches, cost, type of fabrics, etc. Instead she hired someone who was obviously not qualified and proceeded to plan for this big party. Egg on her face. She should have someone in front of her line, someone with experience. What an idiot.

Wasn't it Lisa who started a jewelry least she had the brain to bring in Zales, and a team to define her target consumer base, etc.

DeShawn and her fundraiswer was sad. She obviously was banking on who her husband was and their home to draw people, but this goes for anyone, to raise a million you have to work hard. She did not target her money people and did not arrange for the auction items to sell prior to the auction.

NeNe and her big hat day was very successful. She was not setting her sites for one million, she was realistic and I feel confident that she will continue to make strong gains with her foundation.

And, Kim, well what can I say......she has no voice and no big papa now. She doesn't wear well.....the longer your around her the uglier she gets and her voice will never be ready, she is tone deaf. Wow, how can these people be so stupid, couldn't Kim recognize that she has NO talent.

IT has been fun watching this segment of the Real Housewives......Hats off to Ne Ne.....she is our fav

2165 days ago


I liked Kim. I just felt sorry for her because it seemed to me that she wanted so hard to be accepted and that she was gravely insecure. I too saw the reunion show last night and I thought NeNe and Lisa disrespected and treated her poorly. Notice, NeNe did not jump in Sheree's face like that nor did Lisa and NeNe can't stand Sheree but she knew better.

They did it because they could. Kim needs to man up and get a set of balls. Those chicks know they can mistreat her and they do and will continue to. DeShawn seems to be the most sane one. She never plays the middle but on the show last night when asked a harsh question about Kim she did not answer. Needless to say the show in and of itself was very intertaining. I do however think NeNe is an all ghetto manly chick who has anger problems.

2165 days ago


No way. Playboy has high standards. This trainwreck would never pass the test. Oh, as for Dallas he liked fine on the show, so I don't know what she is talking about. She's the one that looked the fool with her off-tune singing. And as for her album that's coming out in January, who sang Milli Vinilli?

2165 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

i didn't watch the reunion show because I thought the original show was too hard to watch. I can't stand pretentious bitches who act like the world owes them something. Go out and EARN it! These women are so over the top fake it is embarassing for us hard working women who actually have values and morals.

2165 days ago


For all of us that ACTUALLY lost loved ones to cancer, stood by them in that horrible time ... that BITCH Kim better hope I never see her raciest fake ass man looking slut face ANYWHERE cause i'll floor her! She makes me SICK! Kim, I hope you actually can read, or have someone read this to you: you are a worthless piece of dog crap on the bottom of my shoe! You are even lower than than in fact! I hope your old man voice, ugly ass wig, and raciest whoring self falls off the end of the earth. I am now going to BOYCOTT Real Housewives of Atlnta, like ANY respectable person should, til they take your no name, no talent ass OFF!

2165 days ago


Kim is a sick woman, how can you lie about having cancer and then in less than a minute admit to not having cancer. Even the host of the show was shocked!! Kim go get help ASAP!

2165 days ago


Nene and the "so -called- black" Kim were a disgrace to the African American population.....hold on here....aren't they all?

2165 days ago


OK -please tell this 40-something bleached blond heifer that she is NOT playboy material. Her knee alone is bigger around than my waist! She is nasty and racist. I love how she thinks she can convince the world that she is 30-- maybe 15 years ago! Hubby thinks she is a sex change receipient- he said she has a man's voice- and ummm--- did anyone hear that studio singing- OMG she is hidious! Please Please- make her disappear from our TV and computer screens! NeNe, Lisa and DeSahwn we love you- let dump the trashy low class blond and trashy friend sheree- what a waste of air time! LOL and check out the lawyer- cheesy trailer trash just like the fake blond heifer!

2165 days ago


Go Ne Ne! People love her because she's not trying to be pretentious. The others could learn a very good lesson from her.
Kim is a lying skank. Anyone that lies about having cancer is a low life who is asking for trouble. Remember karma, Kim? You'd better be careful, because it will come back to bite your ass.
Sheree is a bogus liar, too. A clothing designer? Who does she think she's kidding? That fake nose and greasy face are disgusting.

2165 days ago



2165 days ago
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