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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like KKKristmas!

11/26/2008 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Burning CrossNothing says Season's Greetings like a burning cross on your front lawn!

The American Family Association -- a hate group disguised as an ultra-right wing Christian organization -- wants to usher in the holiday spirit by selling this nearly six foot tall scary lookin' lighted cross. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

The evil '50s throwback is available on their website for just 82 hate-filled dollars "and requires only a screwdriver" to assemble.


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I would be offended if I saw this in a yard! Sick people still trying to use Jesus as a cover to spread hate. Look at the giant flaming cross. It's symbol of christmas. I thought the nativity is a sign of christmas. I don't see a baby crib or a donkey along with that giant cross. Give me a break. It's a conspiracy!

2127 days ago


yeah, i kinda think you are pushing it here. You shoulda just let this one be left alone. You TMZ are offending more people now than any lit cross would, this holiday season. I agree, take this post down would be the best thing here.

2127 days ago


I think it's pretty. It's a perfectly traditional type of Christmas holiday display. It's certainly not the first lighted cross to ever be sold. However, if I displayed it in my yard and then found out that it was racially offensive to someone within my neighborhood I wouldn't hesitate to take it down. It may be MY yard, but my yard is part of a community.

2127 days ago


Chrisians do not hate!!! We have beliefs based on what the Bible teaches. We may view homosexuality as sin, but we are still called by Christ to love everyone. Everyone sins but deserves love. I have gay friends and I never say or do hateful things to them, nor do any of my Christian friends. Those of you bashing Christianity seem to be confusing hate with standing for values and principles. We are free to believe what we want and there is nothing wrong with spreading our message. I don't see any hateful action from Christians when the Gay Pride parade is flaunted for all to see.

2127 days ago

so you guys are the experts    

Seriously....I am a christian woman who totally understands the views of the AFA. At the same time, I also believe in freedom of religion and I don't think it's right to "hate" anybody because of their views. The bible DOES say that homosexuality is wrong. People who try to live by the bible's standards do want to protect their families from anything that they feel is sinful. My children know what homosexuality is. We have friends and even a family member who is homosexual. But we all have a mutual respect to not throw our views up in each others faces. We, being a christian family, have taught our kids what the bible says about homosexuality and they understand that the decision and consequences of living that lifestyle is between the person and God. Just like with any sin. God loves everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, race, sex, etc...From what I've read of the AFA's website, I didn't see any hate. I just saw an organization trying to preserve their belief systems. As for the cross, I must say that I didn't think of it that way until I read the article, lol. I don't think that it was intended to mean that.

Oh and TMZ, if you are against hate, don't promote it on your website. Their are radical versions of every type of group. All christians are not radical.

2127 days ago

Mark R    

I just learned how to block web sites on my router. In about five minutes TMZ will be added. That's for sharing your views TMZ AFA.

2127 days ago


You sirs, are idiots. A twenty foot burning cross on a black families front door is one thing, and means only one thing. A lighted cross at the front door of a family that bought the thing means to them a christian christmas, which sadly seems out of vogue in this country, thanks to peope like you. Please don't tell us what it means anymore, let us decide.

If you find it out of place, fine. If not that is fine too. Perhaps some people in this country still value their christianity. I for one am not in that group, but I sincerely respect others rights to be. Leave them alone for christs sake, pardon the pun.

2127 days ago


I like it.....think i will get one and why would painting it brown make a difference? you would prolly still find something to bitch about..

2127 days ago

Karen Howell    

There is no way this means anything but a decorative lighted cross Christmas decoration. Whatever idiot wrote this article just shows that lately TMZ seems to be more about inciting trouble among people than entertaining us....

2127 days ago


I have absolutely reached the limit of my patience with "tolerant" , "intellectual" liberals who apparently believe it's perfectly fine for them to spout hatred towards anyone who disagrees with them. All of you uber-leftist liberals need to take a look in the mirror and see the truth for a change. The loudest, most devisive, hate-spewing, filthy mouthed people in the US today are absolutely, without a single doubt, liberals. And all your deplorable actions actually only work to strengthen opposition against all of you. The only thing that has saved my sanity in the last few weeks is the realization that there are a LOT more people who don't agree with you psychotic nut-jobs than you would like everyone to believe. No, you are NOT right about everything, and, no, everyone DOESN'T agree with you.

2127 days ago


OH, for heaven's sake (literally!) It's a lighted Cross! The AFA is NOTa hate organization - they stand for families, in the conservative sense....AND they say MERRY CHRISTMAS. There wasn't even this much controversy in Madonna's Like a Prayer video - now, that was a burning cross and blasphemous at that. get a life TMZ.

2127 days ago

Don't hate, celebrate    

Looks like TMZ is trying to get an early jump promoting the war on Christmas and Christians. How sad....

2127 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

George Wallace and others like him were all Democrats . The KKK was started by the Democrats , along with the nation of Islam. All of these Hate groups have one Ideology in common , which is National Socialism. It is a fact.

2127 days ago


While I agree with most, if not all of the previous comments, but I have to take it a step further with accusing TMZ of flat out Jewish race-baiting and Christian-bashing. Every year its gets worse and worse. Sure enough this is the worst yet. If this is some kind of joke by TMZ, then it is definitely in the poorest taste for their conclusions on the Christmas ornament. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!

2127 days ago


The American Family Association is not a hate group!!!
you people at TMZ are Obama koolaid drinkers

2127 days ago
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