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Hoffman's Wife -- Definitely "Old," Definitely

11/26/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Women like to hear they're "beautiful," "sexy" and "vibrant." Dustin Hoffman says his wife is "old."
Dustin Hoffman: Click to watch
Seriously, how can you not love this guy?!


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Luke Warmwater    

He's a self absorbed little troll.

2066 days ago

my 3 cents    

Sorry TMZ love the Hoff!!!

2065 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

I have tried 1 product in Lisa Hoffman's skincare line (didn't realize she was one and the same...wife of Dustin). Phenomenal! So hope your bloggers will try. Outstanding lip product (and not being faceitious).

2065 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

He's a shrimp and an obnoxious one to boot.The worse neighbor one can have.He thinks he was not borned of woman but created by God from pure air.Horrible man.I know,I live here in NYC.As thinks go,he should be the first one to be eliminated.Muste be done asap.

2065 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

If I were Dustin Hoffman I would have used the opportunity of the goon sticking the camera in my face to talk about what this country needs like to get out of Iraq and move towards universal health care and not bailing out big auto and Citibank. But instead it degenerates into talk of his wife. Hey here's a thought, TMZ! Why don't you ask your goons to ask intelligent questions and act more like reporters? I suppose because you raise them to be stalkers only.

2065 days ago

Hoffman's wife, after seeing him lying around the house in a cardigan, told him to get out and do something. "She just told me that, instead of dressing like a retired actor, I should go back to work - so that's what I did."

2065 days ago


What, is this the only person TMZ has working for them ?

2065 days ago


I don't care, I would do him.
He's already said he doesn't think forever and ever monogamy is natural, but that "serial monogamy" is what our bodies tend to want to do, usually. I do agree with him on that, I believe.
But then he added the obligatory "however, I am faithful to my wife." shhyeah right Dustin.
Hey, I'll be 30 in 3 months -- can we get it on?
How old is old, anyways, you 71 year old stallion?


2065 days ago


Ahh sweet, bless him. I just caught what he said:

"She's an older lady, but she looks as young as Anne." Meaning, of course, the great Anne Bancroft, his costar in The Graduate. Great lady. :)

God, I love this man...!

2065 days ago


I remember my mother telling me when I was younger that when I got a little older that I could probably get cast as Dustin Hoffman's son in one of his movies. I'm not short and we don't look anything alike. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

2065 days ago


A colleague of mine was having dinner at a retaurant in LA a few months ago and Dustin was sitting at the next table making out with some young woman, probably younger than some of his daughters. Charming.

2065 days ago


8. What, is this the only person TMZ has working for them ?

Posted at 6:42PM on Nov 26th 2008 by Bob
I wouldn't doubt it. He's the only third grader willing to work for less than minimum wage. Maybe one day TMZ will have the budget to hire a fourth or fifth grader.

2065 days ago


Dustin Hoffman needs to use his wife's skincare line. He looks like a handbag.

2065 days ago


Do you have dark hair, Lucy? Do you have a largish nose? :-p

2065 days ago

Carrying a grudge are you?    

i totally dig this man. classy thing to say. muah!

2065 days ago
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