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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like KKKristmas!

11/26/2008 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Burning CrossNothing says Season's Greetings like a burning cross on your front lawn!

The American Family Association -- a hate group disguised as an ultra-right wing Christian organization -- wants to usher in the holiday spirit by selling this nearly six foot tall scary lookin' lighted cross. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

The evil '50s throwback is available on their website for just 82 hate-filled dollars "and requires only a screwdriver" to assemble.


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You guys just arent getting it, TMZ is just taking a jab at a hate group. (and to elle yes, the AFA IS a right wing fundamentalist hate group.. your prolly a member so you just dont see it but they are) And to anyone thinking the AFA isnt a hate group just take a look at their 'stances' listed on their website. They say all gay people have a 'gay adjenda to turn america's youth into godless sodomites'. Kinda hilarious what backwater america thinks :-D

2120 days ago

living slooooo    

Before you comment and berate TMZ, why don't you check out their (American Family Association) site? It spews hate. I bookmarked it since whatever they say I will do the opposite. Like which retailers to ignore at the holidays, etc. It appears to me that it is a legal way to put a "burning" cross on your lawn.
Thanks TMZ!

2120 days ago


I don't know about this organization, but TMZ is way off in left field. They are not a credible source when it comes to defining a hate group, they are one themselves. Look at Obama's old church and pastor and the guest pastors who spoke at that church, and the REAL HATRED they spewed against whites and AMERICA. If you want to make a good example of a hate group, why don't you talk about them, TMZ?

2120 days ago


The cross is a sign of Easter - not Christmas.

2120 days ago


I love when people talk about having a college degree make them smarter than the rest of the world. I myself have graduated college, and am currently working towards a second degree, and let me tell you it is not that big of a deal. Second, just because someone disagrees with you does not make them ignorant or uneducated. Is it not a little bit hypocritical to claim a group of people are evil or intollerant, while in the same sentence criticizing them for putting a simple decoration up that is meaningful to them? Why do Christians, in this case at least, get trashed at every sign of slight intollerance, but it is perfectly acceptable to say whatever hatefull slurs or accusations one wants to about Christians? That doesn't show much tollerance on your end does it?

2120 days ago


And the Cross is a symbol of Christ, not Easter or Christmas specifically.

2120 days ago


And to defend the cross, I'm a liberal, and I hate Ann Coulter lol. The problem with right wing fundamentalists is they cant displace an ideology from a sect. Liberals arent trying to 'destroy' Christianity, all i believe in is a separation of church from state which is embodied in the consitution. The thing with right wing religious fundamentalists are they dont believe that beliefs exist outside of their circle. The american way of life embodies all of our citizens equally despite their religious beliefs. If you take anything from the bible and impose its will on everyone then take jesus's message of understanding and understand not everyone believes in what you believe in. So quit spreading hatred for people not wanting to be subjugated by church doctrine. This isnt the middle ages and the church isnt law.

2120 days ago


cross should be upside down

2120 days ago


Omigawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd...I am a liberal and the only group I hate against is the freaking commentators at TMZ. AND I'm a Christian! SURPRISE! So everyone knock it off with the generalizations that Liberals hate Jesus and Conservatives hate Jews and whatever else you're all spouting here.

The burning cross is offensive in the way that the Confederate Flag is offensive. First of all, the KKK didn't create the "burning cross," so associating the burning cross SOLELY with hate groups is poor judgement. Secondly, the symbol is just that: a symbol, which has different meanings depending on where it is used. Here in California, I've seen people decorate their homes at Christmas time with lit up crosses and, my, they look quite lovely. However, if someone in the deep South of this country were to do the same thing, it would probably come off as a symbol with quite a different meaning. But until someone starts burning someone else on their Christmas decorations, I think we should all relax and accept the symbol for the basic meaning it has.

Seriously? If we can't recognize cultural differences within our own country by NOW, we're in trouble. I have a suggestion for all of you "libs" and "neo-cons" alike: UNCLENCH.

2120 days ago


I can't belive that you morons are actually going there!! Hello!! It's a know, Jesus, the Cross. Weirdos!!

2120 days ago


The cross stands for forgiveness and the greatess gift one can receive at Christmas is the gift that was given.Many Many years ago. The birth of a baby given as a gift so we could have eternal life and forgiveness. Christmas is about faith in the one who gives internal life and the baby given so long ago. There is no hate in this cross only Love born of faith.

2120 days ago


When I burn crosses, I don't set a poinsettia next to it. It's proudly on my front lawn! God Bless the South!

2120 days ago


The only problem I have with that cross is the group who is selling it. The American Family Association.
There is nothing about that group that is in line with anything Jesus preached. They are a bunch of self righteous bigots.
I wouldn't buy a screw driver from them let alone a cross, or a pencil.

2120 days ago


Fake Dallas, I will keep you in my prayers!

2120 days ago


Christmas is a Christian holiday and the celebration of the birth or our savior, Jesus Christ. I know good people who display beautiful crosses at Christmas time. It's not about Santa and presents. It's about Christ. TMZ is the hater, not the American Family Association. You need to issue an apology and stick to what you know: fluff.

2120 days ago
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